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7 Autonomous Vehicle Myths Debunked


Self-governing vehicles guarantee to be a troublesome innovation, ready to alter our general public from numerous points of view, much the same as some other historic disclosure. In spite of the way that insights regarding a few models have been spilled in the news, the reality about what those vehicles can and can’t do is still to some degree covered in a riddle.

Obviously enough, when data access is inadequate, a lot of fantasies and confusions encompassing these vehicles can begin flowing.

We at Techopedia are here to expose them and let our peruses know the reality about self-driving autos

Self-driving Vehicles Can Be Effectively Hacked

But they’re considerably more secure than conventional autos, for a variety of reasons. This fantasy starts from an investigation keep running in 2015 by two or three writers from Wired, whose conventional, non-self-ruling Jeep Cherokee was constrained by a remote programmer who was even ready to “drive it” for some time.

In any case, the primary thing that a mindful onlooker would see is that the investigation occurred in 2015. We’re in 2019, and innovations advance. Indeed, even the soonest working frameworks were everything except safe when they were first discharged to people in general. It’s… ordinary.

The New York Times

In any case, in the event that we need to go past this down to earth perception, in all actuality, self-sufficient vehicles are more impervious to hacking than customary ones. The passage focuses to hack a self-driving vehicle are various, however, their intricate interconnectivity between different sensors and correspondence layers makes a potential cyber-attack a lot harder to arrange, particularly if those sensors are incorporated with other (future) innovations, for example, brilliant streets.

What’s more, there are a ton of remarkable arrangements which have been proposed to address the potential vulnerabilities of self-driving vehicles to hacking, for example, utilizing the product used to ensure military stream warriors.

Self-driving Vehicles Will Never Turn Into A Thing On The Grounds

Goodness my God, would you say you are disclosing to me that one day a robot will keep me from driving my dearest SUV crosswise over excellent grand drives and amazing scenes, and getting a charge out of the joy of inclination my foot on the pedal and my hands on the guiding wheel?

At the point when self-driving autos become standard, that wouldn’t be the finish of delight driving by any stretch of the imagination. No producer will ever seize your keys or keep you from driving your vehicle all alone on the off chance that you need.

There won’t be any physical robot that will hold his metallic hands on your directing wheel as he takes your front seat. The decision to drive your vehicle all alone or leave the dreariest stuff to the AI will dependably be yours to make.

Autonomous Vehicles Can’t Settle On Choices Over Life And Demise

Moral problems and last chance situations are not the bread-and-butter of self-governing vehicle inquire about this moment. The principal center is to avert or keep away from mishaps where the AI must settle on such a choice – and a reality where machines are in the driver’s seat of most vehicles is a more secure one.

On one hand, it’s difficult to decide if a solitary independent vehicle is more secure than a conventional one constrained by a human; be that as it may, if this innovation ends up worldwide, the general hazard for mishaps will essentially decay.

Machines are fundamentally less inclined to “human mistake” than people. Just to place things into point of view, the majority of the 16 crashes where Google’s self-driving vehicles have been included up until now (in excess of 2 million miles driven) have been brought about by people. Regardless, mechanization will supplement human abilities in each one of those zones where there is an opportunity to get better.

Self-Driving Vehicles Will Cost A Ton

Despite the fact that it is to some degree genuine that self-sufficient autos will cost more than customary ones, the very idea of “owning a vehicle” is going to change as this innovation takes off.

To start with, most self-driving vehicles will be actualized by business armadas, at any rate amid the early stages. This implies when they at last hit the buyer advertise, their innovation would have been likely improved and idealized as of now, and the cost will be reasonably lower.

A second reason is that the very idea of “vehicle proprietorship” is going to change radically. Today, individuals need to claim a vehicle since the vehicle can’t explore the city without a driver. Actually, our autos spend by far most of their lifetimes stopped on a road or inside a carport.

When vehicles can move around uninhibitedly, shared vehicle possession and membership-based models will turn out to be significantly more prominent and a lot less expensive.

A Self-Driving Vehicle Will Resemble A Typical One

No, they will be totally unique, since conventional ones are worked around the driver. Since no driver is required, they will be molded in an unexpected way.

