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Up Cycle Junk to Aesthetic Décor with These 15 Easy Ideas!

  • A lot can be done to add to your home’s aesthetics by recycling some of the most useless “junk” lying around in drawers and cabinets.

  • Use coffee mugs, glassware, denim, old mats and books to create fun and easy-to-create new centerpieces for your home.

  • CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes have more artistic value to them than you can ever imagine! Create mosaics, memories lamps, coasters and much more with simple hacks.

  • DIY sports mirrors are the new rage, and probably the very easiest to create too.

I’m sure you can relate to finding junk all over your house, things that don’t even trigger your memory of buying them. But SOMEHOW they’re all over your cupboards and cabinets, the things that you never even use! Luckily for you sorting and organizing them doesn’t have to be a troublesome task that you dread. Here are some ideas that’ll definitely help you sort out and recycle seemingly useless “junk.

Want new organizers? Coffee mugs are the way to go

There’s tons of extra unused mugs lying around I’m sure. Just attach them onto a piece of wood, three or more in a row and voila! You have new and pretty desk organizers. The best part is you can attach the mugs in any direction so that even the handles can be used for hanging hand towels in your kitchen or the likes.

Totally up for a baby cloth quilt

There’s only baby clothes that you just can’t bear to part with? No problem! Just sew them together into a big or small quilt! Use it on the bed or hang it from a wall. And if you don’t know how to get started, just follow the complete tutorial by Craftastical and you’re good to go.

A little denim bed for your furry friend

If you thought you can only throw away those old denims, you’re wrong my friend, especially if you have a furry pet who likes luxury too. Just sew and tie up the legs and waist after stuffing them with pillow or old garments. You can also cut out squares and sew them together for a different version of the same idea.

Old books: Filled with art inside and out

This one’s for all the book lovers out there! Just take out your favorite piece of writing and customize them with drawings of your own before framing and hanging them on the wall of your lounge! You might also gift it to a friend as a memento.

A photo negative lamp to brighten up those beautiful memories

Even though digital is the new black now, you would still probably have old negatives somewhere. Just fix the negatives together and put them around a lamp. Pretty simple, right? Just follow the tutorial here:

CDs and DVDs make the perfect mosaic art

What to do with those old CDs and DVDs lying around? Turn them into mosaic tiles! Turns out the reflective, rainbow surfaces make for the perfect artistic touch. Follow the Happy Hooligans tutorial and create amazing art pieces of your own.

Your very own custom VHS tape ribbons and bows

The CDs and DVDs weren’t the only “ancient” tech you have lying around. VHS tapes need to be upcycled too! Turn these tapes into custom ribbon and bows and beautify your present’s ten folds.

Be prepared for the worst with an Altoid tin survival kit

Don’t throw those tins away as they’re good for a lot of purposes. It’s the perfect tool to be turned into a mini survival kit. You can keep anything in it, from money to medicines to pocket knives! Oh, a great thing to include would be a phone list too.

Old crayons are no longer boring

What to do about crayons that are less crayons and more stubs right now? We even have ideas for you here. Use oven safe molds to melt together crayons of your choice and cut them into new fun pieces of your own. Use these new crayons for any doodler or toddler that gets excited with colors.

River rocks and old mats

So your house mats have become old and wonky. No worries! Just glue river rocks on top of these rugged mats and have them upcycled into something brand new and beautiful to add to the interior of your home.

Convert old books into poetic fairy gardens

Use some of your old books to create these fascinating centerpieces of your own. Cut out the middle of your book and fill it with plants and miniature items for decoration. Follow an in-depth tutorial and let your inner artist do the rest.

Use CD cases to create a terrarium or a greenhouse

Where there’s CDs there’s bound to be jewel cases too. Use these cases glued together to create a new greenhouse for your indoor plants that need to be kept warm.

Beautiful oil lamps from old light bulbs

You can do this every time those old light-bulbs need to be replaced. Follow an in-depth tutorial to turn these bulbs into oil lamps secured at the mouth with a tin bottle cap. With a little creativity to can add a magnitude of aesthetics to this idea.

The best DIY sporty mirrors

If your people are into sports, you probably have a whole storage room just for old sports goodies! Time to turn them into beautiful mirrors! Use them as it is and just add a mirror into those tennis rackets and bike tires or just use the bats and skis to form a mirror of any size you want! Of course, you can get crafty and customize their designs too if you want.

