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6 Worst Food Ingredients damaging health care; leading to Kidney Diseases!

health care


  • Caffeine and table salt in your daily intake causes high risks of blood pressure and insomnia problems.

  • Artificial sweeteners side effects alone in the carbonated beverages causes obesity and fatal types of kidney diseases.

  • Dairy Products and smoking have been causing more deaths per year at an alarming rate according to researches.

Effect of Caffeine:

The most wanted natural stimulant, the Caffeine, to ever exist is actually very harmful when taken in large quantities. The caffeine can be found in your morning coffee, cocoa, chocolates and many medicines. When taken in high quantity, it can cause high blood pressure, dizziness, jitters, and insomnia.

health care

Source: Perfect Bar

Household Essential Table Salt:

Table salt has to be the most common food ingredient in all the households around the world. It helps in blood regulation and boosts the nerves and muscular functionalities. This manufactured form of salt can contradict with your health care at extreme. Table salt is common in carbonated beverages and processed food these days. Table salt cause renal stones and worsens both blood pressure and diabetes conditions. Recommended amount is of just 6 grams or one tablespoon at max, once a day.

Artificial Sweeteners Side Effects:

This generally considered ‘non-nutritive’ dieting essential leads to many types of kidney diseases specially in women. High intake in food causes migraines, low blood pressure, diabetes and risk of dental problems! It is recommended to avoid having carbonated beverages and processed food and use natural sweeteners such as honey and coconut sugar etc. The beverages may be highly addictive but we should go for risk free food intake.

health care

Source: First Step Nutrition

Even Dairy Products?!

Dairy Products are a natural source for many minerals and vitamins. However, they can cause more damage to your health care rather than boosting it. According to the expert Walter Willett, MD, PhD, a professor of epidemiology, it is not yet confirmed whether drinking milk can actually minimize the cause of fractures or not. Taking high amount of dairy products may obviously cause high levels of cholesterol and obesity issues! The yummy cheese on your pizza slices will actually risk you up for many cardiovascular diseases. The natural cow’s milk has been the cause of many insulin dependent diabetes! The natural milk contains high concentration of animal proteins which is acidic and stimulates calcium secretion into the urine. This causes our body to get calcium from the bones in order to neutralize the acid within. This weakens the bones along with pressurizing the kidney functionalities.

Source: Daily Times

Avoid Carbonated Beverages:

The carbonated beverages have a high concentration of carbon dioxide gas and artificial sweeteners. Both are highly dangerous for human health. High intakes causes high blood pressure, obesity, straight risk of kidney failures and risk of developing kidney stones. I was once an addict but knowing the risks it puts my body up to, I will recommend to avoid these sugary drinks at all costs!

Source: WSlS 10

Say No to Smoking:

Smoking will and always be the most COMMONLY used RISKIEST cancer causing element on this planet. One cigarette alone contains 4800 chemicals at minimum! According to the research by National Kidney Foundation, every 1 out of 5 deaths are caused by smoking in the US every year. It promotes cardiac diseases narrowing the blood vessels and damaging the arteries. The lung and kidneys functionalities are lowered at an alarming rate leading to confirm risks of developing diabetes! Therefore say NO to smoking!


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15 Keto Diet Dangers You Need To Know About

15 Keto Diet Dangers You Need To Know About.


By now, most of you may have heard of the ketogenic diet, also known as “keto” although it may have emerged in popularity recently, the keto diet has been around since the 1920s.


Even so, the people in the ’20s didn’t use it to lose the pounds.


No, it’s been created to treat epilepsy in children.


Still, that won’t stop the so-called dieting gurus from selling books and weight-loss programs using it.


This extremely low-carb diet is mainly geared towards high-fat foods.


The keto diet, similar to the Atkins diet, could help a person lose weight by putting their body in a metabolic state called ketosis.


But he’s safe?


Here is a list of 15 keto diet dangers you need to know about.


#1: Low Energy.


Several people have said when they started the keto diet they felt lethargic.


It takes time for your body to adjust to the loss of carbs.


Feeling sluggish and tired of a new diet during the first few weeks isn’t a good way to start a change in lifestyle.


It can cause discouragement and over-eating.


#2: Kidney Stones.


As the keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet, processed meat constitutes a large portion of the diet.


It increases the acidity and calcium in your urine when your body is processing protein, making it easier to develop kidney stones.


#3: Increased Appetite.


It’s hard to stick to a diet.


It’s even harder to stick to a diet that doesn’t allow carbs.


Research has shown that within the first week more than half of the people who tried the keto diet gave up.


Besides that, people are more likely to gain more weight back than they were originally lost.


