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10 Things You Must Do Whenever You Can

10 Things You Must Do Whenever You Can
  • Everyone has different priorities on to-do list but here are some things that every person must do once in a lifetime

  • A Cuban once said, plant a tree, write a book and have a son.

  • Always select a point from where your journey of fulfillers is to begin.


A man is a mortal species, but he does not realize that the time he spends here is calculated. He needs to count his breaths and steps because before you know there is very little time left and so much to do. There exists a thin line between life and death. You are expected to be dead when you do nothing that satisfies your thirst for adventure and you can be alive when you find happiness in every little thing you do. It depends on the priorities, but it also depends on the willingness to live life to the fullest.

These 10 things must be added to your to-do list before you reach a point when you can only dream but can’t act upon them

Make a pilgrimage

A trip to a religious destination must be done to have a full piece of heart. In the case of Muslims, it is Mecca. A sacred and holy place with the serene environment is will surely make your heart strong, clear and at peace. Thus, if you want to build up your spiritual quotient then do visit holy or prehistoric places to connect yourself to Nature.

For nature worshippers, the Amazonian rain forest is a place to be. It could also be an African Savannah. The goal is fulfilled even if you hear or see a single thing that makes your heart go at peace even if it is bell chiming or birds flapping on trees.

Eat a meal that you can relive forever

So, this venture will make you relive good old memories when you are on the death bed. You can’t eat a full fatty meal or a creamy delight, but you will die at peace knowing that you have eaten everything on the menu the world can offer. If you eat them now, you will be more comfortable at old age when you eat that bland food.

This is once in a lifetime opportunity, don’t read the numbers just order it.

Climb on your own mountain of fear to get a better view

It is said Petrarch went on climbing the peal in Provence. It was time whom climbing was not considered as a hobby nor anyone bothered climbing the large, snow dipped giants that had no use whatsoever. But the Petrarch tried to fulfill his curiosity to see the world from up above. He described that the verses written on these high ladders were a joke to me as I stand at the top of the peak. They remained nothing more curious to me, but something was changed. It was because I had climbed on the thing I had feared, and it changed me.

Memorize a poem

Keep a track of literature. It helps to relive a lot of memories that you make on your journey. Memorize a poem relating to the event that causes joy or pain to you and you will never forget it. Teach your children about this and they will relive that event with an audience like Sailing on Byzantine by Yeats can never be forgotten while sailing on the Bosporus.

Have an enemy for life?

There is saying, keep your friends close and enemies closer. A gentleman never lashes out unintentionally, he always puts out his anger on a rightful candidate. Stand up against a bully or speak up against something you find bad or immoral.

The enemies are a way to tell us that whatever you do in the world stays here but emotions never go. So, use out your energy on better things in your life.

Use the forgiving powers

It is not a compulsion but forgiving the person who has hurt you in any way is the biggest war you will win with yourself. It tells you that you are capable of something that only you can control.

See for yourself that Earth is round.

Take someone you care about to Camera Degli Sposi

Many of us go to art studios but for a person who has no interest in the arts will love this Camera. The brightly colored paintings are coated with gold and shimmer. The pictures are of little winged children, dogs, nobleman, children, horses or dwarves. It is all painted on ceilings.

Do the direct and wildest thing you can dream of

Defy gravity. It is one of the most astonishing parts of humans, he never forgets his medals and you will be thankful to me that you did it.

Skydive from a plane, learn to paraglide from a huge hill or go surfing on the wildest waves. You think of the rebellious thing and do it. It will be one of the joyous scenes when you remember it in the death bed.

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Best Skincare Ingredients to Achieve Flawless Skin

  • There’s a full sea of products in the market that promise you the very best skincare ingredients to glam you up while protecting the skin against aging and sun damage.

  • The top cosmetic brands in the world advertise skin care products that help you get glowing skin naturally which include ingredients like peptides, retinoids, enzymes, and vitamin C.

