10 Best NERF Guns Under 10 Dollars

10 Best NERF Guns Under $10

When soft foam darts start zipping through the air, it can only mean one epic thing: an all-out NERF battle is ON!

Suddenly, the living room sofa becomes a fortified trench, the backyard transforms into a no-man’s land battlefield, and even your best buddies turn into enemy combatants.

In this glorious foam-flinging chaos, only the warriors wielding the most awesome NERF blasters will emerge victorious – while keeping your parents’ valuables safe from any crossfire!

But you don’t need to spend a fortune to get in on these safe, indoor/outdoor war games. There are a ton of cheaper NERF guns out there that’ll still let you rain down a hailstorm of squishy darts on the opposition.

This elite list includes classic pump-action blasters, special zombie-themed target sets, officially licensed Fortnite replicas, and even a whacky moose figure that launches foamy balls from its mouth!

We’ve carefully studied all the reviews to separate the real-deal NERF guns from the duds. You can count on these affordable options to bring heavy-hitting action without any buyer’s remorse once you get them on the battlefield.

If you’ve got a little extra allowance money burning a hole in your pocket, you’ll also want to peek at our guides for the best NERF guns under $10 and the best NERF guns under $50.

Best NERF Guns Under 10 Dollars

1. NERF N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster (Best Budget Option)

NERF N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster

Small but mighty, the Jolt blaster is the ultimate stealth weapon. Its compact size lets you keep it hidden until you’re ready to strike.

Unlike bulky blasters, this is one of the best NERF guns under $10 because it’s so simple to use. Just load the two included NERF Elite darts and you’re locked and loaded!

The Jolt is perfect for surprise attacks since it only fires one dart at a time. That also makes reloading a breeze when you’re caught in a firefight.

And with its easy trigger pull and kid-friendly grip, even novice NERF warriors can get in on the action.

What We Love:

  • Pocket-sized for stealth mode
  • Easy for all ages to shoot
  • Simple reload between darts

Watching Out For:

  • Only fires one dart at a time
  • Limited ammo capacity

2. Hog Wild Moose Popper Toy (Best Quality Option)

Hog Wild Moose Popper Toy

Looking for something unique? This wacky moose is one of the coolest NERF guns under $10! Instead of darts, it fires soft foam balls out of its mouth when you squeeze its stomach. Talk about an epic surprise attack!

The moose’s camo outfit lets it blend into any landscape for the ultimate ambush. And since you control the air power, you can adjust your shot strength for short or long ranges. Load all six balls at once for nonstop popping action!

Whether you’re defending the living room fort or battling in the backyard, this Hog Wild toy brings mega fun anywhere. Plus, you can collect other animal poppers for an entire infantry.

What We Love:

  • Unique ball-shooting design
  • Adjustable air power for different ranges
  • Works great indoors or out

Watching Out For:

  • Balls are on the smaller side
  • Have to buy ammo refills separately

3. NERF Zombie Strike Target Set Under $10

NERF Zombie Strike Target Set

This Zombie Strike set is perfect for sharpening your NERF sniper skills! The single-shot blaster is sized just right for little hands to get a steady grip. And the three zombie targets let you practice your aim in safety.

Load the foam Zombie Strike darts and try to take out all the undead targets from a distance. The clip-on sight helps you line up precision shots every time. Once you’ve leveled up, this blaster also makes a rad secondary weapon when the real NERF battle begins!

What We Love:

  • Build accuracy with the target practice
  • The compact size is great for young gunners
  • Sight lets you zero in on your prey

Watching Out For:

  • Only shoots one dart at a time
  • Sight could be more sturdy

4. Holdout NERF Doomlands Toy Blaster Under $10

Holdout NERF Doomlands Toy Blaster

Don’t let the small size fool you – the Doomlands blaster packs a powerful punch! This hand-powered, single-shot dynamo is made for NERF rookies and vets alike. No batteries are needed, so it’s always ready to rock.

The built-in rail lets you steady your aim, while the two-dart storage keeps spare ammo at your fingertips. The tactical grip ensures a comfy fit in any hand, making it easy to quickly draw this baby when you hear hostile fire.

Whether you’re raining foam from your pillbox fort or pushing into enemy territory, the Doomlands blaster is an awesome addition to your NERF arsenal.

What We Love:

  • No batteries are required for anytime use
  • Attached rail for better targeting
  • Compact but highly durable

Watching Out For:

  • The scope doesn’t work
  • Single shot so reloads take practice

5. NERF Rival Knockout XX-100 Blaster Under $10

NERF Rival Knockout XX-100 Blaster

This mini maverick brings the awesome power of the classic Rival series in a portable, punch-packing design. The Knockout XX-100 blaster is perfect for run-and-gun skirmishes thanks to its compact size and hair-trigger reflexes.

Using a spring-powered system instead of batteries, this blaster can rapid-fire those sweet Rival rounds farther than you’d expect from its small stature. The integrated ammo storage also lets you reload in a hot second when you hear “Contact front!” echoing from the trenches.

For solo missions or team tactical rollouts, the Knockout’s team color options make it easy to quickly ID friendlies too. Just flick off the trigger lock and you’re cleared hot!