#4: Severe Mood Swings.


People who tried the keto diet complained about mood swings.


Trying to fight cravings and being hungry even after you finished your meal is aggravating.


The keto diet may cause low blood sugar which triggers the brain to panic, leading to depression and anxiety.


#5: Irregular Periods.


Having a normal menstrual cycle in good health is a sign that your body is working properly.


Periods also provide hormones to the female body which keep it healthy.


Women who rapidly lose weight on the keto diet may notice irregular cycles that could result in depression and anxiety.


#6: Decrease In Sodium Intake.


Sodium is good for our bodies.


It helps our muscles contract and helps to regulate our fluids.


While on the keto diet, some participants struggled to get enough sodium in their systems.


This resulted in leg cramping, low energy, and a foggy brain.


#7: Frequent Flu.


Part of having a healthy immune system is eating a healthy diet.


Foods that are rich in omega-3 fats, like fruit and whole grains, sadly, are not part of the keto diet.


This leaves your immune system at risk.


It also causes disruption with your body’s good and bad bacteria.


#8: Ketoacidosis.


Ketoacidosis occurs at overdone ketosis.


Once ketosis is formed in the bloodstream, it can become acidic, which can result in a coma or death.


#9: Bad Breath.


After your body breaks down the high-fat foods from the keto diet, it turns them into ketone bodies, compounds such as acetone and acetoacetic acid.


Your body will naturally try and balance itself and the excess ketones will eventually be exhaled causing smelly breath.


While this is not a dangerous side effect, it is negative.


#10: High Cholesterol.


Cholesterol is found in the fats in your blood.


Having high cholesterol can increase your risk of heart disease.


The keto diet emphasis on high-fat foods, like protein and dairy, could lead to high cholesterol when overeaten.


#11: Stomach Problems.


I’m sorry to tell you, but diarrhea and constipation have been linked to the keto diet.


Not being able to eat fiber-filled foods such as fruits, grains, and beans causes constipation.


On the other hand, sometimes the high-fat foods you are allowed to eat like dairy, meat, and oils cause diarrhea.


#12: Dehydration.


Your body will handle water and electrolytes differently when you start the keto diet.


In the beginning, you may feel less bloat but this is caused by the loss of water weight.


In many cases, some of your electrolytes are being diminished as well.


Electrolytes are minerals that help maintain water and acid balance in your body.


#13: Muscle Loss.


While it’s true the muscle weighs more than fat, the more calories you burn, the more muscle you have.


People who dieted for three months on the keto diet were found to have lost muscle mass in their legs.


#14: Needs Of Carbohydrates.


Carbohydrates are an important part of our food pyramid.


They should be the body’s main source of energy in a healthy, balanced diet, according to the NHS.


Especially for people with low blood sugar because carbs have been proven to help control blood sugar levels.


#15: On And Off Dieting.


The keto diet is rigorous and difficult to follow for an extended period of time.


People on this diet are bound to return to their normal eating habits after losing the weight they’d been looking for to lose.


It has been proved over time that dieting both on and off leads to increased appetite and more weight gain.


Intense weight fluctuations aren’t healthy for your body.

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10 Most Nutritious Seeds That Must Be Present In Your Diet

10 Most Nutritious Seeds That Must Be Present In Your Diet.

Not Everyone, But Some Have Little Knowledge Of The Seed Variety And Benefits.

There Are Plenty Of Very Nutritious Seeds That Should Be Included In Your Daily Diet Plan.

You, Will, Be Surprised To See This Article Featuring Our 10 Most Nutritious Seeds To Maintain Your Good Health.

#1: Chia Seeds.

This Seed Is One Of The Healthiest On Earth.

It Contains 485 Calories, 42 G Of Carbohydrates, And 31 G Of Fat For Every 100 Grams Of Chia Seed.

Additionally, Omega-3 Fatty Acids Are Found Abundantly In Chia Seeds, And It Also Contains An Essential Antioxidant Called Polyphenols.

Chia Seeds Prevent Diabetes, Help To Regulate Blood Sugar Levels, Improve Cardiovascular System Health And Boost Metabolism And Energy.

In Your Daily Diet, Chia Seeds Can Be Added In A Form Of Spread, Muffin, Salad, Pudding Or Mixed In A Milkshake Of Your Choice Or Simply Added In Water.

#2: Grape Seeds.

These Seeds Are Abundant In Antioxidants; They Are Also Anti-Allergy, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial, And Provides A Multitude Of Nutritious Benefits.

In Research, They Aid In The Improvement Of Joint Flexibility, Body Tissues, And Arteries.

They Also Help To Improve Night Vision, Bone Health, Treat Tooth Decay, And Other More.

