Review of the Nerf Modulus Regulator (2024)

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Nerf Modulus Regulator Review (2024)

The Nerf Modulus Regulator, first released in 2016, is one of the most customizable and high-performance flywheel blasters in the popular Modulus lineup.

It features a motorized semi-auto firing system and comes bundled with various swappable modular components to customize it to your play style.

But how does it perform in battle? And is it worth the price?

In this detailed review, I’ll cover the blaster’s key features and performance to help you decide if the Regulator suits you.

Fully Motorized Flywheel Firing

At the heart of the Regulator is its motorized flywheel firing system. Pull the trigger, and two battery-powered flywheels rapidly spin up and propel darts downrange at high speeds.

This gives the Regulator a high rate of fire that can quickly overwhelm opponents. Hold down the trigger and watch as darts stream out quickly.

The flywheel mechanism generates enough force to launch standard elite darts up to 90 feet per second. That’s on par with many Rival blasters in terms of velocity.

A neat design choice is that the Regulator doesn’t rely on batteries alone. It has a rechargeable battery pack but can also run on 4D batteries for added flexibility.

Extensive Customization Options

A significant highlight of the Regulator is the vast array of customization options. The blaster comes bundled with swappable Modulus components like a foldable stock, dual-rail barrel, targeting scope, and more.

You can mix and match the parts to modify the Regulator into different configurations to match battle scenarios. Outfit it as a compact SMG for close-quarters combat. Or extend the barrel and add a scope for a sniper rifle.

The customization doesn’t end there, either. The Regulator is compatible with a plethora of third-party Modulus components. You can add more tactical rails, grips, sight scopes, and other accessories to personalize it.

Great Performance for a Stock Blaster

The Regulator boasts excellent performance and firing power even in its stock configuration. The rate of fire borders is excessive thanks to the motorized flywheels.

It achieves firing velocities of around 90 FPS when using the included 12-round magazine and Elite darts. That translates to an effective range of 60+ feet. Accuracy is also quite good within that range.

The 12-round magazine is a bit limiting. But you can upgrade to the 25-dart drum magazine, which is also included in the box for even more excessive dart spamming.

Minor Shortcomings

While the Regulator performs admirably, it does come with a few limitations. The battery life is mediocre. Expect to get 50 shots at most per full charge. Having spare batteries is a must for more prolonged battles.

The flywheel firing mechanism also adds noise and a slight delay between trigger pull and dart firing as the wheels spin up. These are typical tradeoffs for motorized flywheel blasters.

The Verdict

The Modulus Regulator delivers outstanding performance and customizability for a stock Nerf blaster.

It has a blistering rate of fire, good accuracy and range, and tons of customization options. Battery life could be better, but it’s a minor complaint.

If you like advanced tactical accessories and unleashing a motorized storm of dart mayhem, the Regulator is easily one of the best choices from the Modulus lineup. Highly recommended.


Review Summary Author Rating
Nerf Modulus Regulator With extensive customization options, motorized flywheel firing, and excellent performance, the Regulator is one of the Modulus lineup’s best and most versatile blasters. Dave Solomon 4.7 (out of 5)


Nerf Modulus Regulator Review

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