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Up Cycle Junk to Aesthetic Décor with These 15 Easy Ideas!

  • A lot can be done to add to your home’s aesthetics by recycling some of the most useless “junk” lying around in drawers and cabinets.

  • Use coffee mugs, glassware, denim, old mats and books to create fun and easy-to-create new centerpieces for your home.

  • CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes have more artistic value to them than you can ever imagine! Create mosaics, memories lamps, coasters and much more with simple hacks.

  • DIY sports mirrors are the new rage, and probably the very easiest to create too.

I’m sure you can relate to finding junk all over your house, things that don’t even trigger your memory of buying them. But SOMEHOW they’re all over your cupboards and cabinets, the things that you never even use! Luckily for you sorting and organizing them doesn’t have to be a troublesome task that you dread. Here are some ideas that’ll definitely help you sort out and recycle seemingly useless “junk.

Want new organizers? Coffee mugs are the way to go

There’s tons of extra unused mugs lying around I’m sure. Just attach them onto a piece of wood, three or more in a row and voila! You have new and pretty desk organizers. The best part is you can attach the mugs in any direction so that even the handles can be used for hanging hand towels in your kitchen or the likes.

Totally up for a baby cloth quilt

There’s only baby clothes that you just can’t bear to part with? No problem! Just sew them together into a big or small quilt! Use it on the bed or hang it from a wall. And if you don’t know how to get started, just follow the complete tutorial by Craftastical and you’re good to go.

A little denim bed for your furry friend

If you thought you can only throw away those old denims, you’re wrong my friend, especially if you have a furry pet who likes luxury too. Just sew and tie up the legs and waist after stuffing them with pillow or old garments. You can also cut out squares and sew them together for a different version of the same idea.

Old books: Filled with art inside and out

This one’s for all the book lovers out there! Just take out your favorite piece of writing and customize them with drawings of your own before framing and hanging them on the wall of your lounge! You might also gift it to a friend as a memento.

A photo negative lamp to brighten up those beautiful memories

Even though digital is the new black now, you would still probably have old negatives somewhere. Just fix the negatives together and put them around a lamp. Pretty simple, right? Just follow the tutorial here:

CDs and DVDs make the perfect mosaic art

What to do with those old CDs and DVDs lying around? Turn them into mosaic tiles! Turns out the reflective, rainbow surfaces make for the perfect artistic touch. Follow the Happy Hooligans tutorial and create amazing art pieces of your own.

Your very own custom VHS tape ribbons and bows

The CDs and DVDs weren’t the only “ancient” tech you have lying around. VHS tapes need to be upcycled too! Turn these tapes into custom ribbon and bows and beautify your present’s ten folds.

Be prepared for the worst with an Altoid tin survival kit

Don’t throw those tins away as they’re good for a lot of purposes. It’s the perfect tool to be turned into a mini survival kit. You can keep anything in it, from money to medicines to pocket knives! Oh, a great thing to include would be a phone list too.

Old crayons are no longer boring

What to do about crayons that are less crayons and more stubs right now? We even have ideas for you here. Use oven safe molds to melt together crayons of your choice and cut them into new fun pieces of your own. Use these new crayons for any doodler or toddler that gets excited with colors.

River rocks and old mats

So your house mats have become old and wonky. No worries! Just glue river rocks on top of these rugged mats and have them upcycled into something brand new and beautiful to add to the interior of your home.

Convert old books into poetic fairy gardens

Use some of your old books to create these fascinating centerpieces of your own. Cut out the middle of your book and fill it with plants and miniature items for decoration. Follow an in-depth tutorial and let your inner artist do the rest.

Use CD cases to create a terrarium or a greenhouse

Where there’s CDs there’s bound to be jewel cases too. Use these cases glued together to create a new greenhouse for your indoor plants that need to be kept warm.

Beautiful oil lamps from old light bulbs

You can do this every time those old light-bulbs need to be replaced. Follow an in-depth tutorial to turn these bulbs into oil lamps secured at the mouth with a tin bottle cap. With a little creativity to can add a magnitude of aesthetics to this idea.

The best DIY sporty mirrors

If your people are into sports, you probably have a whole storage room just for old sports goodies! Time to turn them into beautiful mirrors! Use them as it is and just add a mirror into those tennis rackets and bike tires or just use the bats and skis to form a mirror of any size you want! Of course, you can get crafty and customize their designs too if you want.

