Nerf Fortnite SMG-E Not Working: Troubleshooting and Mod Guide

The Nerf Fortnite SMG-E blaster is a popular dart gun modeled after the video game weapon.

However, some users have reported issues with the SMG-E not working properly out of the box or after a period of use.

This article will cover possible reasons for malfunctions, provide troubleshooting steps to fix common problems, discuss modding options to improve performance, and include real user reviews and opinions.

Follow these tips to get your Nerf Fortnite SMG-E firing darts again.

Possible Causes of the Issue

There are a few common reasons why your Nerf Fortnite SMG-E may not be working properly:

  • Dead or low batteries – The SMG-E requires 4x AA batteries to function. If they run out of power, the blaster won’t work.
  • Jammed darts – Darts stuck in the barrel or magazine can prevent firing. Removing jams is key.
  • Broken internal components – With heavy use, internal pieces like the trigger or firing mechanism can break over time.
  • Faulty motors – Motors power the firing and flywheel rotation. Burned-out motors will cause malfunctions.
  • Worn-out magazines – Magazines can wear out and fail to properly feed darts after prolonged use.

If your SMG-E suffers from reduced range, weak firing, or doesn’t work at all, one of these common issues is likely the cause. Fortunately, many can be fixed with some troubleshooting and maintenance.

Troubleshooting Steps

Follow these troubleshooting steps to get your Nerf Fortnite SMG-E firing properly again:

1. Check/Replace Batteries

  • Indicator lights dimming or not turning on often signal dead batteries.
  • Install fresh AA alkaline batteries in the proper orientation.

2. Clear Jammed Darts

  • Check for any darts stuck in the barrel or magazine feed lips.
  • Remove magazines and jams. Firing the blaster without darts can damage components.

3. Check for Broken Parts

  • Examine the trigger, jam door, firing mechanism, and magazine release for any broken parts.
  • Test the motors by revving up the flywheels. Listen for abnormal sounds.
  • If internal parts are broken, you’ll likely need to replace them.

4. Clean Components

  • Wipe out old lubricant and grime buildup from moving parts and contacts with a clean cloth.
  • Lightly re-lubricate components like the trigger, spring, and flywheels as needed.

5. Consider Replacement Parts

  • If components are too worn out or damaged, replace them with fresh parts to renew performance.
  • Motors, flywheels, magazine feeds, and springs are commonly replaced parts.

With regular cleaning, maintenance, and replacement of worn parts, your Nerf SMG-E can keep firing smoothly for years.

Modding the Nerf Fortnite SMG-E

For improved blaster performance, many Nerf modders alter and upgrade the Fortnite SMG-E in creative ways:

  • Voltage mods – Upgrading batteries to a LiPo rechargeable battery pack increases firing velocity and rate of fire. Requires rewiring.
  • Spring upgrades – Heavier springs improve power. Spring stretchers and guides also help.
  • Flywheel upgrades – Aftermarket flywheels with a canted cage improve dart stability and FPS.
  • Magazine mods – Attach high-capacity 3rd party magazines for less reloading.
  • Grips and stocks – Adding tactical rails, grips, and collapsible stocks improves handling and accuracy.
  • Aesthetic mods – Paint jobs, attachments, and custom parts alter the look while retaining core function.

These are common examples of mods and add-ons to transform the Nerf Fortnite SMG into a tricked-out heavy hitter. However, mod at your own risk and only if permitted in your games!

Reviews and Opinions

Here are some reviews from Nerf community members about their experiences with the Fortnite SMG-E’s functionality and mod capabilities:

“The blaster jams frequently when loading the drum magazine through the side. Reverting to front-loading of darts prevents most jams.” – u/roguellama_420

“I upgraded the battery tray to hold a 2S LiPo and added Fang Revamped flywheels and motors. Hits 120 FPS like a beast! Just be prepared for rapid dart wear.” – u/horusrogue

“Works great out of the box, especially if you use fresh batteries. My only complaint is the proprietary magazines are expensive.” – u/gwr5538

“I modded an aftermarket 18-round magazine to fit by gently bending the mag catch. Doubles the capacity before reloading!” – u/Equivalent-Fondant16

Overall, when working properly the Nerf Fortnite SMG-E provides great stock performance, and can be upgraded into a truly devastating dart blaster through creative mods.


With some troubleshooting and DIY modifications, you can get your Nerf Fortnite SMG-E firing darts at peak velocity again. Investigate common issues like worn batteries, jams, broken internal parts, and defective motors. Cleaning and replacing key components can renew function.

For the best performance, modders recommend voltage mods, upgraded springs and flywheels, extended magazines, and ergonomic add-ons. While modding is optional, proper maintenance and repair will ensure your SMG-E stays battle-ready.

With these diagnostics and upgrade tips, you’ll be back dominating NERF battles in no time!

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