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3 Landmark Video Games that Changed the Industry Forever

Landmark video
  • There has been a drastic change in the development of video games

  • From old times, Pong to Wolfenstein 3D, there’s a noticeable change

  • This evolution has had a great impact on both, game developers as well as gamers

How have the last 40 years developed video games? Identifying landmark video games that have transformed the sector helps shed light on the heritage of the game sector. Let’s find out which video games on game developers and gamers have had a great impact.

1. Pong

There was no game industry prior to Pong. The year was 1972, and there was not yet a billion-dollar market for video games. Arcade games and home game systems produced huge earnings at that moment. Indeed, when Pong’s home version was published three years later, consumer analysts still did not believe that video games would ever succeed, particularly as a home good. Pong’s makers proved them all completely wrong. The Pong cabinet game was such a enormous success that manufacturers Nolan Bushnell, Allan Alcorn, and Ted Dabney decided to create a home version under the company’s name, Atari. Fully unprecedented was what occurred next: Pong’s home version was an immediate success. During the 1975 Christmas season, it sold 150,000 units, and that’s why it’s thought of as the game that started the sector. Pong showed the world games have a place in the ordinary person’s hearts and minds.

2. Mario 64

Nintendo had already owned the game industry by the time Mario 64 was published in 1996. After producing two tremendously successful game systems, the Nintendo and the Super Nintendo, they released Mario 64 with the Nintendo 64. Just as all three of these home game systems have changed how video games are played by the globe, Mario 64 has altered the way developers create games. Video games were two-dimensional before Mario 64. The previous Mario games are called 2D games because only left, right, up, and down players could move. In Mario 64, as if their character were on a 3D plane, players could also move forward and backward. Nintendo has effectively introduced 3D game design with this change. This technological feat needed a revolutionary in-game camera system to be developed and for the first time 360-analog controls were introduced. Developers continue to reverence Mario 64 as the source of 3D console gaming.

Landmark video

Goomba Stomp

3. Wolfenstein 3D

First-person shooters (FPS) are one of the most popular genres of games. There were few FPS games on the market when Wolfenstein 3D was released in 1993. Creators John Carmack, Tom Hall, and John Romero had great dreams for their company’s iD Software, but they probably couldn’t have guessed that they would set the standard for a whole genre of games. Romero, Hall, and Carmack wanted to develop a quick paced, action-packed shooter that was a bit more violent than other games in the genre at the time. The outcome was a game for run-and-gun video games that most designers consider the prototype. Nearly all video games in the genre subsequently used the 3D design model of Wolfenstein, including the very own Doom of Romero, Hall, and Carmack. Without the innovative gameplay found in Wolfenstein 3D, the FPS genre wouldn’t be what it is today.

Landmark video


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Troika: Millenials Help to Save Playboy

  • Hugh Hefner who was the founder of playboy magazine, was doing a lot of struggle to make playboy magazine great again.

  • Playboy magazine editors determining the issue of summer photography.

  • After a lot of struggle in this year playboy magazine launching again with some new strategies like ad free quarterly, matte paper and strong stocks.

  • With the arrival of new competitors, playboy magazine faced many issues like frequency reduce, replaced executives and stop exhibiting ads in magazine.

Hugh Hefner, the founder of playboy magazine, is doing a lot of struggle to make playboy magazine great again. After a lot of struggle in this year playboy magazine launching again with some new strategies like ad free quarterly, matte paper and strong stocks. But this time it is represented by millennial troika. They are the Mr. Singh, an openly gay, creative director Erica Loewy and overseas photographer Anna Wilson.

Playboy magazine editors in Tuesday morning were determining the issue of summer photography. They were discussing the upcoming posts for their magazines, like a piece on B.D.S.M stories. Executive editor, Shane Singh, suggested the underwater photo shoot for magazine’s cover. The woman lead the other models who were around her while in underwater photo shoot.

There had been a long discussion on publication with tag “entertainment for Men” before ‘MeToo’ movement. Tarana Burke founded the ‘MeToo’ movement featured an interview in which unusual cartoons were showed. Some of the arguments were occurred that against the Hugh Hefner, about the sexual liberation. Hugh is the founder of playboy magazine, who had been died in 2017.



With the arrival of new competitors, Playboy Magazine faced many issues like frequency reduce, replaced executives and stop exhibiting ads in magazine.

Creative director, Ms. Lowey, said that something they always say to on another is to create things with intentions. Her desk was filled with upcoming shoots. She was wearing red dress, tiny jewels and gold earrings. She also said that we always thinks everyone on set, as from P.A to makeup artist. But no one in intention of what we are going to make.

