Nerf Fortnite Heavy SR Review (2024)

The Nerf Laser Ops Pro home laser tag concept was released in 2018 as Nerf’s latest take on smartphone laser tag.

Although I have some reservations about playing laser tag with smartphones, Nerf Laser Ops Pro is an enjoyable laser tag set.

In this review, I will examine the features of Laser Ops Pro and compare it to other popular products in this genre.

I want to inform you that Laser Ops Pro is included in my list of best home laser tag sets currently available on the market.

Nerf Laser Ops Pro is available for purchase on Amazon.

A Bit of History

Nerf released the Laser Ops Pro home laser tag set in 2018, which is the successor to their previous Lazer Tag series and is known for its foam shooting blasters.

The Phoenix LTX Tagger from 2008 is considered the most popular laser tag blaster in the Lazer Tag series. Despite being on the market for a long time, this product is still available for purchase on Amazon.

The Phoenix LTX is considered one of the top home laser tag blasters ever made. This is my honest opinion.

For more information about this blaster, please refer to my review of the Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX for a comprehensive overview.

About Smartphone Laser Tag

Laser tags and smartphones can be challenging to pair together due to the constant evolution of smartphones. Additionally, the rapid advancements in technology mean that the new iPhone you purchased recently may quickly become outdated. Furthermore, the multitude of brands and models further complicates the compatibility.

Smartphone laser tag guns and their apps must constantly adapt to the evolving smartphone market to avoid becoming outdated and incompatible.

Playing laser tag with smartphones can carry certain risks, particularly when augmented reality is incorporated. One can envision scenarios in which individuals navigate their surroundings while fixated on their phone screens.

I wouldn’t say I like smartphone/augmented reality laser tag because I prefer the old-school version. Laser tag is fun when you can shoot each other without unnecessary technology. You grab a laser tag gun and start scoring points by tagging your enemy. It’s simple and enjoyable.

Nerf Laser Ops Pro

The Laser Ops Pro series includes two blasters.

  • The AlphaPoint: A smaller pistol-style blaster.
  • The DeltaBurst: A sniper rifle-type blaster.

The blasters can be purchased separately but can also be used together in a home laser tag battle. There are many similarities between the two blasters, which will be discussed below.

Both blasters can be used with a smartphone (iOS or Android) and an app to enhance your laser tag battle experience.

The Smartphone Aspect

Playing with these blasters does not require a phone. The smartphone + app is completely optional. Laser Ops Pro allows for a full-on home laser tag battle without the use of mobile phones.

Nerf Fortnite Heavy SR Review

This is a clever business move and appeals to traditional customers.

To use Laser Ops Pro with your smartphone, you will need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play. It is available for download at no cost.

The smartphone can be attached to either the arm or wrist using the armband, or it can be attached to the front of the blaster with the phone mount.

The app has single-player and multi-player battles and is easy to set up. In multi-player mode, you can choose between single-device and all-device. This means not all players need a smartphone. Single-device mode syncs all blasters to one smartphone via Bluetooth technology.

In all-device mode, all players in the battle must have a smartphone with the app installed. This means that everyone must either use a device or not use one at all. There is no middle ground.

In all-device mode, each device syncs to a designated master device, resulting in one player acting as the host of the game.

The app is easy to use and tracks game duration and player scores. It provides added value to the game, but it is optional.

