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10 Most Interesting Valentine’s Day Traditions You Should Know

10 Most Interesting Valentine's Day Traditions You Should Know
10 Most Interesting Valentine's Day Traditions You Should Know

Podcast: 10 Most Interesting Valentine’s Day Traditions You Should Know


10 Most Interesting Valentine's Day Traditions

It is February 14 each year when the entire world celebrates love, affection and friendship in different ways. It is called Valentine’s Day. A very special day to express someone’s love for someone else. The origin of this celebration is not yet clear, but many sources said it comes from the story of St. Valentine, a priest who was tortured around February 14, year 270 CE.

In the old ceremony, girls’ names were placed in a box and the boys had them pulled out. They would met as couples throughout the year.

Afterwards, the custom of celebrating this event evolved to send greeting cards, messages, chocolates, teddy bears and teddy bears to the people they admire. However, not all countries turn to these sweet things and celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day on the same day. Other countries have their own sacred pattern of love and relationship. Some even mark a special vacation for the unloving to mourn their single lives. Valentine’s Day Traditions are most popular all over the world.

10 Most Interesting Valentine’s Day Traditions You Should Know

Here is a list of 10 Countries Celebrating Valentine’S Day In Different Customs.

1. England

Women in England have a different routine. On Valentine’s night they put five bay leaves under their pillows. They moistened these leaves with rose water and placed one in the corner of each pillow and one in the middle. This is to make them dream of their future husbands.

In Norfolk, lover day is uniquely celebrated by the legendary Jack Valentine. He acts as a Santa Claus on Valentine’s night. Children wait for them to knock on their doors and leave sweets and small gifts without being seen.

In Sussex this is a wedding day with birds. A popular English poet named Geoffrey Chaucer called this vacation a day on which birds choose their own competition. Since then, they have always celebrated the day of the lover with birds.

2. Japan

It’s all about the chocolates! During Valentine’s Day, Japanese girls give two types of chocolates, Giri-choco and Honmeichoco. Girichoco is a chocolate without a romantic association. On that day, women had to give this chocolate to friends, male schoolmates or colleagues.

Honmeichoco is a homemade chocolate, prepared with love. They make these chocolates and give them to someone special to express their affection.

In the following month, March 14, men who have been given chocolates get the chance to return the favor by giving white-colored treats to women. We call this “White Day”. Japan has been celebrating this since 1978.

3. Brazil

In Brazil, the country celebrates the love day differently. Unlike Valentine’s Day, they have a big carnival party every June 12. They call this Dia dos Namorados or Lovers’ Day. They celebrate it in the same western way with card expressions, flowers and chocolates. But instead of celebrating for St. Valentine, they celebrate St. Anthony. They considered the saint the saint for couples and marriage. He was a Portuguese Catholic priest who was known for helping couples with their relationship.

4. Wales

Just like Brazilians, Welsh do not celebrate for Saint Valentine, but for Saint Dwynwen. He is the patron saint of Wales lovers. They celebrate it on January 25.

Unlike the exchange of flowers and chocolates, the Welsh trademark is their romantic tradition of giving a love spoon. This started since the beginning of the 17th century. Welsh men carve special wooden spoons as a gift of love for their partners. They carved special patterns and symbols on these spoons, which means different meanings. Few of these are wheels as a sign of support; horseshoes as luck; and keys that mean the keys to a man’s heart.

5. China

China celebrated its own “Day of Love” for centuries. Unlike Valentine’s Day, they call this event the “Qixi festival”, or “The night of seven”. It is celebrated every seventh day of the seventh lunar month, usually in early August. This tradition stems from the story that has been passed on for generations. The story is a love tragedy of two stars in the Milky Way. One of them is a fairy named Zhinu who married a mortal young man named Niulang. The goddess of heaven, who eventually made the Milky Way to separate them, hampered their marriage. We believe it that these lovers meet only once a year – during the celebration of Qixi. During this time, Chinese girls provide food to Zhinu, the ancient goddess of love and relationship, to fulfill their desire to find a perfect match.