  • Sunscreen is a MUST, even on the simplest makeup day! It is absolutely necessary for protection against sun damage and premature aging.

With so many beauty lines coming out with their own versions of skincare ingredients, its more than easy to get lost in the sea of choices, especially when you had just made up your mind for some shopping at or!

It doesn’t just stop at that; these top cosmetic brands in the world keep coming up with even more insane products at every launch, making you believe that their products are really the way to go for that vogue beauty face! From exotic serums to lush face oils to masks dripping with snail juice, sometimes we really do wonder if we even need all these fancy skincare ingredients.

So here we have the best of the best skincare ingredients that will truly help you to get glowing skin naturally. These six items are already tried and tested and are sure to enhance your natural beauty with the simplest makeup techniques.


This dynamite of an ingredient is a powerhouse in itself and if you didn’t already know that, you are surely missing out. This vitamin B3 not only prevents fine lines and wrinkles but also brightens your skin tone and calms redness.

It is a well-known ingredient which also tackles a number of other issues as well, including hyperpigmentation, protein building, moisture retention and protection from environmental toxins.


Peptides are basically short chains of amino acids that help our skin cells to act healthier and younger by transmitting messages to the cells.

Peptides have a huge variety which cater to all different sorts of skin needs which include acne, sensitivity, redness, wrinkles, and sun damage. Whatever your issue, you’ll most likely find a peptide for it. Moreover, it’s a “friendly” ingredient which gets along so well with many other “nice” ingredients too!


And now comes the scariest sounding ingredient of them all, the retinoids. But did you know its also the queen of anti-aging? I think not! Apparently, that’s why the beauty gurus just can’t seem to get enough of them.

The concept of retinoids is simply “cell turnover”, meaning they keep bringing young, new skin cells to the surface while facilitating the creation of new collagen.

The only thing you should be wary of is that the choice of retinoid for your skin type, condition, and tolerance, should be made very carefully. As important as it is to know the best skincare ingredients for your skin, you should also know which skin care ingredients to avoid so that you’re not left with dry skin.

Vitamin C

So what about our beloved Vitamin C? Don’t worry, it certainly made its way into the list too! This powerful antioxidant prevents collagen breakdown and saves your skin from sun damage. The more exposure your skin has to sunlight and pollution, the more easily it’ll fall prey to aging, villainous ingredients. Vitamin C helps with them too.


Who knew enzymes would bag a spot on this list, but with gentle exfoliating properties, they do deserve it! Traditional exfoliating acids are strong and more often than not they can cause dehydration, irritation, and dryness. So enzymes would be the best alternative in achieving the vogue beauty face for smoothing away dead skin cells.

You’re probably going to see enzymes as all the rage in the beauty community in the next few years, so do well to be well prepared for its usage as it is still possible to do more good than bad by overusing enzymes.

UV Blockers

Okay, so this one isn’t even new or surprising. ALWAYS wear sunscreen every single day as it is found to be one of the biggest factors in protection against premature aging and loss of collagen due to sun damage. There is just no way around it.

You can opt for both physical or chemical sunscreens, as per your own preference. And try to look for active ingredients of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide while you’re at it!

For those of you with sensitive skin, oxybenzone or avobenzone and similar active ingredients skincare ingredients to avoid, that absorb the UV rays.

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Up Cycle Junk to Aesthetic Décor with These 15 Easy Ideas!

  • A lot can be done to add to your home’s aesthetics by recycling some of the most useless “junk” lying around in drawers and cabinets.

  • Use coffee mugs, glassware, denim, old mats and books to create fun and easy-to-create new centerpieces for your home.

  • CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes have more artistic value to them than you can ever imagine! Create mosaics, memories lamps, coasters and much more with simple hacks.

  • DIY sports mirrors are the new rage, and probably the very easiest to create too.