Old CDs, coasters, candle holders and memories

You’re probably thinking that these upcycling ideas require a lot of artistic talent to look good, but that is not the case with these simple to create coasters and candle holders. Use any types of maps or pictures and cover the CDs with them. You can also make them waterproof by spraying enamel on top while also preserving some of your fondest memories.

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The Top 10 Characteristics of Successful People

characteristics of successful people

Embrace these qualities of successful people and be on your way to achieve your goals!

  • There are quite a lot of characteristics of successful people but some of them are common in all of them which are as follows.

  • Its necessary to have a positive outlook of life, surround yourself with the right people, and learn to keep yourself happy.

  • Being jealous of others’ success, complaining and giving up are the traits that move you away form your goals.

Who doesn’t want to be a success in both personal and professional lives?! But this triumph is directly related to some specific qualities of successful people. All you need to do is pay attention to these characteristics of successful people and be on your way to achieve wonders. Here we have shortlisted the 10 traits and habits found in all success stories so you can learn. Cheers!

Choosing friends wisely

Winners sit with winners, so it is necessary for you to surround yourself with friends who share similar ambition in life. And those who contribute positively in your life development and immerse in similar business interests as you.

characteristics of successful people

Source: Cru

Work, don’t complain

Qualities of successful people include the understanding that a problem is a mere setback which can and should be countered with determination and the appropriate resourcefulness.

Learn to say ‘No’

Knowing when to disapprove of something that doesn’t intrigue you or contribute positively towards your life ambition is one of the primary characteristics of successful people. Time is limited and too valuable to be wasted in unproductive venues.

characteristics of successful people

Source: Youngisthan

Don’t be a people pleaser

It is of utmost importance to know that you can’t control people or their opinions of you. Just keep working towards your goals and be content with your own progress as no one can please everybody.

Be positive for others too

Just as you would be happy for your own success, qualities of successful people include being happy for others too. Jealousy and a negative mindset is bound to hinder your own progress.

Its all about the team

Never has anyone ever succeeded on his own in this world. Everyone needs a credible and resourceful support system along the journey. No wonder its one of the top ten characteristics of successful people.

characteristics of successful people

Source: Legal Executive Institute

‘The grass is greener on the other side’ no more!

You have to always stay positive and keep an eye out for opportunities. Giving up is not an option. Learn from setbacks and dive into a better tomorrow.

Passion is a must

You can only be successful if you’re passionate about your goals and achieving them. This drive one of the most common qualities of successful people in this world. This drive is what moves an individual towards eventual success.

Failures happen to everyone

You simply cannot avoid bad decisions or undesirable results altogether. But according to the characteristics of successful people, you can choose to learn and grow from them instead of staying disheartened. Abandoning ship is never a good option, instead work with a different approach to overcome the failure which will lead to achieving the goal.

Stay jolly and happy!

All successful people know that life is awfully depressing and boring without a keen sense of humor. They stay happy by not only maintaining a positive outlook of life but also by taking care of their health and body.

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Americans Deciding for a 4 day Workweek Pros and Cons

4 day work week pros and cons
  • The 40-hour workweek is consider to be fruitful for Americans beside the working days of each week.

  • Among the employees who full time work, 12% said that they are already being working 4 days a week.

  • The workers who are working already 4 days a week said that it could help to boost the productivity.

Today everyone is busy in running a rat race. They work five days a week for the output. The forty hours working in a Workweek is fair enough. It has been suggested to work 10 hours in a day instead of 8. So in 4 days, it could complete 40 hours easily. But there are 4 day Workweek pros and cons also.

The FLSA, found workers who do 40 hours Workweek are suitable for overtime. But it do not require employees to put their 40 working hours.

The 40-hour workweek is consider to be fruitful for Americans beside the working days of each week. According to a survey in 2019, by Tsheets the 58% respondents provision the awareness of 4 day working.

Business Growth

For the business growth,  about half of the selected businessmen provision is the 4 day workweek. And other 35% have different point of view. Similarly for the Hr automation, when same question asked, half of respondents  accept and other 31% having another.

Among the employees who full time work, 12% said that they are already working 4 days a week. 43% of workers who work 5 days a week have slightly high probability that they 4 days a week in future.

69% of employees believes on scheduling apps that will make easy for a short workweek. And 77% of managers approve it.

What about Future Sustainability?

