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How Rihanna Paved Her Way To Being The Richest First Female Singer Of The World

richest woman in the world
  • Rihanna has the net worth of $600m.

  • Rihanna has right now the fashion line launching with the collaboration Of french brand LVMH.

  • Rihanna FENTY BEAUTY which is a makeup line has earned her around $570M

  • In 2012, Rihanna founded the Clara Lionel Foundation which helps to provide funds to the health and education .

  • Rihanna stands in the first place of richest female musicians.

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Her journey does say “Started from the bottom now we here’’.The 31-year-old world known singer, model, an activist is now the CEO of her own brand named “FENTY”. According to Forbes, she is now regarded as the richest self-made woman in the world. And to be honest her struggle is real. Rihanna currently owns beauty line, lingerie collection, and a clothing line. Someone having handed over every type of industry right now seems to be that calling her richest female is kind off understatement. She is more than that.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty has worth over $600 that made her switch positions with Madonna being the first richest female singer. Rihanna has stood up the levels for a woman dreaming to play all kinds of roles.

Rihanna’s Reign From Music Industry To Fashion Industry.

Starting music career with almost nothing she has made herself live to her highest potential. The evergreen hits of her like Diamond, Umbrella and other albums are included with other wild achievements of her in the fashion and cosmetic industry that made her what she is today. She has done very good in multitasking and making every product up to the notch. That shows her will power and determination to do well in every field.

Modelling And Collaborations

Her first venture besides being the well-known singer started in 2010 when she was taking baby steps to get the position today. She did several collaborations with Puma and Channel and YSL which showed her another side of creativity. She also modeled for these brands and thus every day she became one step closure to fulfill her dream of launching a separate and her very own clothing line.

Challenging “Collection Campaigns”.

Three years ago in around 2017, she started her Fenty beauty line and from there everything she did was wildly appreciated. The makeup line was a great success as it covers a wide range of colors especially foundations. She was the first one to develop such a wide range of shades for every single skin type. Moreover, the quality was unbelievable. From lip shades to highlighter, the brand was made for everyone.

She has this good insight into the trends and how to empower women. So her next big gig was the lingerie collection named Savage XFenty. The unique part of her collection was that she showcased models of every skin color and weight. This lingerie collection was made for every type of body from obese to zero sized and showed diversity and wilderness which became the center of attention.

Opening Of Her Very Own Clothing Line

With her creative skills, a French fashion brand LVMH has sponsored her in launching her very own clothing line. In May 2019 her ultimate dream was achieved by opening stores of her clothing line. She designed corset denim dresses which are very comfortable yet chic, very much depicting Rihanna. From designing to styling she has this amazing sense of responsibility and like every time, this venture was a great success.

If we say that Rihanna is the self-made billionaire, that would be an exact definition of being self-made.Unlike some other celebrities that inherited a fortune and invested it in a business, Rihanna started from just being a singer to a woman of Power and Voice. She took small yet challenging steps to create an empire and that’s what is called being a self-made woman in a world of material.

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Top Celebrities Supporting the LGBT Community In A Heartfelt Way

  • Ellen Page came out as gay during the Human Right’s Campaign conference in 2014 and now doing a lot of shows that are showing the series of the LGBT community.

  • Daniel Radcliff was awarded for supporting the gay community and to be true he was not quite happy with it

  • Ellen is regarded as the pioneer of the LGBT community and has a great role in approving the same-sex marriage bill.

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LGBTQ community stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and Queer community and by queer, it means anyone that does not share the basic rights as the dominant community. LGBTQ supporters have come out and are starting to speak up about the public disgrace they are regarded with, who needs equal rights and need to be treated equally. With the coming out of high-profile people, this case is being taken to the higher level that needs to be heard and celebrities around the world who are dealing with this kind of issues are supporting this campaign in their own ways.

From Ellen DeGeneres to Ellen Page, here are the top 10 celebrities that are supporting and making efforts for the LGBTQ community.

Miley Cyrus

Miley has founded an organization named Happy Hippie foundation which basically works for the rights of the LGBT community. This is one of the milestones of her career as she also partnered with Instagram to post transgender stories. She also works to help LGBT youth. She is a woman of color who thinks that giving equal rights is not a facility but a necessity which should be fulfilled as soon as possible.