6. Denmark

Valentine’s Day is a new vacation in Denmark. They have celebrated it in the country since the early 1990s according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. One of the most popular Danish ways to celebrate is the tradition of exchanging loved ones. In the past, these were transparent cards that showed a photo of the card giver who offered a gift to their loved one.

On the same day, Danish men also give women a “joke” or “joke” in English. I write these romantic love poems made to measure paper. The sender is anonymous. The writer does not do his name. Instead, he uses the number of points equal to the letters that make up his name. According to Danish tradition, if the woman has correctly guessed the sender of the letter, she will receive an Easter egg the same year.

7. France

Valentine’s Day or La Saint Valentine is also celebrated in France on February 14. They also exchange gifts and cards.

French used to have a Valentine habit called “une loterie d’amour” or meaning for it. This is where single people stand outside houses and call for other single people to be linked. Women left by men for unmanageability gather on a bonfire to burn images of these men who have left them. However, this tradition has already been banned by the French government.

8. Philippines

Filipinos celebrate Valentine’s Day with love at large weddings. Hundreds of couples gather at the same place to exchange their “I Dos” at the same time. These couples who took part in the massive wedding benefit on free wedding cakes, food, flowers, locations, banquet and even the rings.

They celebrated mass weddings in various provinces in the Philippines during the lover’s day. Their municipalities organized this ceremony, mainly to help couples who are financially difficult and who cannot afford marriage costs.

9. Spain

Although Valentine’s Day is not really considered a Spanish vacation, they still celebrate it with the exchange of hearts, gifts, flowers and chocolates.

During April 23, they praise love in Barcelona and Catalonia. This is the same day when the nation commemorates St. George’s Day or La Diada de Sant Jordi – the national vacation of Catalonia. It is also known as El Dia de la Rosa (The day of the rose) or El Dia del Llibre (the day of the book), where the popular Catalan saying “A rose for love and a book forever” is very prominent by giving roses and books for their special someone.

The Valencian people consider October 9 to rejoice romance, on the same day they celebrate the Day of the Valencian Community and the Day of Saint Dionysius, the patron saint of local lovers. In their tradition men offer the ladies Mocadora (Mocaorà). These are handkerchiefs filled with marzipan candies that were given ceremonially two women, mothers or partners as a token of love.

One habit of Italian Valentine’s Day is that young, unmarried women wake up before dawn to find their future husband. They believe that the first man they saw on this day will be the man they will marry within the year. Or at least the parable of the man that they will make the knot.

10. South Korea

It’s all about the man. In South Korea, unlike some men from other countries, Korean men do not rush to buy gifts and write love cards for their partners on Valentine’s Day. Instead, you see Korean women lined up in chocolate shops or make perfect chocolate for the man they love.

Just like in Japan, Korean celebrates the White Day a month later. Korean men who received chocolates on V-Day give women white sweets in return.

But wait, Korea is not just celebrating relationships. Although there is Valentine’s Day and White Day for lovers, April 14 is the day for singles. They call it Black Day. It is a habit where single people who have not received gifts on the day of the lovers mourn for their loneliness over a bowl of black noodles or the “jjajyangmyeon” in a local Chinese restaurant.

Over the years, they celebrate the day of the lover in various customs to commemorate the patron saint of each country. This can be grandiose dating about expensive restaurants and giving expensive gifts. It can be traditionally festive through carnival, ceremonies, costumes and important gifts. Or it can express his love through care and words. No matter how it is celebrated, love for others can be for spouse, partner, family and friends, we can remember it every day by simple efforts.

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Green Business Ideas That You Can Start From Home

Green Business Ideas That You Can Start From Home!

Green Business Ideas That You Can Start From Home!

Whether you are looking for a part-time business idea or a work from home mom or a housewife looking for some innovative yet easy to do ideas to start up your business, going green and establishing yourself as a green entrepreneur really helps. Here are some cool business ideas that will make you dominant as a businessman as well as make people salute you for your socially responsible work. Moreover, you get to save a lot of money and resources to join the green wave.

