Nerf Ultra Five Blaster Review (2024)

Nerf Ultra Five Blaster Review: A Solid Spring-Powered Addition to the Ultra Series

An in-depth look at the Nerf Ultra Five, the 5th blaster in the Ultra line – a spring-powered pistol with an internal 4-dart clip.

The Nerf Ultra Five is the latest addition to the Ultra series of blasters, designed to offer advanced performance and features. As the fifth blaster in this premium line, it brings a unique spring-powered firing mechanism to the table in a compact, pistol-style package.

If you’re familiar with my previous reviews of Ultra blasters like the Ultra One, you’ll know that the series has had its ups and downs in delivering its high-performance promises. But does the Ultra Five manage to hit the mark?

Let’s dive into the details and find out.

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What Sets the Ultra Five Apart?

The Ultra series was launched in 2019, promising to deliver superior performance and advanced features, using newly designed Ultra darts engineered explicitly for these blasters. While the first entry, the flywheel-powered Ultra One, fell slightly short of expectations, the Ultra Five takes a different approach with its spring-powered, single-fire mechanism and internal 4-dart clip system.

This unique combination of features could make the Ultra Five a standout blaster in the Ultra line – provided it can deliver on both design and performance. Let’s take a closer look at what it brings to the table.

Top Features of the Nerf Ultra Five

1. Striking Design and Ergonomics

One area where the Ultra series consistently shines is in its aesthetics, and the Ultra Five is no exception.

The color scheme is eye-catching, with the iconic Ultra gold accents adding a premium touch. The overall look and feel of the blaster exude a sense of quality and durability.

Features of the Ultra Five

However, there is one potential ergonomic issue to note: the extended yellow grip section. While it adds to the visual appeal, some users may find it uncomfortable or unnecessary, depending on their hand size and grip preferences.

2. Smooth, Satisfying Priming and Firing

As a spring-powered blaster, the Ultra Five uses a priming mechanism to compress the internal spring and build up the firing force.

This mechanism is exceptionally well-designed, offering a smooth and satisfying priming experience. The firing action is equally pleasant, with a responsive trigger pull and a pleasing shot.

Nerf Ultra Five

During my testing, I encountered no jams or misfires, which speaks to the overall robustness and reliability of the blaster’s internals.

3. Decent Performance for a Spring-Powered Blaster

While the Ultra series was billed as a high-performance line, the reality is that the Ultra Five’s performance is more in line with a well-designed, mid-range Nerf blaster. However, this is not necessarily bad, especially considering the simple and reliable spring-powered mechanism.

The Ultra Five can deliver respectable ranges and decent accuracy, outperforming many standard N-Strike Elite blasters. While its raw power may not blow you away, it offers a fun and engaging shooting experience.

4. Tactical Rail for Accessories

One feature that adds some versatility to the Ultra Five is the inclusion of a tactical rail on top of the blaster. This allows you to attach various accessories, such as optics or tactical lights, further enhancing the blaster’s functionality and customization potential.


The Nerf Ultra Five is a solid addition to the Ultra series, offering a unique spring-powered firing mechanism in a compact and visually appealing package.

While it may not entirely live up to the Ultra line’s lofty performance promises, it delivers a satisfying and reliable shooting experience that should appeal to Nerf fans and collectors alike.

With its smooth priming and firing action, respectable performance for a spring-powered blaster, and the ability to mount accessories, the Ultra Five is a well-rounded option that balances functionality and style.

If you’re in the market for a new pistol-style Nerf blaster or want to expand your Ultra collection, the Ultra Five is worth considering.

Review: Nerf Ultra Five
Summary: The Nerf Ultra Five is a spring-powered, pistol-style blaster with an internal 4-dart clip. It offers a striking design, smooth firing experience, and respectable performance for a spring-powered blaster. While not the most powerful in the Ultra line, it’s a well-rounded and reliable addition.
Author: Dave Solomon
Rating: 4.2 (out of 5)

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