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Four Foods To Boost Mental Power

In modern times there are foods that literally boost brain power. These foods
contain antioxidants or anti-inflammatory. As you get older you can’t rely on a
single magical food to keep your cognitive strength. According to Harvard Health
you should follow healthy food strategy regularly. You can try these brain boosters
before the big sales presentation or college exam. Consider these four foods first
when you want to eat for brain power.


Fit folks avoided eggs thinking that they were too high in cholesterol. But according
to the latest research eggs are brain boosters because they contain choline. Choline
helps to create acetylcholine which is a brain chemical critical in many cerebral
functions. Choline is a food and nutrition. According to Board of Nation Institute of
Medicine adult man should take 550 mg per day and breastfeeding women should
take 425 mg per day. One egg contains 115 mg of choline.
B6 and B12 both stars in assisting brain function and eggs contains both of this.
With each egg providing six grams it is inexpensive source of protein. Children
should also have egg for brain boosting.

Leafy greens

It is no longer a deprivation to get greens because of proliferation of different
recipes of salads and serving of green salads in restaurants in recent years.
According to the recent study green leafy vegetables are brain boosters. The leafy
green vegetables foods are rich in lutein, nitrate, folate, α-tocopherol, and Vitamin

Fatty fish

Salmon, cod and canned tuna these all are fatty fish and these fatty fish contains
bunch of omega-3 fatty acid. Omega-3 function is to lower the level of beta-amyloid
protein in the blood and it is very much concerned to the brain health. At family and
upscale eateries you can easily find fatty fish on menu, though from a can of light
tuna they are most affordable eaten.


Colorful berries are beautiful, but those natural plant pigments, “flavonoids”, have a
practical role, too. The antioxidants they contain reduce toxic “free radicals” in the
brain, which diminishes their impact on cognitive decline.
Natural plant pigments, “flavonoids” are practical but colorful berries are also
beautiful. Berries contain antioxidants and these antioxidants reduce toxic “free
radicals” in the brain.
Harvard Brigham and Women’s Hospital study determined that by eating two or
more servings of blueberries per day it’s possible to stave off memory loss.
Strawberries are also brain boosters. By study it is determined that by drinking
blueberry juice every day for three months improve adults learning and memory
skills by 20 percent.

Health Magazine

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1 Comment

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How Not To Let Diabetes Hold You Back From That Vacation…

  • Trips with diabetes can be made quite feasible and hassle-free with the proper preparations.

  • Be sure to pack extra medical supplies and always keep them at an arms reach. And get signed and translated notes from your doctor to avoid any security suspicion at airports.

  • Don’t rely solely on tourist food, just purchase and pack some healthy snacks for long flights or travels.

  • Travel insurance during a medical emergency never hurt anybody. Be sure to check out a plan suiting your needs to avoid any major mishaps during vacation.

So what if you have diabetes, don’t let it stop you from all those amazing life experiences! It’s true that you would have to take some extra preparatory steps, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your travels! Just follow these simple steps and embark on the journey of a lifetime.

A signed and translated note from your doctor

One of the most difficult parts of travelling with diabetes is getting through security at the airport. Your diabetes necessities including syringes and test strips etc. may get questioned unnecessarily at airports. So the best way to avoid this hassle is just to visit your doctor prior to the trip and ask him (or her) to hand you a signed note which explains your condition to the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). And if you’re travelling to exotic foreign lands, you would probably want a translation of the signed note as well in your hand. So easy to avoid all the hassle, right?

Buy lots of medical supplies, and some more

Who wants to visit a doctor on their vacation? No one! Not even a single person! So you should definitely pack up extra supplies for treating your diabetes on the road. This is an even more important point if you plan to travel to other countries. You should not just assume you’ll be able to get your supplies as easily as in your hometown’s local pharmacy, so just be careful to pack extra insulin, test strips, syringes, infusion sets and a blood glucose meter to monitor your sugar levels.  

Monitor your blood sugar level regularly

Travelling and going on a vacation can definitely disrupt your routine schedule and disturb your usual sugar levels too, as there’s a change in the daily activities on your end. Just be sure to check your current sugar level regularly throughout the days in order to monitor and administer treatment as required. 

Use a handbag for your medical supplies

As troublesome as it may seem at first, you have to ensure that all your medical supplies are packed in a handbag which can be reached at all times! It’s not enough to just pack extra supplies if you are unable to reach them at the time of need. There’s a hundred things that can go wrong with checked in luggage bags, from baggage loss to damaging temperatures for insulin. So just keep your supplies in a carry-on with you at ALL times!

Be in charge of your own meals

Just don’t trust your usual in-flight highly unhealthy meals to keep you satiated during your travels! Although some airlines do offer customized foods for their customers, it isn’t the norm yet and you should still consider packing healthy snacks according to your body’s requirements with you. Some healthy options include nuts, fruit, vegetables with dips, salad, yoghurt or lean meat products. You could also pack juice or candy as a quick emergency alternative to glucose tablets. 