When a question was asked about future sustainability, people who are still working 4 days a week, half of them said some conditions about the compensate. Regardless of condition, all the respondents show positive outcomes.

Supporters of 40 hours work week report job satisfaction, as 75% job satisfaction also has been improved. About 69%  report about minor stress levels and other 75% report physical illness.

About 6% of respondents said that they don’t want to increase their working hours and effort under new performance measures.

The workers who are working already 4 days a week said that it could help to boost the productivity.

4 day work week pros and cons

Source: EMLV

Different Point of Views

Everyone have their own point of view, some of them not accept it. 54% of managers and 25% of business owners approve that employees would get more stufff done in short imaginary week.

Salaried workers and hourly workers have different predictions as 37% of hourly paid workers promote short workweek. while 27% of employees who earn salaries do not.

The employees who are working 4 days’ Workweek report optimistic outcomes. As 77% have boosted employee loyalty.

In general, our respondents would in general like less working days with positive advantages that don’t stop at representative well-being and confidence.

4 day work week pros and cons

Source: The Balance Small Business


At the point when gotten some information about their drives, the greater part of respondents said that they go through 30 minutes or all the more driving to work every day. A short workweek could decrease the measure of time individuals spend out and about, along these lines likely lessening their weekly carbon yield and setting aside them, cash on fuel or other transportation costs.

What’s more, if our example of laborers who as of now work, reduced week is any sign, society in general could profit too, as at any rate 1 of every 5 would spend their additional day thinking about relatives.

As Americans standardize the 4 day workweek. But with workers who are inclining to the notion as great possibilities. Workers may get befitted by evaluating well-being, taking notes on trend and output of team.

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Preference of Partner’s Education If No Matches on Tinder

No Matches on Tinder
  • Neyt remarked that women on Tinder show much as twice interest on fake profiles. Both sexes on tinder, greatest dating market, prefer educated life partners.

  • Study about the influence of education on labor market; dating market. It have a great effect, especially for women on tinder as they showed inclination for educational status of men.

  • To PsyPost, Neyt said that this is the first step of relationship, of what people showing attention in other people on online dating market.

According to a research it has been indicated that man have repugnance to highly educated women. Both sexes if they are men or women on tinder, greatest dating market, prefer educated life partners. If men have no matches on Tinder regard to their education, they see other possibilities.

From Ghent university, Brecht Neyt, a PhD student, explained his study about the influence of education on inside labor market as-well-as outside the labor market, also people call it dating market.

He said that he do this job as help its doctoral thesis and it also through light over the non-financial returns of learning. In which department he works, this study also help him. Moreover because of Stin Baert, supervisor professor, who has many experiments on labor market by using his false resumes.

The Research

This research is conducted by 24 fake accounts on tinder of both sexes. They represented as located from different cities in Flanders. These profile were about to be same except the educational status. The educational level was varied between bachelors to master’s level of three to five years. The degrees were only related to economics and business studies.

By examining the users interest on profiles which they created as they swipe left or right, researcher calculated the amount to which both sexes take into consideration the scholastic level partners.

The age group on tinder which was selected between 23-27 and they evaluate the tinder profile of 3600. This process was taken in 2018 between January to March.

no matches on tinder

Source: SubscribeThis

The research says that users having high educational status inclined to more effective. It have a great effect specially on women on tinder  as they showed inclination for educational status of men.

Neyt remarked that women on tinder show much as twice interest on fake profile with master’s grade 91.4 percent as compared to fake profiles with bachelors.

Yes there may be intimidating personality, who have better educational level. So these people seem to be exclusion rather than rules.

Men’s Psyche

To Psypost, Neyt said that manners on Tinder may have marriage economy penalties. On one side men don’t seem to be daunted by high educated women, which increase progress of women in labor market. On other side, there is no indication find for inclinations for scholastic homo-gamy.

In simple words, users of Tinder are not attracted by same educational experience. They prefer good educational status irrespective their own.

Sarah Vandenbulcke who is a master’s degree student added that these results are harmonized with previous studies of partner choice. Women prefer high educational status so they can afford for potential offspring. And men prefer highly beautiful status which could be only by physical attraction.

Some Limitations

To PsyPost, Neyt said that this is the first step of a relationship, of what people showing attention in other people on online dating market.  It would be more interested to find in other stages of a relationship.

This study was approved by Sarah Vandenbulcke, Stijn Baert, and Brecht Neyt.

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