Old CDs, coasters, candle holders and memories

You’re probably thinking that these upcycling ideas require a lot of artistic talent to look good, but that is not the case with these simple to create coasters and candle holders. Use any types of maps or pictures and cover the CDs with them. You can also make them waterproof by spraying enamel on top while also preserving some of your fondest memories.

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Glam-up your Cupcakes with these Simple Tips

frosted cupcakes
  • It’s best to just accept it: They’re adorable, and that makes them nearly irresistible.

  • The different techniques, methods and ingredients to be used depend on the type of finish you want to see in your cupcakes.

  • For decoration, you can opt for frostings, glazes, sprinkles, cherries or even a second icing.

Its not often these days that you get to see cupcakes being the center of festivities on occasions. But you can’t argue that these tiny desserts remain as irresistible as ever with their versatility. Here’s some tips to make your next batch of cupcakes look and taste as if made by a professional pastry chef.

1. Prepare the pan.

Never ever grease the cupcake compartments in the pan if you don’t want your delightful cupcake wrappers to become greasy and soggy. A better thing to do is just to grease the top of the pan so that your cupcakes don’t stick to the top right after they’re taken out. And if you’re absolutely against using liners then just grease and flour the pan as you normally would and the cupcakes will still give you no trouble coming out of the pan after baking.

2. Ingredients.

Endless cake recipes means an endless number of cupcake recipes too! There’s absolutely no restrictions on what type of flavors your cupcakes can yield. You should focus on what end result you want and then choose the ingredients accordingly. Its easier to just go for your favorite cake recipe and get numerous miniature versions of your tried and tested favorite cake.

Oh and don’t forget to make sure all your measurements are perfect, they matter!

3. Mixing techniques.

There are various different ways cupcakes can be made and some of the methods include blending, foaming, creaming etc. Its important to keep in mind the end finish of the cupcakes that you desire while selecting the appropriate mixing method.

4. Portioning and scoops.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong with this, you may ask? Well it can make the world of a difference between those perfect delicacies and absolute disasters. The best way to go forward is using a scoop to make sure that all cupcakes turn out to be perfectly even.

5. Stuffing in the center.

Stuffing a piece of caramel, jam or a square of chocolate in the center of the cupcake batter is the easiest way to add glam to ordinary cupcakes. Just make sure that the batter surrounds the stuffing.

6. Baking perfection.

The easiest way to ruin a perfectly good cupcake is by drying it out to the core by over-baking. So you should be on your toes to check the cupcakes with a cake tester which preferably shouldn’t be completely clean when pulled out.

7. Cooling before frosting.

Just see the difference in the quality of your cupcake batch after letting them cool down in the pan for around 5, 10 minutes. Also ensure that its necessary to let them have their cooling time of half an hour before you put on that frosting.

8. Frosting and decoration.

Okay, so there’s about a hundred different frostings you can choose from. From buttercream to meringue to ganache or just simply whipped cream, just let your heart out while decorating those cupcakes. Whether its piping or fruit glazing, you’re sure to find something that excites you.

frosted cupcakes


9. Garnishing at the end.

You can either go for a garnishing of a handful of sprinkles or just a cherry on top, but our suggestion to you would definitely be of a second icing. Not only it looks amazing, it also adds another dimension to the cupcakes in terms of texture, flavor and color.

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Two sides of the same Personality Trait: Billions or Bankruptcy

personality traits
  • Billionaires around the globe were interviewed and studied to identify which of the big five personality traits in the workplace led to their success.

  • It was found that the personality test that made them successful was more often than not the negative personality trait that could have caused their downfall.

  • You can take the big five personality test to identify what your defining characteristics are.

Its not necessary for strengths and weaknesses to have a completely different face. At times it becomes difficult to categorize a personality trait as a positive or a negative personality trait.

You may wonder how many types of personalities are there? And what characteristics differentiate them from each other? I mean you can always find out what type of personality you are by taking the big five personality traits test but let’s focus on self-made billionaires for now. Rafael Badziag, a psychology expert conducted interviews with 21 billionaires around the globe. He studied different aspects of their lives including big five personality traits in the workplace as they own their own companies. He established that the same traits that have helped make them so successful could also have been the reason for utter failure.

According to Badziag, billionaires are those individuals who have been observed to breaking the rules and having a rare sense of individuality since an early age. But these individuals keep learning and trusting their own gut while making decisions even when being warned of their decisions as insane.

