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5 Best Lock Screen Apps For Android

5 Best Lock Screen Apps For Android

Over the years, Lock Screen on Android has undergone many changes. And maybe you will agree if I say that the Lock Screen in the latest version of Android is much better than the previous version of Android.

Unfortunately, not all users continue to follow the development of the Android version. Many of them still survive using the old version of Android.

If you are a user who is still stuck with an older version of Android but wants a better Lock Screen, then the solution is to use a third-party Lock Screen application.

Here I Summarize The 5 Best Lock Screen Applications That You Can Try.

Note: Some Lock Screen applications may not function properly if you still activate the default Lock Screen. We recommend it to first disable the default Lock Screen on your Android device by going to Settings »Security» Screen Lock then selecting None.

Best Lock Screen Apps For Android

1. Next LockScreen

This application made by Microsoft is a Lock Screen application that is arguably very qualified for you to use if you want a simple but functional Lock Screen.

One feature offered is displaying the most frequently used applications based on time and location.

Besides, this Lock Screen can access your favorite contacts and various other shortcuts such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Light Settings, and camera.

The Next Lock screen presents elegant wallpapers and other features such as showing time, weather and notifications. Add another Next Lock screen that supports the Fingerprint Unlock feature.

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Price: Free

2. Hi Locker

Hi, Locker presents a unique blend of old-style look with a modern look.

As for its features, the first exciting thing is Hi Locker already supports various security features including Fingerprint Lock & Smart Lock.

There are tons of features in this Hi Locker. You can open applications quickly right from the Lock Screen, see notifications, weather info and more.

Another feature is the wallpaper that can change automatically with the time you can set.

Overall, Hi Locker is a Lock Screen application rich in features and easy to customize.

Although it is available in the free version, some features are only available for the premium version, including if you want to eliminate ads inside the application.

Developer: The Lockdown Team

Price: To be announced

 3. AcDisplay

AcDisplay is a Lock Screen application for those of you who like minimalism. Gives a display for very intuitive notifications. You can also open the app directly from the Lock Screen.

Also, this Lock Screen has various shortcuts in the notification section. Also, it supports Active Mode features, similar to Ambient Display on Android that can detect when you take a cell phone or take it out of your pocket, and then the Lock Screen will light up and show notifications.

Another feature of this application is that it can hide notifications from specific demands on the Lock Screen. This application is available in a free version, and like other Lock Screen applications, there are many options for you to customize.

Developer: Artem Chepurnoy

Price: To be announced

4. Picturesque Lock Screen

Picturesque is the second Lock Screen application made by Microsoft, almost the same as the Next Lock screen, still with a unique concept.

You can search for applications, contacts or the web directly from the Lock screen. Also, Picturesque Lock Screen can display various information such as date, time, weather info and notification.

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Price: Free

5. Gesture Lock Screen

The last application in the list of 5 best Lock Screen applications is Gesture Lock Screen. As the name implies, this application allows you to open the Lock Screen using Gesture.

The application is straightforward, you only need to activate it then make Gesture and finished, the Gesture Lock Screen application is ready to use.

Gesture Lock Screen has a feature to view notifications. You can set it to your liking, change the animation, sound, and wallpaper.

Gesture Lock Screen is available in a free version that contains advertisements in it, and if you want to be free of ads, you must use the PRO version of Gesture Lock Screen (Paid)

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