The inside plan may concentrate on traveler comfort, amplifying space by evacuating whatever isn’t fundamental any longer, for example, pedals, transmission controls and guiding wheels, which may wind up retractable. The outside structure may evacuate the requirement for confronting a particular bearing and may end up rounder or more box-molded, with seats confronting all headings.

As John Krafcik, CEO of WAYMO clarified,

“The vehicles will act naturally driving. So you have your very own space where you can take it easy.”

Clearly, only one out of every odd self-driving vehicle would be formed like a cutting edge flying egg since many individuals may, in any case, need to drive their vehicles now and again.

For some vehicles, self-driving would just be a choice, despite the fact that their structure may, in any case, be to some degree distinctive to suit for the new ecological innovations.

Self-Driving Programming Is Concocted

As a matter of fact, urban areas may be changed too to oblige self-driving vehicles. Things like keen boulevards, savvy shafts and road sensors still should be introduced before undeniable unrest can occur.


Our urban areas will change, and with due likelihood, to improve things. For instance, as fewer vehicles will be important (see point 4 about shared possession) a lot of spaces committed to leaving and carports can be re-designed into parks and promenades.

Self-Driving Autos Are A Costly Innovation Completely

Indeed, creating self-driving autos is extremely costly. Be that as it may, when they become standard, self-sufficient vehicles will enable us to spare huge measures of cash from multiple points of view.

To be specific: Their more secure, so less cash will be spent for fixes and to pay for protection; they’re progressively productive, so they will set aside some cash spent on fuel while driving and stopping, and time spent due to traffic; and they’re increasingly open, so they will help a lot of impaired individuals return to their occupations once more.

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5 Best Landing Pad For Drones In 2020

5 Best Landing Pad For Drones In 2020

What’s The Purpose Of Drone Landing Pads?

To avoid any potential damage to your drone during landing, have a landing platform (landing Pad). Many people, especially beginners, do not realize the importance of such a tool. Not until they try to land their drones in mud or grass. The chances of your propellers being trapped and damaged without a landing platform here are great. How about trying to land a drone on rocky terrain? Another reason for a landing pad if you want to keep your drone safe and scratch-free.

Every drone pilot, beginner or professional, eventually will experience a forced landing or lose control during landing. It happens to all of us and might cause severe damage to the quadcopter. Especially camera drones are damaged in terms of scratches or broken lenses.

A landing pad for your helicopter keeps your camera lens clean during takeoff and landing. It protects rotors from tall grass and pebble bumps. It also prevents dirt from sucking through the motor bearings and causing premature engine failure. And much more.

 With a landing pad for your drone or RC quadcopter, you’re going to be free of a lot of problems that could happen without one.

Before Buying A Landing Pad, You Need To Consider These 5 Things.

  1. Size – Drone landing pads come in many sizes. You need to specify the size of the pad based on your drone. The most logical thing to do is look at your drone and determine the size of your landing pad using your helicopter.
  2. Usability – Landing pads have different functions. The question here is; How do you want to use it, and what do you ask for? Would you like to carry it in your backpack or maybe bags? Should the rollout be smooth? Easy to pack up? Should it be evident, or doesn’t it matter?
  3. Design (Colors)The design and colors of a potential landing site are probably more important to some than others. There are many designs to choose from them. You can find square or round pads, but the most important thing is the color designs. Lighter and lighter colors can be better recognized from the air.
  4. WaterproofYou want your landing pad to be waterproof so you can land in a muddy area, on wet grass, etc., and indifferent weather.
  5. Impact Protection – Landing pads should provide landing protection to cushion the landing and protect the drone.

Our Choice – Top 5 Best Drone Landing Pads:

For more information about the different landing gears, simply scroll further down.

1. Hoodman Drone Landing Pad

Hoodman Drone Landing Pad

Hoodman surely offers the best airstrips for drones on the market. An advantage that you will have with them is that you can get the landing platform in different sizes. The most common size is 5 feet (150 cm), but they also come in 3 and 8 feet.
The landing platform guarantees a clean take-off and landing.

Hoodman Drone Landing Pad comes with a carrying bag and is very easy to set up. The landing gear comes in red and is very visible from the air and easy to find (camera view). It is also easy to fold and replace in the bag, so do not worry about those problems. Also, the landing platform is easy to clean and reuse.