He further elaborated that many a times becoming a billionaire entails risks of complete bankruptcy and successful are the ones who know when to take a leap and when to have nothing to do with the opportunity.

personality trait


Its true that the billionaires became successful relying mostly on their own sense of judgement and thinking, but this also comes with the risk of losing the sense of cooperation.

This has actually happened in the past, for example, Brian Kim Beom-Su (the founder of Hangame in South Korea) regretted that he let go of an opportunity to partner up with a competitor, which would have helped boost his business even more.

Another researcher, Dr. Greg Reid observed that the top of the game players often used the trick to collaborate with their rivals in order to maintain their position at the top.

Another negative personality trait that billionaires should avoid is NOT asking for help or guidance and thinking they know it all. The reason behind this is that circumstances might overwhelm the person pulling all the shots and lead to major downfalls in the business.


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The Asian Food is in Swing: Ramen, Udon And Soba

Asian Food

Japanese noodles are in swing nowadays. Famous joints are waiting for you if you walk down the streets of Tokyo.  In the meantime, serving exotic Asian food by professional chefs where serving single course meal at one time usually. Soba related eatery serves only the best stuff and rest of it goes with udon and ramen joints.

Secondly, when you think about noodles, ramen, soba and udon get in mind. These kinds of stuff will be consumed like midnight craving mostly. There are three most popular types of noodles not only in japan but globally too.  Mostly people seem that they are similar. Though, it’s very different in method as well as in taste too. Let’s discover the difference of Ramen, Udon & Soba.


Ethnicity of ramen vary region to region. It’s popular across the globe nowadays. Ramen noodles serves with aside of rice.

The Noodles

Color of wheat noodles are darker yellow than pre-packed from store. For a better taste of noodles should be cooked to firm chew, springy and long. Combo of sodium dredged soup that develops the taste of noodle.

More Ingredients for a better taste

If you think about ramen vs udon yaki, broth is thing which makes ramen more demanding. There are number of broths are available from refreshing to hearty. The most surprising is you cannot eat ramen twice from same place if you live for a few months.

Soy sauce-based broth (shoyu) and salt-based broth (shio) are the simpler one whereas miso and curry broth have a great impact in Japanese people.  A good piece of nori, roasted pork, slices of bamboo and half boiled egg.  For a better experience, you can add on toppings like corn or butter.

Asian Food

Boston Chefs


Ramen are in the list of popularity but udon is the golden boy of Japanese noodles. It’s simpler and different one as compared to ramen. Udon joint are quite watchful as you order it on counter and chef prepare your order in front of you and further add on beside tempura bar.

More Ingredients for a better taste

However, uniformity of broth is same as noodles in udon. New varieties are blooming up like classic style, kakejiru, seasoned with soy sauce, mirin and dashi, still competitive udon broth than others.

Topping still stand out than other noodles. You can add on as a combo with a deep-fried tempura that will make mouth water. Moreover, udon served with a piece of meat and veggies called yaki udon. To make it more adventurous, you can make food mob with ramen vs yaki udon.


One of the rare noodles in the western house is soba. It’s refreshing light flavor makes it in a list of must try. So, if you want to eat this rare, plan for japan. Secondly, vegan soba noodle recipe is not much different, just add siracha, minced garlic, sesame oil and fresh grated ginger is used to make vegan soba noodle.

Asian Food


The noodles

Brown-colored buckwheat flour noodles are softer and less elastic texture. They are same as ramen seems excellent at soaking up broth and balance flavor makes you take a dig in the soba noodles.

More Ingredients for a better taste

The serving is quite unique, chilled soba in bamboo tray but it’s up to you. Soup is another option to serve, tiny little cup filled with a strong broth made of soy sauce, dashi and mirin. Take a little amount of soba and dip it in broth, get an instant extract before tasting it. A kettle full of hot water is offered by various restaurants. In addition, leftover broth after soba add hot water and enjoy it as a soup. Wasabi and cup full of broth as a sideline with soba.

The noodles

On the other hand, tempura is also an availability to the sideline. Cherry on the top, tempura batter is not much oily and light. Stir- fried version of soba is very popular in japan called yakisoba. Similarly, the yakisoba sauce recipe is similar like the basic soba. For diet conscious people should use vegan soba noodle recipe.

Though French cuisine are in decline due to uproar Japanese food. The rise of Asian food is getting grip globally. Eventually, you grab great knowledge of noodles which means let’s plan a trip of Japanese restaurant.

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