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Another Energized Deadpool Series: The Crazy History of Deadpool


Try not to consider it a rebound, yet the phantom of Donald Glover’s recently slaughtered Deadpool enlivened series, may rise again and rouse the initiation of a totally different undertaking. Truth is stranger than fiction: another Deadpool ‘ton could be in progress soon.

This data comes straight from the mouth of Deadpool character co-maker Rob Liefeld, who dished to Nerdist that another Dead pool series is “descending the pipeline.”

Later in his discussion with Nerdist, amid the outlet’s visit to Twentieth Century Fox studio to talk about Once Upon a Dead pool, the PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 that appeared in late December, and the looming X-Force motion picture, Lie Feld got significantly progressively sincere, uncovering that an anonymous official at Marvel made him what sounds like a guarantee in regards to another Dead pool enlivened arrangement. The comic inventive shared that he was told, “Don’t stress, Robert, we’re going to give you a Dead pool animation.”

Before you begin kicking your feet in pleasure, let us clarify that these remarks don’t mean an affirmation; rather, they’re basically illustrative of the likelihood of another Dead pool energized series occurring sooner or later. Liefeld elucidated that he has “no inside data” on Marvel and Disney’s TV content plans pushing ahead, yet was given a general confirmation that his fantasy of a Dead pool show will, in the long run, work out as expected.

Everybody included was positive about the venture’s shot at progress — FX leader of unique programming Nick Grad expressed that Glover would “breathe life into the untitled Marvel’s Dead pool series with the equivalent serious, solitary vision as his breakout hit Atlanta” and that the show would be “strong, striking, and totally unique” and Loeb proclaimed Glover as “the ideal fit” for Dead pool — however things took a stunning descending turn not exactly a year later.


In an astounding move, FX pulled the fitting on the undertaking in Walk 2018, referring to innovative contrasts between the system’s officials, Wonder TV, and the two Glovers. After four days, the circumstance got more abnormal when Glover took to twitter to share a “content” from the show, which felt like a meta-critique on the arrangement’s scratch-off and not a real story line that the arrangement would have utilized in its season 1 finale.

In the fake content, the first tweets for which have since been scoured from the web, Glover composes Dead pool as saying, and “It just feels like everybody needs something else, yet nobody needs to do anything distinctive to get it. Doesn’t Marvel have enough feel-great minority demonstrates everybody underpins except don’t watch? That is to say, I figure our show would [have] been entertaining. I simply needed a spot to be straightforward.” He additionally had the cowhide clad screw-up ask a talking rhino whether they thought FX and Wonder television “dropped the show in light of bigotry.”

While “imaginative contrasts” is a quite ambiguous term and nobody other than the individuals who were once taking a shot at the show comprehend what truly prompted its undoing, it appears to be sensible to expect that Marvel TV, which is claimed by the squeaky-clean Walt Disney Company, wasn’t completely excited with Glover’s interpretation of the broadly profane character. With Disney having as of late obtained most of Twentieth Century Fox’s benefits — including Dead pool and a large group of different characters — perhaps the decision to swing the hatchet on the enlivened Dead pool series was spurred by a longing to give the character an all the more family-accommodating layer of paint in anticipation of his turn to the House of Mouse.

As troubled as Dead pool’s appearance in X-Men: Roots made the fans, nobody was more disillusioned than Ryan Reynolds himself. In the years that pursued, Reynolds progressed toward becoming something of a hero for the since quite a while ago deferred turn off film featuring the character. In 2012, Twentieth Century Fox authorized CGI test-film from enhanced visualizations craftsman Tim Mill operator. The outcome was a two-minute scene featuring Reynolds, who gave the voice to an absurd, insane brutal Dead pool doing what he specializes in: breaking jokes and skulls in equivalent measure.


In any case, Fox’s administrators sat on the recording for a long time… until it was some way or another spilled onto the Web in 2014. Fans went wild, the film was green lit, and in 2016, Deadpool broke end of the week film industry records for an adults-only motion picture, acquiring $135 million in only three days.

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Marvel’s new release: Black Widow!

comics cons
  • The Black Widow is finally getting her own movie and is set to release on 1st May 2020.

  • The teaser of the was shown at the Comin Con 2019 with the Director and Scarlett Johansson themselves promoting the movie.

  • Joining the cast are David Habour, Florence Pugh, OT Fagbenle and Rachel Weisz who claim it to be a movie worth the wait!

The most under-rated character, The Black Widow, from Marvel’s famous comic book series ‘The Avengers’ is now finally getting the spotlight she deserved. A full time movie revolving around the strength and struggles of the Black Window since the past 7 years! We are more than excited about the announcement made at the Comic Con Event this Saturday by Scarlett Johansson herself and she told the reporters about how this was the perfect time to get a recognition of her character role-play.