Kerry Washington

The actress starred in TV show Scandal was awarded for being a supportive ally of the LGBT community. During a speech, she called out the names of every LGBT community representatives to start writing more about the LGBT stories and their experiences.

Anne Hathaway

The worldwide renowned actress and activist are not coming slow when talking about the LGBT community. Being a sister to a gay brother she is not voting for gay rights for a good image but fulfilling the responsibility of what every human has for another. In 2012 the actress and husband sold their wedding album and donated the wealth to support the advocates of same-sex marriage.

Daniel Radcliff

Daniel was awarded for being the gay community supporter and he was not happy about it since its humanity to support and advocate for those who don’t have equal rights. He said that people should not be discriminating as whatever he has done was to help my LGBT community fellows.

Ellen Page

The actress came out as gay in the Human Rights Campaign in 2014. She told about her struggles in dealing with it and about the disturbance she felt with people. She made an emotional 8 min speech during which she told the directors and producers to talk more about the LGBT and to share more about their stories and the challenge they have to deal with.

Brad Pitt

About the legalization of same-sex marriage, he made a strong point about the happiness of the LGBT community and how their lives matter as us and if we marry to be happy then they deserve to be happy too.

Before this bill was passed, he made a contribution of $10,000 to support human rights campaign.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is deeply committed to the LGBT community. She also founded Born This Way foundation that is an anti-bully and non-profit organization that mainly helps the LGBT community. She also wrote songs about them and also expressed her love for them on many interviews

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen came out as gay on national TV in 1997 and after that making history as the first gay lead character in a sitcom. She is regarded as the pioneer of the LGBTQ community. She also launched a Gap kids clothing line which aimed to remove any gender stereotypes.

She is the beacon of light for the LGBTQ youth. She discusses these issues and encourages people to embrace being different because she was treated like one and now, she is regarded as most respected person in the world. So, don’t change a thing about yourself. The LGBT community will make people change their perception but will not change themselves.

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TV Stars That Could Not Control Their “Fart” On TV

TV Stars That Could Not Control Their "Fart" On TV
  • Eva Mendes, a Hollywood sex model has confirmed that she has done a fart belch off with her best friend.

  • A presidential candidate farted while reciting scripture to Jeanine Pro.

  • Former bears coach was also a culprit caught on TV

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Though Farting is a natural phenomenon that most of us are not shy of doing in public, but we all are very conscious In front of people who know us in a respected manner. Well, it is not that we can control but according to survey in 2016, the people admitted that farting is one of the most embarrassed acts of human. We cannot agree more than being around people who recognize you, there is a sense of consciousness and worry that a slight unplanned smelly blast is going to embarrass you for a good amount of time.

Fart is something which is not even in the control of a king. Thus, there are some top-notch celebrities getting embarrassed on live TV and you’d probably like to know about them if you take interest in these things.

Former Bear’s coach was difficult to prove that he passed the flatus.

During the live broadcast of 2015, the former coach of Bears named Mike Ditka was caught opening the barrels but was not confirmed. This was allegedly made true when the sportscaster named Chris Carter who was siting close by accused him by his expressions. Ditka tried to coverup, but we know, and it happens.

Nancy Grew became the topic of embarrassment after her “Dancing with stars”.

After having a dance off in the episode of 2011 with the dance partner Tristan, she was accused of butt cough which caused a stir about the culprit. The involuntary crime on live TV could not be gone unnoticeable. So, there was created a reality humiliation for Nancy Grew. She tried to cover up, tried to deflect it but the one standing beside could tell. Some sites also reached the ABC TV to get the fast clip. But hey you do it too, and that’s no big deal.

Rosie O Donnell blamed the burritos for the flatulence.

Rosie O Donnell was live in one of the segments of THE VIEW’S named hot topic which was converted to hot blow when she can’t seem to control her gas blows and end up getting embarrassed in front of Whoopie Goldberg who is her inspiration. Imagine being in this spot. But she played the situation by not blaming anyone else but her breakfast burritos.

Regis Philbin being a real man Infront of Kelly Ripa.