Be An Eco Consultant

People these days are very concerned about their environment and living. Be it their homes or offices, everyone these days is looking for greener options to stay healthy for long. Utilize this to your aide. Walk-in as an eco consultant. All that you need to do is understand the greener ways and suggest your clients how better can you infuse the green in their living room, bathrooms, bedrooms and the like. Pop in with ideas of products that use minimum energy to save your client’s money as well as reduce the carbon emission, thereby making his/her stay healthy in the house and finally making an impact over the environment.

You can be an independent eco consultant and launch your startup yourself. Or, you can also join organizations like the Green Irene, which offers flexible hours for you to meet clients and sell their green products across their homes and offices. More like your friends who take up the Amway or Avon marketing jobs for their quick share of the money.

Eco-Friendly Party Coordinator

People these days are ready to shell out money to get a good party organized. When we say a ‘good party’ what all they want is just not good food, good music, and a good venue but an eco-friendly one which will impact their goodwill for longer durations. Here is how you can jive in as a green party coordinator. All that you have to do is stock up ideas, themes, products which are all eco friendly and lively.

It neither involves a huge startup cost nor drains out all your time and money. You can use the internet to stock on ideas and themes for arranging green parties. Take aide of the developing green products made out of jute, vegetable dyes, virgin plastics and use them for your party arrangements. They are both economic as well as environment friendly.  Moreover, you can also tie-up with organizations like Zola Goods Home as they provide you the initial guidance and help you to make your business big, with their products and ideas.

An Organic Food Consultant

Are you the one who is a foodie type? Or do you love spending time in the kitchen, experimenting ingredients and culinary? If so being an organic food consultant is your forte as a startup entrepreneur. From guiding and selling people organic bio products you can build up your business during your free time. All that you need will be room to stock up the products and an internet connection to research various recipes and usefulness of updated bioproducts.

You can also be a garden consultant to help people start growing their own organic products in their gardens at home. Get hold of “garden packs” and advise people to grow vegetables and fruits in the corners of their balcony or in their gardens. These packs come in small trays and are a good fit anywhere and everywhere. You can also specialize as a garden designer and help people to set up a garden on their rooftop.

Be A Green Travel Agent

Do You Love Traveling And Are Conscious About The Environment?

If so, turn your love as your profession and develop yourself as a green travel agent. From planning eco-friendly vacations for families to honeymooners or business travelers, ecotourism is one place that you can develop your startup business with élan. And with the boom in the eco-tourism industry, your business is sure to boom up in the coming days.

All you need to do is use the internet to book transportation for your clients in eco-friendly modes of transport like trains or bio-diesel powered busses, or arrange bike tours to enjoy the greenways. Look out for green bed and breakfast hotels and lodges to plan your client’s stay. There are many colleges and universities that offer certification courses to groom you in the eco-tourism business.

Green businesses are trending these days. And with a part-time setup, green businesses are easy to set up and are socially recognizable. Moreover, you will always sleep with a feel-good feeling that you have done your bit to make the world a healthy place for all.

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Start A Business Podcast For Your Small Business – Some Tips

How Can Podcasts Help You In Your Business?

Podcasting is a great way to get in touch with relevant, on-demand content to reach out to a massive worldwide audience. The uniqueness of it is that unlike other social media it will give you the opportunity to reach out to people on a one on one level during a time that best pleases them.

How Can Podcasts Help You In Your Business?

Having said about its uniqueness over other social media platforms, let’s take a quick look at how it can help your small business to grow finer.

  • Attaches A Personal Feeling:

Unlike other social media platforms, podcasts are just not easy to make and deliver but attach a personal take with it. Whenever a prospect lands up to your website, checking out a podcast helps to develop a relationship too, as he/she can see and hear you demonstrating your product or services.

  • Enhances Customer Support:

You must be getting a lot of emails and calls regularly from your clients on various products and services that you offer. While some of them are taken care of in the FAQ section of your website, others require detailed explanation most of the time, either on-call or via emails. Now, with podcasts you can add another dimension to your customer service. Do record small podcasts to help your customers actually understand how to go about with the installation of a product or dealing with the services etc. This will not only save both of your time but build a good reputation of yours in the mind of your customers.