I’m sure you can relate to finding junk all over your house, things that don’t even trigger your memory of buying them. But SOMEHOW they’re all over your cupboards and cabinets, the things that you never even use! Luckily for you sorting and organizing them doesn’t have to be a troublesome task that you dread. Here are some ideas that’ll definitely help you sort out and recycle seemingly useless “junk.

Want new organizers? Coffee mugs are the way to go

There’s tons of extra unused mugs lying around I’m sure. Just attach them onto a piece of wood, three or more in a row and voila! You have new and pretty desk organizers. The best part is you can attach the mugs in any direction so that even the handles can be used for hanging hand towels in your kitchen or the likes.

Totally up for a baby cloth quilt

There’s only baby clothes that you just can’t bear to part with? No problem! Just sew them together into a big or small quilt! Use it on the bed or hang it from a wall. And if you don’t know how to get started, just follow the complete tutorial by Craftastical and you’re good to go.

A little denim bed for your furry friend

If you thought you can only throw away those old denims, you’re wrong my friend, especially if you have a furry pet who likes luxury too. Just sew and tie up the legs and waist after stuffing them with pillow or old garments. You can also cut out squares and sew them together for a different version of the same idea.

Old books: Filled with art inside and out

This one’s for all the book lovers out there! Just take out your favorite piece of writing and customize them with drawings of your own before framing and hanging them on the wall of your lounge! You might also gift it to a friend as a memento.

A photo negative lamp to brighten up those beautiful memories

Even though digital is the new black now, you would still probably have old negatives somewhere. Just fix the negatives together and put them around a lamp. Pretty simple, right? Just follow the tutorial here:

CDs and DVDs make the perfect mosaic art

What to do with those old CDs and DVDs lying around? Turn them into mosaic tiles! Turns out the reflective, rainbow surfaces make for the perfect artistic touch. Follow the Happy Hooligans tutorial and create amazing art pieces of your own.

Your very own custom VHS tape ribbons and bows

The CDs and DVDs weren’t the only “ancient” tech you have lying around. VHS tapes need to be upcycled too! Turn these tapes into custom ribbon and bows and beautify your present’s ten folds.

Be prepared for the worst with an Altoid tin survival kit

Don’t throw those tins away as they’re good for a lot of purposes. It’s the perfect tool to be turned into a mini survival kit. You can keep anything in it, from money to medicines to pocket knives! Oh, a great thing to include would be a phone list too.

Old crayons are no longer boring

What to do about crayons that are less crayons and more stubs right now? We even have ideas for you here. Use oven safe molds to melt together crayons of your choice and cut them into new fun pieces of your own. Use these new crayons for any doodler or toddler that gets excited with colors.

River rocks and old mats

So your house mats have become old and wonky. No worries! Just glue river rocks on top of these rugged mats and have them upcycled into something brand new and beautiful to add to the interior of your home.

Convert old books into poetic fairy gardens

Use some of your old books to create these fascinating centerpieces of your own. Cut out the middle of your book and fill it with plants and miniature items for decoration. Follow an in-depth tutorial and let your inner artist do the rest.

Use CD cases to create a terrarium or a greenhouse

Where there’s CDs there’s bound to be jewel cases too. Use these cases glued together to create a new greenhouse for your indoor plants that need to be kept warm.

Beautiful oil lamps from old light bulbs

You can do this every time those old light-bulbs need to be replaced. Follow an in-depth tutorial to turn these bulbs into oil lamps secured at the mouth with a tin bottle cap. With a little creativity to can add a magnitude of aesthetics to this idea.

The best DIY sporty mirrors

If your people are into sports, you probably have a whole storage room just for old sports goodies! Time to turn them into beautiful mirrors! Use them as it is and just add a mirror into those tennis rackets and bike tires or just use the bats and skis to form a mirror of any size you want! Of course, you can get crafty and customize their designs too if you want.

