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Back to Basics with Nerf MicroShots (5 Best Nerf Micro Shots Guns 2024)

How Do Nerf Blasters Work

Do you recall the Nerf Jolt EX-1, a pistol-style Nerf blaster from the past that shoots one dart at a time?

If you liked the Jolt as much as me (and I thought it was pretty cool), you’d probably also like the new MicroShots series from Nerf since 2018.

The MicroShots blasters are kind of remakes of the Jolt. They look like mini versions of big Nerf guns. They work just like the old Jolt, too. Put one dart in, pull back the slider, squeeze the trigger, and it shoots. Super easy.

That’s the whole idea of MicroShots. They look like little mini versions of popular Nerf guns but work the same as the simple, single-shot Jolt.

5 Best Nerf Micro Shots Guns 2024

The reason to purchase one of these is not due to their performance or accuracy, as they are lacking in those areas.

One reason to purchase a MicroShots gun is for its value as a collector’s item. For enthusiasts of Nerf, they serve as enjoyable souvenirs to enhance their collection.

Now, let’s examine my top five Nerf MicroShots blasters that have been released.

1. Nerf MicroShots N-Strike Elite Stryfe

Nerf MicroShots N-Strike Elite Stryfe

The N-Strike Elite Stryfe released in 2013 is a miniature version, meaning that all the components, including the magazine attachment, are cosmetic.

The items are decorative and do not serve any practical purpose. They are designed to give the blaster a larger appearance, similar to real ones.

Despite some minor discrepancies in the proportions, the replica is quite intricate. It is commendable that Nerf has invested effort in providing these MicroShots blasters with such detailed design, as it prevents them from appearing as inexpensive counterfeit toys.

The blaster is packaged with two Elite darts.

2. Nerf MicroShots Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow

Nerf MicroShots Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow

The design of this Micro Shots blaster is modeled after the Crossfire Bow in the Zombie Strike series, which was released in 2014. The miniature version also includes flip-out bows on the side; although they may not serve a practical purpose, they add a fun element.

All the design features are purely cosmetic and serve to make the blaster look like the real Crossfire Bow. Firing a dart is simple: load the dart in the front, prime the handle, and pull the trigger.

The Crossfire Bow includes two Zombie Strike Darts.

3. Nerf MicroShots N-Strike Elite Strongarm

Nerf MicroShots N-Strike Elite Strongarm

The Strongarm is a classic Nerf gun; now, a MicroShots version is available.

The similarities between this miniature version and its larger counterpart are quite evident. If you have a fondness for the Strongarm like I do, the MicroShots version is worth considering for purchase.

The product includes two Elite darts and fires one dart at a time.

4. Nerf MicroShots Zombie Strike Hammershot

Nerf MicroShots Zombie Strike Hammershot

The Micro Shots blaster is based on the Zombie Strike Hammershot, released in 2013. Although the proportions are not accurate, Nerf has done a satisfactory job of replicating the appearance of its larger counterpart.

A unique feature of the Hammershot is that, despite its appearance, the prime mechanism functions differently than expected.

The Nerf MicroShots Zombie Strike Hammershot includes two Zombie Strike Darts in its packaging.

5. Nerf MicroShots N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2×4

Nerf MicroShots N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2×4

The MicroShots blaster is a smaller version of the popular N-Strike Elite Rough Cut, which is included in my list of best Nerf Shotguns ever made.

The MicroShots Nerf blaster has a different shape than the original version, with a shorter barrel. However, fans of Nerf will still be able to recognize it as a miniature version of the original.

The MicroShots N-Strike Elite Rough Cut includes two Elite darts that can shoot one at a time.

Final Thoughts

I prefer traditional Nerf pistols, like the Nerf Jolt, and I appreciate how Nerf brings back the concept of small pistol-style blasters with the Micro Shots series.

However, seeing a new version of the Jolt or a retro version of the pistol-sized Nerf blaster would have been preferable. Despite Nerf’s history of releasing powerful blasters, there is still a demand for a small Nerf pistol that can establish its own distinct identity.

A unique, retro-style Nerf pistol might have been a better design choice for the MicroShots blasters rather than making them miniature versions of existing guns. Although I understand their appeal as collector items, the miniature aspect can be tacky.

What was the Nerf Jolt blaster?

The Nerf Jolt was a small, pistol-style Nerf blaster that shot one dart at a time. Loading one dart, pulling back the slider, and squeezing the trigger to fire was very simple. The Jolt was basic, but many Nerf fans liked its simplicity and retro look.

What are Nerf MicroShots blasters?

Nerf MicroShots are a newer series of miniature Nerf blasters. They are designed as smaller replica versions of popular full-size Nerf guns. MicroShots function like the old Nerf Jolt by firing one dart at a time.

How do you use Nerf MicroShots blasters?

Using a MicroShots blaster is very easy. First, load one of the included Nerf darts into the front. Then, pull back the priming slider or handle, which loads the dart. Finally, squeeze the trigger to fire the dart out of the front barrel. They work just like the classic Nerf Jolt.

Why are Nerf MicroShots good for collectors?

MicroShots serve as fun collectible items for Nerf enthusiasts. The intricate details make them decorative miniature versions of the real Nerf guns. They can enhance a Nerf collection without occupying as much space as full-size blasters.

What is special about the MicroShots Crossfire Bow?

The Crossfire Bow MicroShots blaster has decorative flip-out arms on the sides to resemble the real Crossfire Bow Nerf gun. These bow arms don’t serve any real function but add creative embellishment.

Which are the best MicroShots for Nerf fans?

The Nerf MicroShots Strongarm is a great choice for Nerf fans. It closely replicates the design of the regular Strongarm blaster. People who like the standard Strongarm will appreciate this miniature replica version.

How many darts do MicroShots blasters include?

Each Nerf MicroShots blaster includes two Nerf foam darts in the packaging. This allows you to start playing right away after opening the box. The darts match the series of the specific MicroShots model.

What Nerf series have MicroShots designs?

Some of the MicroShots miniature blasters are modeled after Nerf’s Zombie Strike series. Other designs replicate Nerf’s N-Strike Elite and other popular Nerf series.

Why are the proportions not exact?

The proportions of the MicroShots may not perfectly match the original Nerf blasters. This is because shrinking them while keeping intricate details intact can distort the shapes slightly. The focus is replicating the overall look.

Why not make a new retro Jolt design?

Some feel a new retro-style Jolt remake blaster could have been better than miniature versions of current Nerf guns. However, the MicroShots products appeal to collectors who want tiny, detailed replicas.


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