A review and explanation of the Nerf Hyper series of blasters, plus the best guns in this exciting new series, is revealed.

The Nerf Hyper series was introduced in 2021 following the somewhat disappointing introductions of Ultra and Elite 2.0 in previous years.

The Blasters in the Nerf Hyper series have a new design and use balls instead of darts. They share similarities with Rival blasters but also have distinct differences.

In this article, I will decipher the unique Hyper range, share my honest opinion, and reveal which Hyper blasters are the best ones to buy.

What Is the Nerf Hyper Series?

If you are reading this, you may be familiar with the Nerf Rival series. The release of the first blaster in 2015 significantly impacted the game.

Nerf blasters have improved power and accuracy by replacing their classic darts with balls.

Nerf Rival has been a successful line of blasters, and there is now a new series called Hyper. Some may question why Nerf released the Hyper series when it is similar to Rival.

Hyper Rounds

As previously stated, Hyper blasters do not utilize darts but shoot with balls known as Hyper Rounds. These balls are exclusively made for the Hyper series and are incompatible with any other blaster.

A Hyper Round is larger than a Rival Round, and while Rival Rounds are made of foam, Hyper Rounds are made of a rubber-like material and have a denser feel.

One interesting fact is that Hyper Rounds are more difficult to locate after firing than Rival Rounds due to their small and bouncy nature.

Another point to consider is that hyperrounds have a slightly sticky texture. This stickiness can cause problems such as jamming and feeding issues, as they can adhere to the inside of the hopper chamber or other rounds. Additionally, their stickiness also makes them prone to getting dirty easily.

More Ammunition

Hyper blasters have a higher firing capacity compared to Rival blasters because Hyper Rounds are smaller. The Hyper Mach-100 can hold up to 100 rounds, while the Rival Perses can hold 50.

With a Hyper blaster, you will have access to a larger ammunition capacity, a benefit of the Hyper series.


Now, let’s discuss performance.

The marketing strategy for Hyper has primarily emphasized speed (velocity of firing) and firing capacity. I have already discussed the advantages of firing capacity, so let’s focus on firing velocity.

Nerf accurately states that Hyperblasters can shoot Hyper rounds at speeds of up to 110 feet per second, which is achievable in ideal conditions. The excellent speed of the blasters is likely due to the design of the rounds.

However, hyper basters fall short compared to their Rival counterparts regarding accuracy. The six Hyper blasters that have been released lack impressive firing accuracy.

The potential lack of improvement in future releases of the Hyper series may be attributed to the design and materials used in the rounds.

My Verdict

In conclusion, Hyper and Rival blasters can co-exist due to the affordability of Hyper blasters compared to Rival models, making them potentially more suitable for children.

Considering the points mentioned above, it should be noted that I do have a favorable opinion of the new Hyper series. They possess attractive aesthetics and provide an enjoyable shooting experience. However, it is worth mentioning that they do have certain imperfections. Unfortunately, Rival sets such a high standard that it is nearly impossible to match.

It can be argued that the Hyper Round has hurt the Hyper series. Despite its initial good intentions, the Rival Round is considered superior.

If you’re interested, consider purchasing one or more Hyper blasters. You may find them enjoyable if you don’t compare them to Rival.

3 Best Nerf Hyper Guns

Currently, Nerf offers six blasters in the Hyper series.

Comparison Of The Top 3 Nerf Hyper Blasters

Feature Rush-40 Mach-100 Siege-50
Ammo Capacity 40 rounds 100 rounds 50 rounds
Firing Mechanism Spring-powered, single-shot Automatic flywheel Pump-action, slam fire
ROF (Rounds per second) 1 round/sec 4 rounds/sec 2 rounds/sec
FPS (Feet per second) 100 FPS 100 FPS 90 FPS
Power Source Manual priming 6 D batteries Manual pumping
Accuracy Moderate Low Moderate
Jamming issues Low Moderate Low
Weight 1.1 lbs 3.1 lbs 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 15″ x 7″ x 3″ 27″ x 11″ x 11″ 34″ x 11″ x 3″
Tactical rails No Yes No
Price $20 $50 $35

In this section, I will discuss the top three, beginning with the Hyper Rush-40, which is considered the best.

1. Nerf Hyper Rush-40

The Rush-40 is my favorite Hyper Blaster, and I would recommend it to any Nerf fan.