Old CDs, coasters, candle holders and memories

You’re probably thinking that these upcycling ideas require a lot of artistic talent to look good, but that is not the case with these simple to create coasters and candle holders. Use any types of maps or pictures and cover the CDs with them. You can also make them waterproof by spraying enamel on top while also preserving some of your fondest memories.

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Make Your Summer Comfortable With These 12 Nifty Tips-N-Tricks

  • Use paper clips, elastics, and safety pins to do wonders for your summer wardrobe.

  • Avoid any blisters by making your heels softer and also taping your 3rd and 4th toes together.

  • Clean white sneakers and stain-resistant white denim are all the rage this season.

  • Use antiperspirant on your body AND face for more benefits.

There are probably a hundred things you can list that are wrong in summer! From sweat marks to shopping for swimwear, everything becomes troublesome. So we have compiled 12 fashion tips-n-tricks to help you enjoy the full glory of summer without such worries.

Fix your off-shoulder, crop tops right in their places.

This is undoubtedly the most loved shirt style of the season! But there’s one major problem it comes with i.e. it keeps riding up on your shoulders the moment you lift those arms up! Just get a pair of elastics and two pairs of safety pins. Fix the pins to each end of the elastic and then fix the elastics on each shoulder opening of your shirt. The elastics should be under the armpits, mind you. So now whenever you lift your arms up, the shirts get right back in its place.

A Bra and a paper clip is all a girl needs.

Have to wear that new tank top but there isn’t a strapless bra in sight? No problem! Just fix your bra straps together in an X with a paper clip and you’re good to go! It’s comfy AND secure!

Soften your heels to avoid blisters.

Those new heels look so ravishing yet scary because of the blisters they’ll cause. Just put on some thick socks and slip your feet into those heels. Take a blow-dryer and heat up your feet and sandals. This causes the shoe leather to become softer and stretched. Keep wearing them and walk around for a while for increased effects.

Make your heels even MORE comfortable.

Another tip to make your heels even more comfortable?! Just take a tap and bind your third and fourth toes together which helps with the pain and pressure, as a special nerve is present between them when you’re strutting around in those heels. Hey, it works!

Revive the former glory of your white sneakers.

What could possibly be worse to wear than dirty white sneakers? Just use a wet Magic Eraser to rub away all of the grime and dirt. Don’t forget to dry with a paper towel before appreciating the sneakers in their full glory!

Stain-resistant WHITE denim? Yes…

Stain resistant white jeans?! Is that even possible?! Turns out, it is! Go and check out Old Navy’s new denim release and try it on for yourself. The best part? They cost less than $50!

Lemon juice and sweat stains: a perfect love story.

UGH, those sweat stains on white t-shirts are the worst! Luckily we got you covered here too. Just spray a half-n-half mixture of lemon juice and water onto the stain and rub the fabric. Add some salt for some extra scrubbing help. After about an hour of soaking, just add your shirt in the washer for regular laundry and voila!

Aspirin helps too…

Turns out aspirin is good for more than just headaches! Just soak up your white tees in a sink-full of water with 5 dissolved aspirins. A homemade OxiClean mixture is what it is.

Apply antiperspirant at nightfall.

Just get this: the best way to put on antiperspirant is nightfall! It clogs your sweat ducts to stop sweating, which becomes even more difficult to accomplish when the sweat glands are more active and skin is wetter during the day. The antiperspirant has time to do its work during the night.

Antiperspirant on your face too.

It can even be used on your face to stop that t-zone from being oily and shiny. An antiperspirant has a mattifying effect on your skin, so why not get the most use out of it?

Vodka and water against odor-causing bacteria.

Want to get the wasted and clean odor from your clothes?! Just spray a half-n-half vodka and water mixture on the problem area of your clothes and let it absorb all the bad bacteria.

Just freeze the stink right up!

Stinky shoes are a result of damp and moist, sweaty feet and shoes, which promotes the growth of bad bacteria. Easy tip: just freeze your shoes (or jeans) to kill the odor-causing germs and dry out the shoes too!

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