Nerf N-Strike Elite Trilogy DS-15 Review (2024)

Key Takeaways

  • Fires 3 Elite darts simultaneously using reloadable dart shells 🏹🏹🏹
  • The pump-action priming handle provides a satisfying firing motion 💪
  • Ejects spent shells automatically for quick reloading ↪️⏩
  • Comes with five preloaded dart shells holding 15 darts in total 💣💣💣💣💣
  • Designed for ages 14+ with adult supervision recommended for younger users 👨‍👦
  • Features tactical rail for adding accessories like sights or grips 💼
  • The advertised firing range of up to 90 feet with Elite darts 🎯🏹
  • Eye-catching aggressive styling resembles a real shotgun 🔫
  • Spring-powered, so no batteries or electricity are required ⚡️🚫
  • Great for Nerf collectors and those wanting a unique novelty blaster 🤩👍

Nerf N-Strike Elite Trilogy DS-15 Review 2024

The Nerf Elite Trilogy DS-15 is a spring-powered pump-action blaster that fires three elite darts at once through shells.

This review will objectively assess the Trilogy DS-15, highlighting its unique features and offering honest insights.

What Is the N-Strike Elite Trilogy DS-15?

The Trilogy DS-15 is a shotgun blaster in the N-Strike Elite series, released in 2019. It fires darts with shells, with each shell containing three darts. The blaster includes five shells and fifteen Elite darts.

The name DS-15 Trilogy derives from Dart Shell (DS), which indicates its ability to hold 15 darts, and Trilogy, which signifies its capability to fire three darts simultaneously.

3 Reasons You Need the Trilogy DS-15

Here is a description of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Trilogy DS-15.

1. A Real Nerf Shotgun

What Is the N-Strike Elite Trilogy DS-15

  • Nerf shotguns are not commonly found in the market and have limited releases. I appreciate them but acknowledge that they may not have widespread popularity.
  • A Nerf shotgun is typically defined as a blaster capable of simultaneously firing multiple darts or rounds. While there are blasters that resemble shotguns, such as the Nerf Rival Takedown, they do not meet the exact criteria.
  • The N-Strike Elite Trilogy DS-15 is a Nerf shotgun that can shoot three Elite darts simultaneously, making it an impressive blaster. While it may not always be practical, it offers a fun experience, which is its main appeal.

2. Fun Firing Mechanism

N-Strike Elite Trilogy DS-15
N-Strike Elite Trilogy DS-15

Priming the blaster, loading a shell, firing, and releasing the used shell is enjoyable and efficient.

The priming action is intense and produces the expected sounds. Once primed, the top door of the blaster opens, allowing for shell loading.

Loading a shell is a simple process of inserting it into the opening and locking it into place with the priming handle.

Once completed, firing can be done by pressing the trigger button, causing the three darts to be launched from the barrel.

After completing the process, the used shell will be ejected from the side of the blaster.

To prevent the shell from falling on the floor, hold the blaster horizontally and grab the shell.

While it may not be the most practical firing mechanism, it can be pretty enjoyable.

3. Aggressive, Eye-Catching Design

The DS-15 turns heads with its imposing styling:

  • The wide front barrel gives it a formidable shotgun look
  • Loaded dart shells in the back add to the realistic vibe
  • Orange and blue color scheme pops against black accents

It looks like a severe Nerf blaster, perfect for battle, target practice, or display.

Performance and Specs

Performance and Specifications

Now let’s dig into some details on how the DS-15 performs:

  1. Fires Elite darts up to 90 feet
  2. Pump-action priming slides smoothly and requires reasonable force
  3. Uses shell ejection for quick reloading
  4. Holds five shells in stock for 15 darts total
  5. Tactical rail on top for adding accessories
  6. Comfortable shoulder stock helps stability

Overall, it fires strong and feels great to handle and shoot. The pump-action setup allows relatively quick firing, and the shells make reloading smooth.

Who Is the DS-15 For?

While no blaster is perfect for everyone, here are the types of Nerf fans who will get the most out of the DS-15:

  • Those looking for a genuinely unique Nerf experience
  • Shotgun enthusiasts who want a realistic feel
  • Collectors seeking rare, special edition blasters
  • Players valuing fun and novelty factors above pure performance
  • Fans who appreciate imposing, eye-catching designs

Comparison of the Nerf Elite Trilogy DS-15 to other Nerf blasters

Blaster Ammo Firing Mode Capacity Priming Looks
Nerf Elite Trilogy DS-15 Elite Darts Pump-action shotgun, 3-dart bursts 15 darts in 5 shells Pump handle Aggressive shotgun styling
Nerf Elite Disruptor Elite Darts Single dart revolver Six darts in a rotating cylinder Slide action Revolver styling
Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K Rival Rounds Full auto 100 rounds in the hopper Electric motor Futuristic alien design
Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus Elite Darts Semi-auto 30 darts in the drum Electric motor Rifle styling with a long barrel

This table highlights the key differences between the DS-15 and other popular Nerf blasters.

The DS-15 stands out with its 3-dart burst shotgun firing and smooth pump action priming in a unique, aggressive shotgun design.

Final Thoughts

The Elite Trilogy DS-15 is a blaster with a unique firing mechanism that may not appeal to everyone, but it provides a lot of enjoyment. For some, that is the most critical aspect.

Firing three darts at once does not provide any advantage in Nerf wars; it may result in running out of ammunition more quickly.

If we set aside personal preferences and focus on the mechanics and enjoyment of the DS-15, it receives a positive recommendation.

FAQs about the Nerf Elite Trilogy DS-15

What type of darts does the DS-15 use?

The DS-15 is designed with Nerf Elite darts, standard-size foam darts that work with many Nerf blasters. The darts it comes packaged with are Elite style.

Does the DS-15 need batteries?

No, the DS-15 is a spring-powered blaster, so no batteries or electricity are required to fire. The pump-action priming handle provides all the power needed.

How many darts can it fire before reloading?

Each of the five included shells holds three darts, so fully loaded, it can fire 15 darts before you need to reload shells manually.

What is the firing range of the DS-15?

Nerf advertises a 90-foot maximum firing range when used with Elite darts. Range varies based on dart type and firing angle.

Does the DS-15 come with any accessories?

The only included accessory is the shoulder stock attached to the blaster. It does have a tactical rail for adding additional accessories sold separately.

How do you reload the dart shells?

Shells are reloaded manually. Pop out the pressurized darts and replace them with fresh ones. No disassembly is required.

Can you fire the DS-15 one dart at a time?

No, the internal mechanism is designed to fire all 3 darts loaded in a shell simultaneously. You cannot fire just one dart at a time.

How old do you need to be to use the DS-15?

Nerf recommends the DS-15 for ages 14 and up. Supervision is recommended for younger users.

Is the DS-15 allowed in Nerf battles and wars?

Yes, the DS-15 works well for Nerf battles, target shooting, and foam dart blasting in general. Most battles allow it.

What is the cocking mechanism like?

The DS-15 uses a smooth pump-action slide to prime the blaster. This gives it quick firing while still being easy enough for most users to cock repeatedly.

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