Stand Again:

Ben Kohn, who helped this magazine in 2011 and also now chief executive of this magazine, announced to focus on joint ventures and licensing.

The results were not recognizable of this magazine from Hugh.  As he didn’t have a daughter or son, so have to start adult content portal with his own self. One of the playboy spokesperson said that Hugh family don’t have financial stakes for longer period.

The company was facing loss when other international magazines came. On the other hand, internet also was disrupting the paid printing by creating it free. So in 2011, Mr. Hugh secured the company to take it private.

When it seemed to be that magazine is going to be weakened, some other aspects of playboy brands were remained on business line, Mr. Kohn said it. He mentioned it world of playboys. According to him there were 300 stores which are selling luxurious goods.

According to Mr. Kohn, the magazines reader have doubled from previous years. It was the measure of December 2017 when magazines flow were under 400,000 and the audience was male about three-quarters.

Mr. Kohn said that through licensing and partnerships he has get $15 millions in two or three years.

Betterment of Company

For the betterment of the company, in January Ms. Webber was working with team to change the direction of company. They wrote a mission statement which had a primarily goal to increase the audience of female to 50 percent. She said so to attract a great audience they don’t have to be specific. The company have responded equally to the all genders.

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A$AP Rocky Sweden Music Festival Situation highlighted by Trevor Noah

music festival
  • Sweden Music Festival Situation highlighted by Trevor Noah .

  • A$AP Rocky events held worldwide but in Sweden such a situation created.

  • Music festival have some terrible experience.

The story was host on Monday by Trevor Noah. A$AP Rocky who is a famous rapper few days ago, when he was there in Sweden for a music festival have some terrible experience. A$AP Rocky events held worldwide but in Sweden such a situation created which pushed Trevor Noah to highlight.

Thirty years old A$AP Rocky a US rapper, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, was halted. His famous song was sundress. He, with his guards were arrested as they are following a fight on June 30. Later, his guards were released.

Donald trump said he cannot believe that we’re living in real life after his friend called him to save Mayers from Swedish prison.

Noah fun:

  • MAGA

Noah continued by saying that it was the craziest thing ever he has seen. He said it is almost like he uses his MAGA cap, because he loved it and then he rubs it.

  • Swedish jail

Noah joked about the Swedish jail that it is so terrible and if you are there you don’t have any freedom.

Trump said that he personally don’t know this rapper but the support of African American support. Because they are one.

  • Trump imitation

He made mimicry of Trump as what he said in his previous statement as that we are one and anybody who not agree with it can come back to his country.

music festival

Vanity Fair

On Monday associated press testified, prosecutors have terminated investigation of the rapper. According to Associated press, prosecutors must extent to a decision by Thursday.

Kim Kardashian express gratitude to president, the state secretary and president’s son in law on a tweet.

Other superstars including Justin Bieber, “Diggy”, Jada pinkett and Tyga also posted on internet for the release of A$AP Rocky.

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Camila Morrone Breaks Silence of Her Age Gap With The Great Gatsby

breaks silence
  • Camila Morrone age viewers guessed that she is trying to comparing her relationship.

  • Morrone breaks silence and reacting quickly on the criticism of people.

  • Dicaprio and Morrone have been dating for over a year and have kept their relationship private.

Before she breaks silence both lovebirds have been meeting about year ago. These guys want to keep their relationship private. As they also attended a film festival of Cannes, which was the latest movies of DiCaprio. But they didn’t came together and even not have post together.

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

breaks silence


On Tuesday, Morrone share come pictures of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Hollywood couples, by writing that love must be like this or may she have.

Camila Morrone Loves The Great Gatsby

Viewers guessed that she is trying to comparing her connection with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Because Morrone is 22 years old and Dicaprio is 44, there is an age gap between both as other couples have.

breaks silence

Source: PopSugar

Someone said that she like older man and rich that’s why she like Dicaprio.  Another one post some strict message as Dicaprio private relationship is only because he like to look young. And when she also get old he will break-up. Some also said that Dicaprio is using her and will dump soon.

On Friday Camila Morrone post a story on Instagram to address the people who show that kind of hate on social media. The acting or modeling only become her reason to post on Instagram.

Camila Morrone Clapback

When she read such posts, she clap back them. By saying that she didn’t know that people have hidden such hatred in them. This amount of hatred isn’t good to live, she mention.

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