Review of the Nerf Fortnite BASR-L Sniper Rifle

Review of the Nerf Fortnite BASR-L Sniper Rifle

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Released in 2019, the Nerf Fortnite BASR-L is a spring-powered bolt-action sniper rifle inspired by the popular video game Fortnite Battle Royale. This blaster features a detachable 10-round clip, a flip-up scope, and comes with two interchangeable gunstocks.

The BASR-L is part of a whole series of Nerf blasters based on weapons from the Fortnite game. With its eye-catching color scheme and Fortnite branding, it’s clear who the target audience is for this blaster.

But how does the BASR-L perform as an actual toy blaster? Is it just a gimmicky tie-in product or is it a decent sniper rifle in its own right?

In this review of the Nerf Fortnite BASR-L, I’ll walk you through the main features and performance of this blaster. I’ll also give you my honest thoughts on whether it’s worth buying.

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What Is the Nerf Fortnite BASR-L?

The BASR-L is a bolt-action spring-powered sniper rifle released as part of a whole series of Fortnite-themed blasters from Nerf.

It’s modeled after the real BASR sniper rifle that appears in the Fortnite Battle Royale game. Along with its distinctive white, orange, and black color scheme, the BASR-L replicates other features like the top Picatinny rail and carrying handle.

This blaster comes packaged with a flip-up scope, two interchangeable stocks, and a 10-dart clip. The foam darts have purple tips just like in the game.

Reasons to Buy the Nerf Fortnite BASR-L

Here are a few of the reasons why Fortnite fans may want to pick up the BASR-L blaster:

1. Authentic Fortnite Design

The BASR-L accurately replicates the look and feel of the BASR sniper from Fortnite. It has the same signature white and orange color scheme, body shape, and features like the carrying handle.

For fans of the game who want to recreate their favorite Fortnite weapons in real life, the attention to detail on the BASR-L is impressive.

2. Flip-Up Scope

The BASR-L comes packaged with a simple flip-up scope that can be attached to the top Picatinny rail.

The scope is made of clear plastic and provides around 2.5x magnification. For a toy blaster scope, it feels pretty sturdy and adds nicely to the sniper rifle aesthetic.

3. Interchangeable Gunstocks

Also included in the box are two interchangeable gunstocks that connect to the back of the blaster.

One stock is based on the hunting rifle from Fortnite. It has an angular shape and an extra magazine holder.

The other stock has a skeletal design inspired by the bolt-action sniper rifle. Both lock securely into place and give you some options for customizing the look and feel of the BASR-L.

4. Decent Performance

While marketed as a “sniper rifle,” the BASR-L is still a toy blaster at heart. Nevertheless, its performance is reasonably good for a Nerf blaster.

Firing elite darts, it can achieve muzzle velocities around 65-70 fps on average. The flip-up scope and bolt-action priming handle promote more precise aiming and shooting.

The effective firing range is around 50 feet. While no match for modded Nerf blasters, that’s a decent performance for a stock toy sniper rifle.

5. Affordable Price Point

Considering the licensed Fortnite branding and included accessories, the BASR-L is priced pretty reasonably. It retails for around $50 but can be found on sale for $20-30.

For fans of the game looking to build up an arsenal of Fortnite blasters, the BASR-L is a fairly affordable option. The premium isn’t too high for the official Fortnite tie-in.

Performance Review

Let’s take a more in-depth look at how well the BASR-L performs as a Nerf blaster:

Firing Power

I recorded muzzle velocities between 65-70 fps on average across multiple test shots. That’s about standard performance for a Nerf blaster of this size and power source.

While marketed as a “sniper rifle,” the BASR-L doesn’t shoot remarkably harder than any other Nerf spring blaster. But the firing power is perfectly adequate for casual backyard battles or target practice.


For a toy blaster, the BASR-L provides respectable accuracy when used properly. The bolt-action priming and flip-up scope promote taking careful, precise shots.

At a range of around 20 feet, I was able to consistently hit 2-liter soda bottles and other small targets. The accuracy falls off at longer ranges, but that’s expected for a stock Nerf blaster.


I achieved maximum firing distances between 45-50 feet flat shooting. Angled shots flew a bit further, up to 60 feet.

While not an exceptional range, that’s about average for a spring-powered Nerf blaster. The limiting factor is the elite foam darts, which lose speed and stability at longer distances.

Reload Speed

Reloading is a pretty quick and smooth process. The 10-dart clip releases with the push of a button. Once empty, you can fully reload in just 5-6 seconds.

The clip itself is also easy to reload by hand. So you can minimize downtime between shots if you carry extra clips ready to swap in.


Both included stocks lock securely into the back of the blaster and provide solid bracing against your shoulder for firing. The hunting rifle-style stock in particular gives excellent stability.

The pump grip, carry handle, magazine, and trigger are all well-positioned and comfortable to use. Overall, the ergonomic design facilitates quick handling and firing.


In my testing, the BASR-L proved to be very reliable. The bolt-action priming and firing mechanism worked smoothly during rapid shooting and reloads.

I didn’t experience any jamming issues or darts getting stuck during firing. As long as you use fresh batteries, misfires should be rare with this blaster.

Build Quality

The plastic feels solid and durable overall. With proper care, the BASR-L should hold up well to regular use.

The moving parts like the bolt, trigger, and clip release function crisply and don’t have a cheap feel. And both the blaster body and stocks seem sturdy enough for outdoor play.


Most customization potential with the BASR-L lies in swapping between the two included stocks. You can also remove the scope if desired.

Beyond that, standard Nerf modding options apply. The direct plunger tube design facilitates spring upgrades to increase power. The tactical rails allow mounting other accessories.

Fun Factor

The BASR-L successfully captures the look and feel of firing a sniper rifle. Taking aimed shots via the bolt-action priming and flip-up scope is very fun and satisfying.

The blaster’s Fortnite design is a huge attraction for fans of the video game. Overall, the realistic sniper rifle shell and handling provide an immersive shooting experience.

Final Verdict on the Nerf Fortnite BASR-L

The Nerf Fortnite BASR-L is first and foremost designed for Fortnite fans wanting to recreate the weapons from their favorite game. In that regard, it delivers very well through authentic styling and handling.

As an actual toy blaster, the performance and quality stand up respectably. While not a true “sniper rifle” by Nerf standards, it’s still a solid spring-powered blaster with good power and accuracy.

Considering the licensed Fortnite branding, the pricing feels reasonable for what you get in the box. The included accessories like the scope, stocks, and game-style darts add nice play value.

If you or your kids love Fortnite, the BASR-L makes for an immersive and faithful Nerf replica of an iconic weapon from the game. And it functions well enough for backyard target practice or battles with friends. Recommended for Fortnite fanatics and Nerf collectors alike.

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Review Nerf Fortnite BASR-L Sniper Rifle
Summary The Nerf Fortnite BASR-L accurately replicates the look and feel of the BASR sniper rifle from the popular video game. With good power and accuracy, interchangeable stocks, and authentic Fortnite styling, it’s a solid blaster for fans of the game.
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