Check out suitable travel insurance plans 

This is something that should be done to avoid any serious mishaps on your vacation, should you encounter any life-threatening emergencies. Doctor trips during vacation may end up being even more expensive than the trip itself! So the best way around all this is to simply purchase travel insurance to facilitate your emergency medical requirements. Some of the better options include WorldClinic, Travelex and Allianz. Do check them out. 

Safe travels, everyone!

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Burn More Fat With These Pre-workout Foods

  • Apart from your regular gym session, there’s also food items you can add to your workout routine that will help you burn more fat.

  • The idea is to snack on items with high carb and fiber content, occasionally paired with protein-rich foods for a perfect blend of nutrition and fat-burning properties.

  • There’s a variety of food items that have been recommended by experts for this purpose, which include pineapple, lemon juice, banana, oatmeal, fruits, and nuts.

So what’s the point of sacrificing your morning sleep for the gym if you aren’t even burning those calories, eh? Okay so exercising in the gym is one part but the other part that we’re going to look into is how to manage our diet so that it facilitates in the weight loss we’re always s desperate to achieve. And for this, we consulted expert doctors and nutritionists who were helpful enough to share with us some of the best food items for this purpose.


What do you know? Turns out this sweet delicacy is one of the best things to put into your belly before a workout according to Dr. Shaikh Sadaf, an endocrinologist at the London University. It has fat-burning properties, consists of carbs and fiber which ensure you have sufficient energy boosts during your workout. An added benefit is that it doesn’t raise your sugar levels either while also providing hydration for your body.  

Lemon Juice

Fat-burning you said? Lemon has you covered! Lemon juice is one of the best pre-workout foods ever, according to our experts. Usama Azam, a medical writer, explained to us that lemon has properties which helps in increasing the metabolism rate of our body and burning excessive calories during the workout. You should treat yourself to a glass of lemon juice and water 15 minutes prior to your workout for the best results. 


So there are few things as healthy as an oatmeal breakfast. And it also comes with amazing fat-burning properties as well nevertheless. Its high fiber content supplies you with all the energy you need during your workout session and a little extra. But which types of oats should one go for in a sea of choices? The nutritionist Amine Ould-Laib tells us that we should pick the whole-grain, steel-cut varieties for our purpose. 


Banana: the ideal pre-gym workout food, according to all our experts. This is because they’re loaded with carbs and fiber content. According to Usama Azam, the idea is to go for items that are rich in carbohydrates. The benefit of this is that you are supplied with sufficient energy during your workout while you’re also burning more fats. 

Fruits and Nuts

At times you need to pair different items of different nutrition value together to get the desired effect. According to Rachel Fine, a Dietitian, and CEO of “To The Pointe Nutrition”, you would do good to pair high fiber fruits with plant-based food that come with a nice blend of protein and fats. As a result, your body is supplied with a good mix of carbohydrates, healthy fats and also protein. Not only will you get the necessary fuel for the workout, but you will also be burning more fat especially during longer gym sessions. 

Go on and snack on these foods pre-workout and you’ll probably be thanking us for it.

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Donuts and Burgers Are Distractions; Says Science

  • It has been found that high-energy, high-calorie food items distract you from your tasks even if they are completely irrelevant to them.

  • A study of 64 participants was conducted and the ones who had candy bars before their tasks were less drawn to the distractions.

  • The higher the calorie-count in a food item, the more distracting it seems.

  • Visual stimulus is key; in order to stay away from fatty and sugary foods, remove them from your sight.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing and how busy you are; donuts will distract you. We’re sharing with you some of the observations made during a small study that focused on seeing the effects of various foods and objects on our attention spans. It has been found by researchers that fatty and sugary foods distract our attention more than their low-calorie counterparts and hence we’re trained to focus on such foods. 

Coauthor Corbin A. Cunningham stated that the participants did not waste any time in making assessments of the nutritional value of the food images used to distract them, even when these images were completely irrelevant to the tasks they were assigned. 

In this study, a small number of 18 participants were asked to focus on a basic computer-based task given to them. And while they were busy completing the task, images of food products flashed on their screens. It was seen that the pictures causing the most distractions were all of the high-calorie food items which include donuts. Then further in the study, another set of 18 participants were given two small candy bars to eat before they were given the same basic tasks as the previous set of participants. It was observed that the images didn’t distract these participants as much as they already had a sound intake of sugar. All in all 64 participants were included in this survey and researchers found that they were distracted by donuts and other high-calorie food items instead of faces with expressions of anger and disgust. 

According to Cunningham, whenever a person is presented with food stimuli that is of their interest, it ALWAYS causes some degree of a distraction even if it seems to be completely irrelevant to the task they were focusing on in the moment. Furthermore, he stated their study has shown that higher the calorie count in a particular food item, higher will be the degree of distraction caused by that item, regardless of its relevance with the tasks. 

It might be the case that our mind’s tendency to pay more attention to high-energy food was once an advantage in evolution. But that was way before the current obesity epidemic we seem to be facing. Parents who are trying to keep their children away from fatty and sugary diet need to know that the children need to NOT see the food in front of them. A person eats these foods more and gets drawn to them if he sees them in front of him. Experts have said that in order to decrease the junk food intake, it is necessary for you to remove these items from your house otherwise your children will definitely be tempted by them!   

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