The Hyper Rush-40 is a spring-powered, single-fire blaster with a 40-round firing capacity, similar to the Rival Kronos. It is designed in a pistol style and can hold substantial ammunition.

The Hyper Rounds are loaded into the gravity-driven hopper-style magazine on the blaster. This magazine also serves as part of the priming mechanism, moving back and forth during the priming process before firing.

The Hyper Rush-40 is a weapon with impressive aesthetics and ergonomics. The priming and firing mechanism operates smoothly, with excellent overall performance.

2. Nerf Hyper Mach-100

Nerf Hyper Mach-100

Next on the list is the Mach-100, a fully automatic blaster powered by a flywheel. It has a magazine that can hold 100 Hyper rounds. The Perses is the Rival counterpart of the Mach-100 and can hold up to 50 rounds.

The Hyper Mach-100, like many other fully automatic Nerf guns, may not have the most comfortable design, but it still provides an enjoyable firing experience.

One drawback is that the hopper is somewhat inefficient, as the rounds don’t always flow smoothly to the front. Occasionally, shaking is necessary to maintain continuous firing.

The Hyper Mach-100 requires 6 D batteries to operate and currently does not have a rechargeable battery pack like the Perses.

3. Nerf Hyper Siege-50

Nerf Hyper Siege-50

The Nerf Hyper Siege-50 is a pump-action single-fire blaster with slam-fire ability and features an integrated hopper system that can hold up to 50 rounds.

This Nerf Hyper blaster is not my favorite due to its clumsy and inefficient firing mechanism. The slam-fire option does not provide much value, and the single-firing mechanism is functional but lacks excitement.

The blaster has a cool design and a respectable firing velocity.

Final Thoughts

To conclude this article, let me summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the Hyper series of blasters.


  • Strong firing velocity.
  • Fantastic look and feel.
  • High ammunition capacity.


  • Disappointing firing accuracy.
  • Vulnerable to jamming issues.
  • Hyper rounds have the potential to become lost or soiled.

What is the Nerf Hyper series?

The Nerf Hyper series is a line of Nerf blasters introduced in 2021 that use a new type of ammunition called Hyper Rounds. Hyper Rounds are small rubber balls that can achieve velocities up to 110 fps. Hyper blasters have a high ammo capacity and rapid-fire rate.

How do hyperblasters compare to Rival blasters?

While similar, Hyper and Rival Blasters have some key differences. Hyper Rounds are smaller than Rival rounds, allowing for greater ammo capacity in Hyper blasters. However, Rival Blasters have better accuracy and reliability than Hyper.

What are the top 3 Nerf Hyper blasters?

The top 3 Hyper blasters are the Rush-40, Mach-100, and Siege-50. The Rush-40 is a spring-powered pistol, the Mach-100 is a fully automatic flywheel blaster, and the Siege-50 is a pump-action blaster with slam fire.

What advantages do Hyper blasters have?

Advantages of Hyper blasters include high ammo capacity, rapid-fire rate, and firing velocity up to 110 fps. They also have a cool, modern aesthetic.

What disadvantages do Hyper blasters have?

Disadvantages include lower accuracy compared to Rival, potential jamming issues, and Hyper Rounds can get lost/dirty easily. The firing mechanisms can also feel clumsy at times.

How many Hyper Rounds can the blasters hold?

The ammo capacity ranges from 40 rounds in the Rush-40 to 100 rounds in the Mach-100. This is more than most Rival blasters.

What batteries do Hyper blasters use?

The electric Mach-100 requires 6 D batteries. The other spring/pump action Hyper blasters do not require batteries.

Can you use Rival ammo in Hyper Blasters?

No, Hyper Rounds are not cross-compatible with Rival ammo. You can only use official Hyper Rounds in Hyper Blasters.

Are Hyper blasters good for kids?

Yes, Hyper Blasters can be a good option for kids due to their affordability and cool designs. However, adult supervision is still recommended.

Where can you buy Hyper Blasters and ammo?

Hyper blasters and compatible Hyper Rounds are sold at major retailers with Nerf products, including Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

What is your opinion on the matter? Do you agree with my assessment?

I welcome your thoughts and will update this article with new Hyperblasters releases.

Review of the Nerf Hyper Series