It is a great landing platform for more extensive and more professional helicopters, such as DJI drones (Phantom, Inspire, Mavic). If you are a great user of aerial photographs or a commercial user of your drone, we recommend that you buy the Padman Drone Landing Pad. Hoodman’s landing platform is one of the most popular options regarding landing platforms for excellent reasons.

2. Crazepony Drone Landing Pad

5 Best Landing Pad For Drones In 2020

The second best option after Hoodman is probably this airstrip. With high precision printing, sun protection, waterproofness, and the fact that you can use it on both sides, you will not get a better option at this type of price. The pad comes with a carrying bag. It does not fly with the breeze, and visibility from the air is excellent on both sides.

It is a great pad to use for your professional and larger drones that need a little more place and protection than smaller quadcopters.

3. RCStyle Drone Landing Pad

Crazepony Drone Landing Pad

It makes the pad of waterproof material and adapts to all kinds of bad weather. A carrying bag also continues with the purchase. The vibrant orange color works perfectly, and the size is enough to allow it to land and take off safely. It’s a little difficult to fold it again, but after a while, you get used to it.
The landing platform is suitable for DJI Mavic Pro Phantom 1/2/3/4, Yuneec, Zero Xplorer, AEE, All Syma Helicopters, Hubsan Quadcopters, Holy Stone Quadcopters, Lutema, and many other DIY quadcopters. We recommend that you buy this if you are the owner of a medium to a high-quality drone that you want to protect.

4. SunfyreTek Drone Landing Pad

SunfyreTek Drone Landing Pad

It makes the pad of soft eco-friendly rubber and has a waterproof surface. It is straightforward to see from a distance. It has a non-slip bottom surface, which means you can use it everywhere. It is also easy to fold into a smaller square and carry it in your bag.

It is a great landing platform for larger quadcopters (DJI Mavic, Phantom, Inspire). For larger or perhaps more advanced drones, look for a larger and more “professional” airstrip (1. Hoodman).

5. Heliport Ops Drone Landing Pad

Heliport Ops Drone Landing Pad

It makes the landing platform of a 3 mm thick rubber to cushion the landing and prevents damage to the landing gear of your RC helicopter, quadcopter, octocopter, and hexacopter, etc. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and although the platform is considered waterproof, it has limits and should not be used in bad condition too often.

Final Words,

The helipad is suitable for an “average drone,” which means drones that have not been cheap but have not cost a fortune either. If you are piloting a larger professional drone and looking for a square Helipad, then you should consider the SunfyreTek.

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Intel’s 5G modem business is all the rage with Apple striking a $1 billion deal…

5G speed

Apple interested in purchasing Intel’s abandoned 5G modem project!

  • Apple is going to make the big purchase of Intel’s abandoned project of the smartphone modem for $1 billion.

  • Despite being in a legal war, Apple has reconciled to working together on the 5G speed modem with Qualcomm as their plans matched those of the release of the 5G iPhones.

  • Even though Apple struck a deal with Qualcomm, its working on its own modem project to achieve independence from 3rd party producers in the future, hence the Intel purchase.

Word is in the air that Apple is just about to close the deal on buying Intel’s (another technology company) smartphone modem which has been abandoned by Intel itself for a while now, for 1 billion dollars! Its being circulated that this deal could be finalized and announced in next week at the latest.

As we all are already aware of the newness of the 5G speed in the technological realm, Intel was one technology company that jumped off the wagon of the 5G mobile modem business at the start of this year. The reason behind this being that Apple came up with a surprise deal with Qualcomm which means that Apple will undoubtedly be using Qualcomm modems in its phones. It has been confirmed that Qualcomm 5G modem is making its return in the Apple family. The CEO of Intel, Robert H. Swan, has specified that Intel has made its return from the modem business due to the Apple-Qualcomm deal. If Intel couldn’t get Apple as its customer for the modems, the technology company couldn’t possibly benefit from the project.

5G speed

Source: ChannelNews

As per a Bloomberg report, it was Apple who decided to withdraw from Intel as their production time of 5G speed modems clashed with what they had planned for their 5G ready smartphones. The same 5G speed modem is now being produced by Qualcomm; hence the collaboration between Qualcomm and Apple despite them having legal disputes over the years.

As Intel couldn’t benefit from its abandoned project, and as Apple is still in business for 5G speed modems, they’re now working on a billion dollar deal with the latter technology company which would hand over Intel’s modem business to Apple complete with its portfolio of patents as well as its staff.