It seems to me that Regis Philbin was being himself or nervous by-passing gas on live in front of Kelly Ripa. Kelly was opening the segment of Kelly’s secrets when Regis couldn’t control his secret opening and let it all out. She laughed or snorted at him while he stared in blank space trying to go back few minutes. This is how our body is designed to be, betraying us on the last minute.

Eva Mendes enjoys it.

The Hollywood sex model is not all fancy, she also gives us some perks of being human and she seems to enjoy sniffing up the volatile shit, because that is being a human, we should enjoy every perk of it.

The model and actress gave confirmation to the news that she and her friend Cameron Diaz had a fart belch off after eating a whole meal. They went to a close room and shoved it off till last fart. Eva Mendes won. Now that’s daunting. She is a fighter.

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Homosexual Celebrities Who Left Their Women

The basic norm of sex in society remain constant and the shift was held steady so that it can be redefined. The point is, mostly we are discussing about the sexual war among celebrities. It can be noted that the news about homosexual celebrities is worthy these days. In fact, the concept of a celebrity being “secretly homosexual” is selling through hot cakes.

In the place of making this a “gay or straight” thing, we’re going to focus on the way the sexuality that is public of famous men evolved over time. After all, isn’t it a wonder if the test is stood by any Hollywood romance of time? And besides, the facts of those relationships are far more interesting than the genders of the involved.

Ricky Martin

Singer Ricky Martin came out by releasing a declaration on his website (via The Mirror) in March 2010 in which he stated that he is proud and has no shame in admitting that he is homosexual and that he is blessed for being him.

It was a dissatisfaction to their numerous female admirers, and a shock to some, but evidently not to their gf that is longtime TV host Rebecca de Alba. Talking with Vulture (via the Toronto Sun), Martin referenced their relationship that is nine-year without her by saying that he had a woman whom was great and amazing in nature but he is saddened that he don’t talk to her anymore and she remained with him for quite some time even after knowing that he is gay.

Little Richard

Of all the guys on this list, singer Little Richard has probably caused the most controversy with their statements on sexuality. From declaring himself an “Omnisexual” to homosexuals which can be denouncing “sick,” the “Tutt Frutti” singer’s spectral range of personal philosophy have been all over the media.

Richard formerly identified himself as gay to Penthouse in 1995, saying he’d been that way their life that is “whole. He reiterated that position in 2012, when he talked with GQ about two women to his relationships: Lee Angel, whom he dated off-and-on for decades after meeting her in 1956; and Ernestine Campbell, to who he was married from 1959 to 1961. He said they both confused their homosexuality as simply a preference for self-pleasure, of which he indulged “eight- or nine-times a. day”

Freddie Mercury

For as flamboyant as legendary Queen front man Freddie Mercury was onstage, he was just like introverted about his personal life. Notoriously press shy, the “Bohemian Rhapsody” singer didn’t even expose his AIDS diagnosis to the public before the before he died of complications from the condition day.

Freddie Mercury


He was just as private about their sexuality, choosing instead to remain relatively mum about it while simultaneously feeding into wild press speculation with ever-increasing onstage flair.

Lance Bass

Many of the earlier examples with this list deserve a bit of an asterisk, but none more than previous NSYNC member, Lance Bass, who vaguely confessed to E! News (via Access Hollywood) in 2007 that he was married to a woman “for, like, five full minutes.” How exactly did that happen? Happy you asked.

Lance Bass

Architectural Digest

Elgin Charles

Celebrity hair reality and stylist TV star Elgin Charles’ seven-year wedding to Sister star Jackie Harry ended in 2003. The pair stayed more than amicable. They even continued to live together at the time of 2015, if they appeared on a bout of Celebrity Wife Swap. During the episode, Charles said, “We had the quickest Hollywood divorce ever.” Harry agreed, claiming, ” it had been discussed by us, and what I needed. It absolutely was done by him for me.”

Cary Grant

Classic screen legend Cary Grant was the main topic of gay rumors for virtually his entire career. Based on the New York Post, the infatuation got to the stage where Grant “threatened to sue” a 1940’s gossip columnist and “brought a defamation suit” against comedian Chevy Chase for bull crap that is homophobic told concerning the actor in 1980.

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