The Anti-Inflammatory Properties Of Grape Seeds Prevent Dermatitis, Ulcer, Arthritis, Fluid Retention, And Other Various Body Conditions.

You Can Simply Add It To Your Salad Or Mix It With Drinks.

#3: Flax Seeds.

Because Of Its Protective Properties In One’s Health Such As Controlling The Blood Sugar, Cancer Prevention, And Improving The Level Of Cholesterol, The Flax Seed Became Extremely Popular.

They Are An Excellent Source For A Vegetarian Supply Of Fiber And Omega-3-Fatty Acids.

Besides, Flax Seeds Are Full Of Nutrients And Vitamins Which Help Improve Your Overall Wellness.

Since These Seeds Provide A Lot Of Health Benefits, It Should Be Included In Your Daily Diet And Can Be Consumed In Powdered, Uncrushed Or In Supplement Form.

#4: Sesame Seeds.

Referred Commonly As ’Til’, These Seeds Are Packed With Nutrients That Adding It In Your Daily Diet Plan Is A Must.

They Contain Antioxidants That Aid In Protecting Against Liver Damage And Provides A Great Source Of Mineral, Specifically Calcium.

These Seeds Help Trigger Hair Growth, Boost Digestion, Improve Skin Health, Provide Healthy Bone And Teeth And Many More.

Sesame Seeds Can Be Consumed Either In Oil Form Or Simply Sprinkle On Your Favorite Salad.

#5: Fenugreek Seeds.

Fenugreek Seeds, Or ‘Methi’ As Known By Many, Play An Important Role In All Indian Kitchens.

Aside From Making Your Food Flavorful, These Seeds Provide A Large Number Of Benefits Which Include Colon Cancer Prevention, Promote Hair Growth, Control Acid Reflux, And Other More.

They Prevent Loss Of Hair As Well As Early Greying Of Hair.

They Contain Antioxidants That Fight The Free Radicals Plus It Makes The Skin Healthy-Looking.

As For The Lactating Mothers, These Seeds Increase The Milk Supply.

It Can Be Consumed In Tea Form, In A Salad Or Simply Added In Water.

#6: Pumpkin Seeds.

These Seeds Provide Plenty Of Health Benefits Which Include Weight Loss, Controlling Diabetes, Promoting Digestion, Prevention Of Insomnia Plus Other More Benefits.

Pumpkin Seeds Are A Great Source Of PUFA’s Or Polyunsaturated Acids And Antioxidants Which Help Regulate Cholesterol Levels.

They Can Be Incorporated In Veggies, Salads Or Just Roast These Seeds And Eat For Your Snack.

#7: Sunflower Seeds.

Sunflower Seeds Have A Great Nutritional Value And Are Popularly Known To Be A Snack.

It’s Because The Sunflower Seeds Provide A Multitude Of Benefits, Which Includes Promoting Healthy Skin, Fight Bone Loss As Well As Cancer, Stabilize Blood Sugar, They Are Also Fulfilling And Tasty.

These Seeds Are Rich In Fiber, Magnesium, Protein, Selenium, Copper, Vitamins B1, And E, Which Is Healthy As A Snack.

It Can Be Also Be Sprinkled On Fruits Or Veggies.

#8: Fennel Seeds.

Fennel Seeds Or Better Known Widely As ‘Saunf’ Are Remarkably Popular As A Mouth Freshener Because It Fights Bad Breath.

For Several Years Now, Fennel Seeds Are Used To Prepare Tasty Indian Cuisines Such As Dhokla, Dal, And Other More.

They Contain Antioxidants Like Quercetin And Kaempferol Which Help To Protect The Body From Neurological Diseases, Aging, Cancer, And Infections.

These Seeds Provide A Huge Amount Of Copper, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Selenium, Potassium, And Manganese, Which All Are Essential Minerals.

You Can Snack It Or Mix In Your Drink Or Include In Your Food Preparation.

#9: Hemp Seeds.

These Seeds Are Considered As Godsend For Vegans.

They Contain Entire Amino Acids That Are Required By The Body As Well As The Insoluble And Soluble Fibers.

A Single Bowl Serving Of Hemp Seeds Contains About 30 G Of Protein.

These Seeds Can Be Consumed In Hemp Oil Or Powder.

#10: Poppy Seeds.

These Seeds Provide Good Quantities Of Dietary Fibers And Minerals Such As Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, Calcium, Copper, Potassium, And Iron.

Poppy Seeds Also Contain 4 percent Of The Recommended Daily Intake Of Phosphorus, Calcium, And Iron.