1. AlphaPoint Blaster

  • The AlphaPoint blaster is one of the two blasters in the Nerf Laser Ops Pro series. It is a semi-automatic pistol-style blaster and comes with an instructions manual, rubber armband, and mount attachment for your smartphone. The AlphaPoint requires 4 AA alkaline batteries, which are not included.
  • The laser beams exit the front barrel. These laser beams are infrared and cannot be seen, but they are completely safe. The target receiver is positioned above the barrel to detect hits against you. This eliminates the need for wearing vests while playing laser tag with Nerf Laser Ops Pro.
  • It is worth noting that sniper skills are not necessary to hit a small target. The mechanics of hitting the target are surprisingly simple, despite my lack of knowledge on how it works. Presumably, the blasters emit wide laser beams, which facilitate hitting the target receiver.
  • Using the blaster is simple. Press the power button to activate it. Choose your team: purple, red, or green. Purple means no teams; shoot anyone. Red or green means you can only shoot players with the other color.
  • Firing is easy; pull the trigger. There is no need to prime like conventional Nerf blasters. The blaster has an indicator for ammo and health. Running out of ammo is not a big deal; reload with the button at the bottom. You can keep chasing and shooting your enemies, and it’s just for fun.
  • When using home laser tag guns, it is important to familiarize yourself with the various sounds associated with each action. These sounds cannot be adjusted or silenced, so it is necessary to adapt and become accustomed to them.

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2. DeltaBurst Blaster

The DeltaBurst blaster includes the blaster, an instructions manual, a rubber armband, and a phone mount. It requires 6 AA alkaline batteries, which are not included.

The DeltaBurst functions similarly to the AlphaPoint blaster, but it has a different design and button placement. Additionally, the indicator displays the remaining ammo in numerical form, unlike the color system used in the AlphaPoint.

Both blasters are effective as laser tag guns. In addition, Nerf has made an effort to give them a cool appearance, and they have succeeded in doing so. The AlphaPoint and DeltaBurst both have appealing designs, which is significant.

Both blasters have an advertised firing range of 220 feet or 68 meters, which is quite impressive, although it may not be necessary in most situations.

Final Thoughts: Nerf Laser Ops Pro

The Nerf Laser Ops Pro is considered one of the top laser tag sets available, with both blasters in the series functioning effectively and lacking any noteworthy flaws.

Although I am not particularly fond of the idea of using smartphones for laser tag, I appreciate the app and its compatibility with the blasters. However, I prefer the traditional method.

For those who are not interested in a smartphone laser tag set, the Nerf Laser Ops Pro is still a great option. The app is completely optional, and the blasters are just as enjoyable without using Bluetooth and mobile devices.

FAQs about Nerf Fortnite Heavy SR

What are the main features of Nerf Laser Ops Pro?

The Nerf Laser Ops Pro series consists of two blasters – the AlphaPoint pistol-style blaster and the DeltaBurst sniper rifle blaster. Key features include infrared lasers, target receivers to register hits, smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth and a mobile app, and realistic blaster designs. The blasters can be used with or without a smartphone.

How does the scoring system work?

Points are scored by successfully hitting the target receiver on an opponent’s blaster. The blasters keep track of points internally and sync to the app if used. Players can choose teams or free-for-all mode. Health statuses and ammo levels are tracked.

What ages are Nerf Laser Ops Pro blasters suitable for?

They are recommended for ages 8 and up. Adult supervision is recommended, as with any laser tag or Nerf blaster. The lasers use safe, invisible infrared light.

What smartphone compatibility does it have?

The Nerf Laser Ops Pro app works with both iOS and Android smartphones via Bluetooth. You can play with one smartphone synced, or each player can use their device.

Can you use the blasters without a smartphone?

Yes, the app and smartphone connectivity are completely optional. The blasters work great on their own for smartphone-free laser tag battles.

How long does the battery last?

Battery life is several hours of playtime. The AlphaPoint uses 4x AA batteries, while the DeltaBurst requires 6x AA batteries. Alkaline batteries are recommended for best performance.

What is the maximum range of the blasters?

Nerf specifies a maximum range of 220 feet or 68 meters. This allows for very long-distance laser tag battles.

How many players can play together?

There is no set limit, but the Blasters support at least 20 unique codes for larger battles. More blasters can be continually added.

Where can the blasters be purchased?

The Nerf Laser Ops Pro blasters are available on Amazon and many major retailers that stock Nerf toys. The blasters are purchased separately.

How much does Nerf Laser Ops Pro cost?

Pricing ranges from $50-$100 depending on the blaster model and sales or discounts. Extra blasters can be added to expand the number of players.


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