The idea development for the Black Widow getting her own solo movie has been under discussion for years and for some reason it has been delaying all this time. Marvel’s president Kevin Feige told the media at the comic con Event, proceeding the live trailer of the Movie shown to the fans, that they had been waiting for the perfect time to make the movie in order for the fans to first get to know the character’s side of the story, build up the character’s spotlight and then release a unique story. Adding to the suspense, the president claims with confidence that the fans are in for a surprise to this side of the story. He says that the team is also anxiously waiting to get the fans feedback over the release! With the trailer shown at the comic con event, the movie surely seems to be worth the wait for us!

comics books


Scarlett Johansson told the media that this movie has got a different type of a madness within and how this has been the prefect time for her career. Joining the cast will be Rachel Weisz, Florence Pugh, David Harbour and OT Fagbenle. Florence told the media that this movie has totally got a different type of genre than she has done before hinting out the fans about the excitement of the movie! She says that it has been fun implementing the idea development of the movie and working with the new team. David on the other explained his joy upon receiving the invitation to join the cast as he has been a Marvel fans for years with ‘The Iron Man’ being his one of the favorites of all times.

The movie “Black Widow” is set to release on 1st May 2020 and we are all excited about the wait!

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Rapper Tay-K Convicted of Murder and Aggravated Robbery

rappers with criminal records
  • There are numerous rappers with criminal records for serious crimes, including murder, in the community.

  • Tay-K has also been accused of aggravated robbery and murder with him denying the murder charge and pleading guilty to the two robberies.

  • The artist is still facing serious charges in this young age but after “The Race” he was able to gather not only recognition but also support from the hot-shots of the community.

There are several rappers with criminal records and it isn’t even surprising anymore. One of these rappers is Tay-K who gained popularity in 2017 after the video for “The Race” was released. And currently the rapper whose real name is Taymore McIntyre is charged with murder and aggravated robbery. And for these crimes he could possibly be jailed for 5 to 99 years for each proven crime.

Tay-K was found to invade a Mansfield home according to a pre-planned robbery plan. But as a result of this robbery, a 21 year old Ethan Walker died while Zachary Beloate was left severely injured. Tay-K has already accepted his robbery crimes but insists on not pleading guilty to the murder as it wasn’t “part of the plan”.

Tay-K had released his infamous song “The Race” which is said to be inspired by a real life robbery event in which Tay-K participated. Not only that, he had also escaped house arrest so that he could take a part in the invasion which resulted in the death of the 23-year-old Mark Anthony Saldivar while McIntyre was trying to make his escape. His song release came with all the hype a song could ask for which helped Tay-K gain popularity, a signing with RCA’s 88 Classic and also support from the top-shots in the community. However, he was arrested again on the same day as the release of the song while the murder case of Mark has yet to see the final judgment.

Capital murders cases in Texas and other states of the US are punishable by death, even though they might be referred to by a different terminology such as “First-Degree Murder” or “Aggravated Murder”.

The Tarrant county of Texas apparently shares a close relationship to aggravated murder cases, some including the more popular rappers with criminal records. These capital murders cases in Texas show a very alarming situation in which unfortunate deaths occur due to robberies and confrontations.

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Everything You Need to Know of the Classic Lion King’s Remake

digital cat
  • The cast of the Lion King remake is totally star studded with Donald Glover and Beyonce playing the main characters of Simba and Nala.

  • Trailers have assured the audience that the iconic moments of the original animated film have been soundly recreated in the remake along with the classic soundtrack of the original.

  • Go get you tickets booked as the remake is scheduled to drop in cinemas on the 19th of July, 2019.

As if there weren’t enough Disney remakes already, we have yet another “digital cat” remake in this very year! You must be thinking its one of those “best nature documentary series” again but hold on! Thanks to the Disney wizards, yes, the lion king is back! And back with a bang too apparently with its outstanding cast and amazing CGI. Read on for everything you need to know about the lion king!

What did you say? A star-studded cast!

So who are the stars of the show? Donald Glover will be portraying the protagonist digital cat i.e. Simba, the second main digital cat, Nala will be voiced by the Queen B herself. The villainous Scar will be played by Chiwetel Ejiofor. The loveable friendly duo, Timon and Pumba will be taken over by Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen respectively. Simba’s lifelines Zazu and Rafiki will be played by John Oliver and John Kani. It was probably the composer, Hans Zimmer’s dream to get together all these stars to recreate this classic. And if you think its another one of those best nature documentary series, you’re in for a real treat!

Trailers, Promos and Teasers…

Ofcourse there’s a trailer for this classic! We really do give you everything you need to know here! The Disney wizards got together to release a glimpse of a trailer which was soon after followed by the full trailer which revealed iconic scenes of the movie as recreated from the original animated film. Major characters shown included Timon, Pumba, Scar, Nala, and Zazu. The recreated trailer scenes just induced nostalgia in us!

And how can they not have released a promo with the star protagonist couple singing the best song, “Can you feel the love tonight” of the soundtrack. Hats off to Donald Glover and Queen B.

They tease us too, with another one of Hans Zimmer’s classics “The Circle of Life” and Beyonce all glammed up in her lion-themed Art Gala dress.

When can we watch it in cinemas?

So how much longer do you guys have to wait for it? It’s scheduled to be released in cinemas on its 25th anniversary i.e. 19-July-2019. Go get your tickets already!

Will the classic soundtrack be a part of the remake?

Will the soundtrack of the remake be the same as the original? Hans Zimmer will also be working on the remake as he did in the original. Elton John has “Circle of Life” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” covered, while “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” and “Hakuna Matata” will also most definitely be part of the 2019 version. And as a special treat Queen B has also recorded an original song just for the credits.

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