How To Increase The Range Of Your Nerf Gun?

Key Takeaway

  • Customizability: Nearly all Nerf guns can be customized, making them appealing for both younger and older users.
  • Accessorizing: Younger Nerf enthusiasts can buy accessories or mix and match existing ones to create unique mods.
  • Advanced Modifications: Experienced Nerf users can disassemble their guns to modify them for enhanced performance, such as increased range.
  • Removing Air Limiters: Removing air restrictors and limiters can significantly boost the range of a Nerf gun. This is a popular and relatively easy modification.
  • Types of Nerf Guns: Different Nerf guns, such as spring-powered and pump guns, have specific components (like air limiters and restrictors) that can be removed to enhance performance.

How To Increase The Range Of Your Nerf Gun?

What makes any Nerf blaster super cool and special when it comes to toy guns for kids, is that almost all Nerf guns can be personalized.

Younger Nerf fans can get some accessories or mix and match the ones that come with the models they already have, to make one-of-a-kind and really awesome looking Nerf blaster mods.

But more experienced and older Nerf enthusiasts can take their Nerf blasters apart and change them to make them more powerful in battle.

One of the most common Nerf blaster mods is taking out the air limiter that keeps almost all Nerf blaster models from reaching their full potential when it comes to distance.

Nerf limits the distance of all the blasters they make by using specially made air restrictors and air limiters.

If you want to boost the distance of your favorite Nerf blaster, all you have to do is remove its air restrictor and air limiters.

Keep in mind that air restrictors and limiters are different things. This is much simpler than it sounds! Let’s find out how it’s done!

Finding And Taking Out The Restrictor

Taking out an air restrictor or limiter from a Nerf blaster is pretty easy, but first, you need to be able to find them.

Air restrictors and limiters can just be removed and thrown away once you’ve found them.

Air restrictors almost always look the same, no matter what blaster model: an air restrictor is a small plastic piece with three prongs that’s attached to the end of a spring. This spring can and should also be taken out along with the restrictor.

Taking Out The Air Limiters From Spring Powered Blasters

Spring powered Nerf blasters almost always have air restrictors and air limiters.

The first air limiter of a Nerf blaster that needs to be taken out is the barrel post.

The barrel post is the long rod that a stock Nerf dart has to slip over when being put in a Nerf blaster.

The extra plastic left after taking out the barrel post can be removed with a drill.

This is because those two plastic pieces were keeping the air from flowing freely inside the blaster, which really limited its power and distance.

Taking out these air limiters lets air flow to the dart more quickly, which greatly boosts its distance.

Once you take out this limiter, you can just remove the air restrictor we described earlier.

Taking Out The Air Limiters From Pump Blasters:

Pump blasters will almost always have some kind of air limiters, but unlike spring powered Nerf blaster models, they don’t have air restrictors.

Remember, air restrictors are the three-pronged plastic pieces with a spring that we talked about earlier. Anything else is an air limiter.

Air limiters in air powered Nerf blasters usually look like grates. These air limiting “grates” reduce the distance of the Nerf blaster because they force the air to flow through and around them instead of flowing freely.

Just take out the grates and you will greatly boost the distance of your Nerf blaster.

If you don’t care much for Nerf blaster mods, then you can just pick a Nerf blaster that’s awesome by design, like the legendary Nerf Vulcan, which is known as the Nerf Havok Fire in the UK.

It’s an electronic, fully automatic heavy Nerf machine gun that will let you dominate the battlefield as soon as you take it out of its box.

FAQ Section:

Q1: What makes Nerf guns unique compared to other toy guns?

A: The customizability of Nerf guns sets them apart. Users can buy accessories or modify existing parts to create unique and enhanced versions of their Nerf guns.

Q2: How can younger Nerf enthusiasts customize their guns?

A: Younger users can purchase additional accessories or mix and match parts from different models to create unique Nerf gun mods.

Q3: What are air restrictors and limiters, and why should they be removed?

A: Air restrictors and limiters are components that restrict a Nerf gun’s range. Removing them allows the gun to shoot darts further by letting air flow more freely.

Q4: How do you remove air restrictors from a Nerf gun?

A: Air restrictors are typically small plastic pieces with three prongs attached to a spring. These can be identified and removed along with the spring to improve the gun’s range.

Q5: What is the difference between spring-powered and pump Nerf guns regarding modifications?

A: Spring-powered Nerf guns usually have both air restrictors and limiters, while pump guns only have air limiters. Removing these components in both types can enhance the gun’s performance by increasing range.

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