What We Love:

  • No batteries are needed, just spring-powered
  • Unexpectedly good range for its size
  • Color options for team identification

Watching Out For:

  • Spring reset takes a second after each shot
  • Pretty basic feature set

6. NERF Elite 2.0 Volt SD-1 Blaster Under $10

NERF Elite 2.0 Volt SD-1 Blaster

This little blaster packs a surprisingly high-tech punch! The Elite 2.0 Volt fires precision NERF Elite darts using an awesome light beam targeting system to help you zero those tricky long-range targets.

While the targeting beam is best at shorter distances, the blaster itself can nail Moving targets up to 90 feet away when you’re free-firing. The two included rails also let you customize it with scopes and accessories to upgrade your marksmanship.

When the opposition least expects it, the Volt SD-1’s built-in two-dart storage lets you catch them by surprise. This blaster proves that awesome tech and cool customization can still come in an affordable package.

What We Love:

  • Light beam targeting for better accuracy
  • Compatible with accessory rails
  • Extended range over 90 feet

Watching Out For:

  • Light beam only works at 15 feet or less
  • Single shot, so reloading is constant

7. NERF N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Toy Under $10

NERF N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Toy
NERF N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Toy

When you need serious long-range blasting power, the N-Strike Elite Triad has your back(blast). This mega mighty mini is designed to fling NERF darts faster and harder than most compact rivals.

Its three interchanging barrels let you line up the next shot while the current one is still blazing downrange. The violated design also lets you visually confirm each barrel is locked and loaded. Just cock the priming handle and let the foam fly!

Despite its small scale, the Triad’s sturdy construction can withstand heavy battlefield conditions. It’s the perfect intersection of portability and premium NERF performance.

What We Love:

  • Extra power for longer shots
  • The see-through design confirms loaded ammo
  • Compact in size but shockingly sturdy

Watching Out For:

  • Priming handles can be tough for some
  • Limited capacity at only 3 darts

8. Guns Toys for Boys – with 10 Soft Refill Foam Darts Bullets

Guns Toys for Boys

While not an official NERF brand, the Frost Nova still brings the same addictive blasting action at a rebel price. This long-range springer is super easy to load, cock, and fire – making it ideal for NERF novices.

Just drop one of the 10 included foam darts in the breach, pull the large sliding priming handle, and trigger away! For added firepower, the Nova has two built-in dart storage racks right on the blaster itself.

To keep you locked and loaded in the heat of battle, it even comes with a cool wrist-mounted ammo pouch pre-loaded with backup darts. Between that and its impressive 40-foot range, you’ll be dominating the turf war in no time!

What We Love:

  • Simple priming and firing mechanics
  • Comes with a wrist pouch for extra ammo
  • Budget-friendly but still powerful

Watching Out For:

  • The wrist pouch doesn’t fit all sizes
  • Not from the official NERF brand

9. NERF Fortnite HC-E Under $10

NERF Fortnite HC-E

Level up your desktop NERF battles by bringing your Fortnite obsession to life! This spot-on replica of the game’s HC-E blaster is a must-have for any NERF fanatic.

Rather than firing darts, this water-blasting beauty unleashes a soaking stream to soak your opponents. The massive 7.4oz reservoir means you can blanket the area without constantly refilling.

Whether you’re roleplaying Victory Royales or just causing a ruckus, the built-in sight helps you nail those cross-map headshots.

Just remember – like any elite weapon, you’ll need to keep the HC-E maintained after each firefight to avoid drippy misfires.

What We Love:

  • Awesome, authentic Fortnite details
  • Big water tank for extended firefights
  • Accurate sight for long-range sniping

Watching Out For:

  • Only works with water, not NERF darts
  • The nozzle can leak over time

What to Look For in a NERF Gun Under $10

Getting an affordable NERF blaster is awesome, but you still want to make sure you’re getting good value. Here are some key things to consider:

1. Durability: Even cheap NERF guns should be able to withstand a couple of drops and bumps in the heat of battle. Check customer reviews for insights on how well they hold up.

2. Performance: While you can’t expect pro-grade range and accuracy, look for models that can at least hit targets 20-30 feet away consistently.

3. Ammo Capacity: Higher dart capacities mean more downtime reloading, while lower capacities force more frequent reloads. Pick the right balance for your play style.

4. Dart Compatibility: Make sure the blaster works with affordable NERF dart refills, not some random off-brand ammo.

5. Extras and Accessories: Budget blasters often skimp on bonus features like sights and rails, but a few simple extras can boost their value.

6. Ergonomics: Check that the grips, triggers, and overall size will be comfortable for the ages/hand sizes of the primary users.

7. Customer Feedback: As always, pore through the reviews! They’re the best way to get an honest sense of real-world performance and quality.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – 10 awesome NERF blasters that’ll let you kick maximum foam without demolishing your allowance! From long-range snipers to rapid-fire machine guns, there’s an affordable option here for any battle role.

These top-value picks were chosen not just for their low price, but for delivering an undeniably fun blasting experience too. After all, what’s the point of saving money if your new NERF gun can’t hang in an all-out weekend warrior brawl?

So study up on their strengths and weaknesses, pick your new battle-tested sidearm, and get ready to foam up the neighborhood. With these radical affordable options, the NERF battlefield has never looked so bright!

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