Usually, The Poppy Seeds Are Used To Make Bagels, pieces of bread, And Muffins.

If You Know Of Other Forms Of Seeds That Can Be Used For A Balanced Diet, Share It With Us By Making The Following Comments.

Moreover, Never Consume Large Quantities Of These Seeds, Since They Can Also Cause Side Effects.

If You Are Suffering From Any Health Condition, First Consult Your Doctor Before Incorporating It Into Your Meal Plans.


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35 Mesmerizing Psychological Facts About Love

35 Mesmerizing Psychological Facts About Love.


Fact#1: An Attractive Face Is Considered Over An Attractive Body For Long-Term Relationships.

Fact#2: As A Result Of The Hormone Cortisol In Our Body, We Tend To Act Inappropriately And Irrational When Falling For Someone.

Fact#3: Being In Love Cuts Headache Frequency In Half. If You Have Been Suffering From Chronic Headaches And Can’t Find Any Medicine Working For You, Love Might Be The Best Solution.

Fact#4: Being In Love Makes People Less Productive.

Fact#5: Dilated Pupils Show That Your Are Attracted To Someone And In  Turn, Makes You More Attractive.

Fact#6: Even Looking At The Photo Of A Loved One Relieves Pain.

Fact#7: It Takes Only Up To 4 Minutes To Decide Whether You Like Someone Or Not.

Fact#8: Looking In Each Others’ Eyes Can Make Strangers Fall In Love.

Fact#9: Love Develops In Phases Of Intensity, Beginning With An Obsession And Gradually Mellowing Out Into A More Mature Version Of Itself.

Fact#10: Men And Women Feel Love Differently. Men Feel Loved When They Work, Play, Or Talk Side By Side With Their Partner; Women Feel Emotionally Close When Talking Face To Face.

Fact#11: Men Are 80% More Likely Than Women To Go On A Date With Someone With Whom They Do Not Feel Any Chemistry.

Fact#12: Men Are More Likely To Be Emotionally Affected By A Break-Up Than Women.

Fact#13: Men Fall In Love Faster Than Women And Are The First Ones To Say “I Love You” In A Relationship.

Fact#14: Men In Love Show More Activity In The Visual Part Of The Brain. Women Show More Activity In The Part Of The Brain That Governs Memory.

Fact#15: Men Who Cheat On Their Partners Have Lower Iqs.

Fact#16: One In Every 50 Travelers Has Met Their Significant Other On Board A Plane.

Fact#17: One Of The Most Crucial Factors In A Relationship Is How You Celebrate Your Partner’s Good News.

Fact#18: People At An Early Stage Of Love Have Lower Levels Of Serotonin, Which Is Associated With Happiness And Well Being, And Higher Levels Of Cortisol, Associated With Stress.

Fact#19: People At The Same ‘Level’ Of Attractiveness Are More Likely To End Up Together.

Fact#20: People Often Fall In Love With And Form Relationships With Those That Are Of A Similar Level Of Attractiveness.

Fact#21: People Prefer Symmetrical Faces In Their Partners Because It Is Unconsciously Believed That They Have Better Genetics.

Fact#22: People Who Have Intense Movie-Like Romance At The Beginning Of The Marriage Are More Likely To Get Divorced.

Fact#23: Philophobia Is The Fear Of Falling In Love.

Fact#24: Romantic Love And The Love Between A Mother And Her Child Share A Similar Chemical Connection.

Fact#25: Romantic Love Lasts Only For One Year. It Is Then Replaced By Committed Love.

Fact#26: The Average Human Will Spend 1,769 Days Socializing With Someone They Love.

Fact#27: The Feeling Of Butterflies In Your Stomach Is A Real One Caused By An Adrenaline Rush.

Fact#28: The Social Connection That Comes From Being In A Loving Relationship Activates The Part Of The Brain Responsible For Selflessness And Emotional Well-Being.

Fact#29: Thinking About Love Influences Creativity And Abstract Thoughts, As Well As Long-Term Planning.

Fact#30: We Are Attracted To Those People Who Look Similar To One Of Our Parents.

Fact#31: When An Individual Is Dumped, It Often Causes The Individual To Love The One Who Dumped Him Or Her Even More. This Is Known As ‘Frustration Attraction’.

Fact#32: Women Are More Responsive To Romantic Stimuli After Eating A Meal Than Before.

Fact#33: Women’s Tears Have Been Biologically Proven To Reduce Testosterone Levels And Sexual Arousal In Men.

Fact#34: Your Nerve Cells Work Better During The First Year Of Love.

Fact#35: Expressing Gratitude Towards People You Love Causes An Immediate Spike In Your Happiness Level.

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