  • Excellent For Product Launches:

You don’t really need a PR or a Marketing guy to go door to door to spread the word of your new service or product. All that you can do is ace up your technology skills, develop a podcast stating the excitement of the product or service and roll it out. Before your product is physically available in the market, it is already talking in the town. What more can you look out for?

  • Helps In Training Too:

Whether some new associates join you in your startup or you wish to get work done via freelancers, podcasting is a good tool for training too. All that you need to get people to understand about the role, the functionalities, tips, etc can be recorded in the form of a podcast and shown to the audience at the right time. Instead of spending money on webinars, or conferences, podcasts can help you get the same potential in many affordable rates. Think about it!

Here Are A Few Tips To Go Ahead In The World Of Podcasting:

Interview Guests Who Are Your Ideal Prospects:

Do some research and tap a few of your prospective clients. Get an interview appointment with them. Record the conversation, their feeds about your product or service and get that published. People often get flattered with an interview approach, be it from a company or from the media. Take advantage of it and build your network. Just decide on a topic and shortlist 10 of your prospects and just use them to profile your business and your product/service.

Create An Alcove For Your Ideal Prospect:

Most people these days are obsessed with the soaring numbers of fans and followers on social media. Well, you need to decide on what is most important for you: Is it the number of fans on your social media? Or genuine business clientele?

It is very important to come out of that number world and get set to deliver content that is target-oriented. When you are looking for clients for your business, you genuinely do not need to let your content roar everywhere. Instead make sure it is well heard among the group which is your primary target. To create a niche content that targets your prospective clients.

When your podcast talks to a niche audience, who are your ideal prospects, you get a better advantage than others. As you get a first-hand understanding of their needs and can morph your product or service accordingly to suit their needs finely. When you give them exactly what they require, they will be ready to shell out money for you instantly.

So get set to join the podcasting world and utilize it to the hilt for generating leads in your startup business.

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New ‘ RCS Standard ‘ SMS Alternative Exposes Users to Security Threats!


This Article Covers New ‘ RCS Standard ‘ SMS Alternative Exposes Users to Security Threats!

Replacement of the regular SMS by the RCS or Rich Communication Services makes users vulnerable to text-based attacks, location tracking, call interception, and more according to new research. RCS standard (Rich Communication Services) is a replacement for SMS with functions such as read confirmations, the ability to send media, etc.

Although the new SMS standard is not inherently flawed, researchers at SLabs state that carrier networks expose users to several security threats because they are implementing RCS on a large scale. Because there is no uniform standard, large telecom companies can use it differently and make mistakes.

What Is RCS?

RCS is a protocol that will soon replace the standard SMS. Although it originated in 2007, we barely recognized it until 2018 when Google announced that it is working with major providers to bring the RCS protocol to Android devices. With the new standard, users can start a group chat, send high-resolution images, audio – mainly all the functions of popular chat services such as iMessage and WhatsApp.

What’S The Problem?

For the research, the SLabs team took sample SIM cards from different providers and searched for RCS-related domains. The o find every vulnerability.

The researchers discovered problems in how telecom sends the RCS configuration files to devices. For example, a server provides the exact configuration file by identifying the IP addresses.

Karsten Nohl of SLabs said that any app could request the file, with or without permissions, because they also use the IP address. “So now every app can get your username and password for all your text messages and all your voice calls.”

The researchers also found security breaches in the authentication process. For example, a telecom sends a unique authentication code to verify the identification of the RCS user. Because the carrier gives an ‘unlimited number of attempts’, bad actors can bypass authentication with unlimited attempts.

Response From Network Providers

When asked to comment, Vodafone assured users that it would take security measures to protect the RCS services. In the meantime, AT&T and Sprint focused their concerns on the GSM Association (a trade organization for telecommunications)

GSM told Vice that although they appreciate the efforts of SLabs to the public, the security issues; however, the study includes “no new vulnerabilities” that the body was unaware of.

The SLabs researchers will report their findings at the Black Hat December conference in Europe.

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