Intel, however, did try to keep its modem business afloat but the Qualcomm 5G modem just won the race of time, making Intel look into the market for other potential buyers. It turns out that Apple was probably Intel’s best bet as the technology company has already been providing modems for Apple’s 2018 iPhone models. Also Apple had also been the only customer for Intel’s modem over the years as all Android smartphones rely on Qualcomm modems or a similar in-house version of the modems.

Apple most definitely has a deal with Qualcomm for modems, but it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t thought to venture in the same to inevitably become independent of any third-party 5G speed modem providers. It is being said that the technology company is developing its very own modem solutions that is not much different to the current internal CPU platform that gave birth to the exclusive A-series chipsets used in the iPhones and the iPads. This means they can most definitely benefit from the incomplete 5G speed modem Intel project by combining it to their own project which will add the experience and the existing work done by Intel. The future will inevitably see Apple being the sole producer of its own modems, should it all work out according to plan.

5G speed

Source: Fossbytes

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Future Of Content Management systems with the help of AI

Content Management Systems
  • AI calculations are equipped for individual clients’ standards of conduct.

  • Envision a CMS that is fit for recognizing regardless of whether your content is superior to your rivals.

  • Now AI is moving towards CMS, Content Management systems.

Today AI is entrenching in every aspect of life. It helps in creating the flow of information around the globe. It helps to reduce prices through automation. AI helps in superior decision making. After making progress in many fields of life now it is moving towards CMS, Content Management systems.

Many different companies including IBM together are influencing AI to make a modified digital experience that helps to go afar outdated audience segregation.

Here are some of the ways through AI impact on Content Management system:

Artificial intelligence would already be able to break down the tone and feeling of content and propose on the off chance that it is appropriate for the target group.

IBM and MonkeyLearn, for instance, have created smart frameworks to give Content Management system, for example, language location, slogan extraction, offensiveness discovery, news classification, viewpoint examination, etc.

  • Programmed picture labeling and classification:

This is particularly valid for online business stages where many pictures are transferred each day. Achievement relies upon showing results that are important.

As programmed picture acknowledgment came-up short on the exactness required for the task. In any case, the coming age of AI-fueled picture labeling devices can break down pictures in a flash.

  • Voice-controlled stages and services:

Services, for example, Siri, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Cortana are expanding the profitability of a huge number of individuals. Many contents that executive’s stages give voice-helped services.

  • Customized content and advertising:

AI calculations are equipped for individual clients’ standards of conduct and can utilize such information to predict future needs. Directed publicizing dependent on socioeconomics, individualized offers, exceptionally significant item suggestions, and dynamic sites.

  • Quickened content creation:

AI can’t yet make totally unique stories. Be that as it may, its capacities, including those of NLP can help quicken the procedure of content generation. A portion of the territories where AI is as of now aiding is Content Management.

Content Management Systems

Source: Fast Company

Future Of Content

Here are some ways through which AI will change Future Of Content:

  1. Progressed analytics:

As organizations become more client-driven, the investigation, CMS gives will probably turn out to be progressively advanced. Advanced with information on past conduct, your CMS will almost understand the whole client venture.

  1. Collaboration with other AI:

We have perceived how voice-enacted gadgets, associate with other savvy gadgets. With the pace of improvement over the AI space. Eventually, AI will most likely improve the content.

  1. Continuous Web optimization suggestions:

Envision a CMS that is fit for recognizing regardless of whether your content is superior to your rivals. It may feature terms that you ought to give suggestions to get recorded on the primary page of objective query items.

  1. Wise advanced resource the board:

Modern AI instruments, you may one day have the option to offer keen services like looking through the content inside recordings, programmed voice-to-content translation of video content or recognizing snapshots of high enthusiasm for recordings.

In the near future

In the core of all the energy encompassing AI, one thing is clear. There is a ton of constant advancement occurring, and no single merchant. In principle, AI can be connected to practically any area, a unique reason AI is commonly more helpful than a summed one up.

For a CMS seller to confine themselves to implanting a solitary AI into its item suite is prior to the advantages of all the advancement occurring. Rather, CMS items ought to be architected to exploit any AI as they become helpful for a specific area.

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