Nerf Modulus Mediator Review

Review of the Nerf Modulus Mediator

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The Nerf Modulus Mediator is a modular spring-powered blaster that was first released in 2017. This versatile blaster features a detachable stock, barrel extensions, and a foldable grip, and comes with a 10-dart clip and scope accessory.

The Mediator is part of the popular Modulus series known for its customization and “build your own” blasters. But how well does the Mediator perform in battle?

In this review, I’ll cover the key features and performance of the Nerf Mediator. I’ll explain who this blaster appeals to most and whether it’s worth the price.

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What Is the Nerf Modulus Mediator?

The Mediator is a modular spring-fired blaster that was first released in 2017 as part of the Nerf Modulus series. It features a detachable stock, barrel, scope, and foldable grip.

A top-primed direct plunger system powers this blaster. It includes a 10-dart clip and comes packaged with a simple 1x scope accessory that can be mounted on top.

The key highlight is the ability to customize the Mediator’s look and feel for different battle scenarios using the included modular components.

Top Features of the Nerf Mediator

Here are some of the most notable features that make the Mediator stand out:

Adaptable Design

The blaster can be configured by mixing and matching the barrel extensions, stock, scope, and grip. This modular adaptability allows you to modify it based on your needs and play style.

Foldable Grip

The Mediator features a foldable front grip that provides extra stability and handling. It can flip up sideways along the barrel when not needed.

Detachable Stock

The adjustable stock quickly detaches from the back of the blaster. This helps with storage and transport.

10-Dart Clip

A 10-dart clip comes included for quick reloading. The Mediator also works with any other N-strike clip so that you can use larger magazines for more ammo capacity.

1x Scope

The simple scope included in the box attaches to the top tactical rail. It provides a zoomed-in view for more precise aiming at longer ranges.

Performance Review

Here is an overview of how the Mediator performs in key categories:

Firing Power

I recorded muzzle velocities averaging 65-70 fps, which is standard for a direct plunger Nerf blaster. The power is adequate but not overly impressive.


The Mediator provides good accuracy for a stock Nerf blaster. The scope assists with tighter shot grouping at a distance. I was able to hit human-sized targets at 15+ feet regularly.


Distance shots reached 50+ feet flat when angled upward. The foam darts lose speed quickly past 30 feet, limiting effective range.

Reload Speed

Thanks to the quick-release clip, reloads only take 3-4 seconds. Carrying extra clips speeds up the process even more.


Overall, the ergonomics are excellent. The pump grip, handle, stock, trigger, and flip-up grip are all comfortable and intuitive to maneuver.


During testing, the Mediator fired consistently without jamming. If you use fresh batteries, it should operate reliably even with heavy use.

Build Quality

The Mediator feels very solidly built. The plastic is sturdy yet still fairly lightweight for easy handling. All moving parts operate smoothly.


Customization is where the Mediator shines. The ability to swap out the barrel, stock, scope, and grip provides numerous configuration options to suit your needs.

Fun Factor

The Mediator is enjoyable to use thanks to its modular adaptability and reliable performance. Adjusting the look and feel to match different battle scenarios adds an extra dimension of fun.

Final Verdict on the Nerf Modulus Mediator

The Nerf Modulus Mediator succeeds as a modular spring-powered blaster that promotes adaptability and customization. While not a premium performer, it fires reliably with decent power and accuracy.

Who should buy the Mediator? It’s a great choice for Nerf fans who appreciate modularity and changing their blaster’s form factor for different battles. Kids, in particular, will enjoy the many customization possibilities.

Given the included accessories, the Mediator provides solid value for the price point. If you’re seeking a versatile base blaster to build on and tinker with over time, it’s a solid choice.

Review Summary Author Rating
Nerf Modulus Mediator The Nerf Mediator is a customizable spring-powered blaster with interchangeable parts. While decent performance, the modularity and included accessories provide good versatility and value. Dave Solomon 4.6 (out of 5)

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