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Korea’s Best Kept Beauty Secret: Mugwort

It is difficult to decide which product really works in today’s skincare world. May be
secret to perfect skin held in a plant people used for hundreds of years. People are
concerned to have perfect skin. Mugwort is a plant used by Koreans for generations
for perfect skin.


Mugwort is known as weed and it is historically used by people all over the world. In
Medieval Europe people believe that mugwort will protect them from evil spirits. In
china people use mugwort herb in seasonal foods, as well as pulverize it for
therapeutic, acupuncture effects. German people use mugwort in season goose
served for Christmas dinner.
People called mugwort as ssuk(쑥) in Korea. They use mugwort herb in soups, tea,
rice cakes, and pancakes. Mugwort is used in medicine called moxibustion which is
a traditional Korean medicine. It is also used in Chinese medicines. By stick of
burning mugwort heat is applied to the body. To stimulate and strengthen the blood
then stick is placed over pressure points. The mugwort history in this capacity is
fascinating nonetheless.
Mugwort has many uses. From a very long time Koreans also using weed for

It is not just a weed

There is a high concentration of Vitamin C in mugwort and it is a great addition to
any skincare routine. Collagen production boosts naturally in skin by Vitamin C. Skin
become more plump and smooth by increase in collagen production and in turn
smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E is great compound for skin and
mugwort is also rich of Vitamin E. There are antioxidant properties in both Vitamin C
and Vitamin D. These antioxidant properties fight free radicals and prevent damage
caused by UV radiation.
Mugwort also act as topical anti-inflammatory. Those suffering from eczema and
psoriasis can get relieve by it. Apart from it’s use to kill bacteria and keeping
skin acne-free, mugwort is very helpful in reducing redness and swelling in the face
as well as cystic acne because it act as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory at the
same time.


Uses of this healing herb

You can use mugwort to look younger, reduce acne, brighten your skin, etc. You can
use mugwort skincare products as a part of a daily routine or every once in a while
to give your skin a needed pick me up. In cleaners, toners and daily oils, mugwort
act as an active ingredient. On the ingredient list you can also find facial masks.
By using mugwort sheet masks you can easily incorporate mugwort into your skin.
These masks are super budget friendly. In $10 you can order 5 sheet masks and see
how your skin responds to mugwort.

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Alexandra Panayotova: All you need to know about her

video model

Height: 174 cm

Bust: 31″

Waist: 24″

Hips: 35″

Hair: Brown

Eye: Brown

Instagram Followers: 5,914

Twitter Followers: 177

YouTube: 671

DOB: 22/09/1995

Profession: Singer

Alexandra Panayotova is a rising star of the current era. She was born on 22 Sep 1995 in Sofia, Bulgaria and brought up there. She persuaded singing career and start making covers of songs of different genre. She is so talented and make covers of many hard songs to catch up. She has a very melodious voice. Her talent is still underestimated by song lovers that she only got 672 Subscribers on YouTube but still her songs in which she was featured by Asher got 9.6M views in JP Cooper – She’s On My Mind (Asher Remix Cover ft. Alexandra Panayotova).

She has made the cover of following songs Crazy in Love, Adele – Hello, Louane – Maman, and many more…

She has been featured by Asher:

JP Cooper – She’s On My Mind (Asher Remix Cover ft. Alexandra Panayotova)

9.6 M Views

Post Malone ft. 21 Savage – Rockstar (Asher Remix Cover ft. Alexandra Panayotova)

9.5 M Views

DJ Khaled ft Rihanna – Wild Thoughts x Maria Maria (Asher Remix Cover ft. Alexandra Panayotova)

3 M Views and more…

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MARIANA SALARU: All you need to know about her

fashion model

Height: 5’8”1/2

Bust: 34”

Waist: 251/2”

Hips: 351/2”

Shoe: 5

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

She belongs from Moldova, (an Eastern European country and former Soviet republic). She completed her education career from Universitatea de Stat din Moldova. After completing her education in 2013 she started her modeling career as a Professional Model at Premier Model Management Ltd. Premier Model Management Ltd. was found by Carole White and her brother Chris Owen, established in 1981, is one of the world’s top fashion model agencies, representing some of the fashion industry’s most successful faces. She is being representing by Mandarina Models Romania, M4 Models Germany, Premier London, WOMEN Milano.

fashion model


Being a fashion model, she also appeared in most of the music videos like

Still she is considered as under rated model after appearing in many videos with 30M views in Early Morning Dreams.

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Get Professional Pedicure at Home Instead of Going To Fancy Salons

10 steps to get you a high-quality pedicure at home with a listed few products.
  • 10 steps to get you a high-quality pedicure at home with a listed few products.

  • This routine will give you long lasting finishing with extra soft skin

  • Soaking feet in warm water gives a feeling of spa. Do the essential steps to prep your feet for pedicure

  • Visit Genie’s Mag homepage for more stories. 

Hands and feet cleanliness is something we all should do from time to time. We don’t have to squander on these salon pedicures when you can take care of them on your own. Besides this, spending so much on makeup leave us neglecting this hygiene routine for our hands and feet. In fact, we try to go on with a single pedicure and manicure for months. But do you know that you can save up your expenses by following simple 10 steps that guarantees a professional and satisfied pedicure.

The owner of a famous salon gave us some tips that could help us to have a DIY fancy pedicure at home with few products which costs a lot less than at salon. Plus, it is saving you steps and discouraging your lazy minds.

Step 1: Remove the coatings on nails with nail polish remover

The first and foremost step is to clean the nails from any other coatings or even if you don’t have it, clean it still ad it could disinfect some germs too.

Step 2: Get your feet in warm water.

Fill the tub or basin with warm water with any cleanser like body wash, soaps or shampoo just to remove dirt from the foot. The warm water make your skin soft and relaxed like you are in a spa. Soak your feet for 15 min. Meanwhile you could put some aloe Vera on face to create a vibe.

Step 3: Remove the hard sole (dead skin) with a foot filer.

After poaching your feet, use a foot filer to scale out the dead from feet. The hard areas are the sole, skin of ball of big toe and near the malleolus. Rub against the skin to remove the dead skin.

Step 4: Shape up the nails.

Use a nail clipper to shape up the nails and even them with nail filers. According to a professional, people make mistake in clipping the cuticles too which has no basic concern with pedicure. In fact, these cuticles help to protect the nail from getting infection and here we are cutting them out.

Step 5: Apply cuticle oil.

The main purpose of the cuticle oil is to keep the skin moisturized and soft. Apply the oil into the base of nail and gently massage it to absorb.

Step 6: Apply the moisturizer.

This is one of the concepts of pedicure i.e. to keep the skin soft and moisturized. A point to remember is that always use unscented moisturizer. The synthetic ones make the nails crack.

Step 7: Dress up the toes for the show.

Use the toe separators to make sure that nail paints don’t smudge into each other.

Step 8: Apply the base coat first.

The professionals say that base coat avoid the direct contact of nail polish to the nail and it sits on for a longer time.

Step 9: Women! Paint the walls, Men! stop here.

The moment of truce has arrived for women. Apply 2 coats of nail polish and wait for it to dry after application.

The pedicure for men is same as above neglecting the base coat and nail paints.

Step 10: Top it with a cherry.

Finish the process by applying a topcoat which gives a continuous shine and freshness to your polish. The nail polishes remain intact for 12 hours but dipping the nails in cold water make it live a bit longer.

Now you get a salon quality pedicure and the effects are real.

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