The Nerf Ultra Pharaoh is a magazine-fed, bolt-action, single-fire blaster in the Ultra line of blasters, designed in a sniper rifle style.

The Pharaoh is equipped with an integrated scope, one tactical rail, a 10-dart clip magazine, and ten Ultra darts.

In this review, I will provide an overview of the Pharaoh’s notable features and offer my unbiased opinion.

The Nerf Ultra Pharaoh blaster is available for purchase on Amazon.

What Is the Nerf Ultra Pharaoh?

The Nerf Ultra line of blasters has not been widely popular in Nerf history, but there are some positive aspects. The Pharaoh, one of the newest releases in this range, appears to be quite promising.

To summarize, the Ultra series was introduced in 2019 to provide blasters with enhanced performance and advanced features. One method to achieve this goal was through the use of a new dart type, Ultra darts, which were specifically designed to enhance performance. However, the initial blasters in this series, such as the Ultra One, did not meet expectations.

The Ultra Pharaoh, a sniper rifle blaster, was officially released in October 2020. It is part of the Ultra series, which focuses on performance and accuracy, making it logical for Nerf to introduce a new sniper rifle in this line.

Now let’s see if the Pharaoh sniper rifle blaster can meet these expectations.

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Top Features Of The Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Blaster

Here is my review of the Nerf Ultra Pharaoh blaster.

1. True Sniper Experience

Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Blaster

Some people may not have an interest in Nerf sniper rifles, but I personally enjoy them. They are a specialized type of blaster and may not be suitable for use in a Nerf war due to limited range. However, the purpose of purchasing a sniper rifle is different.

The Nerf Ultra Pharaoh provides a realistic sniper rifle experience with its solid bolt action. To fire, you need to pull the bolt handle up and back, then move it forward before lowering it back into position.

The process is reliable and enhances the experience of using a sniper rifle. It is also a smooth and intuitive mechanism that requires minimal force.

I find the Pharaoh to be an excellent sniper rifle and it currently holds a high position on my list of top Nerf sniper rifle blasters.

2. Great Design and Ergonomics

It is worth noting that personal preferences vary, but the design of the Nerf Ultra blasters is noteworthy for its recognizable color scheme.

The Nerf Ultra Pharaoh has the typical Ultra gold, orange, and white colors that combine well. However, some may find the color scheme to be a bit excessive.

One appealing aspect of the Pharaoh is its ergonomic design and ease of use. As previously mentioned, the Pharaoh successfully emulates the feel of a typical sniper rifle, and the priming and firing mechanism operates smoothly.

The Pharaoh is comfortable when held in the arms and on the shoulder, but it should be noted that it may not be suitable for small children due its large size.

3. Excellent Firing Performance

The Pharaoh’s advertised shooting range is 120 feet (or 36 meters), although it may actually reach around 100 feet under optimal conditions.

The firing velocity is impressive, reaching over 100 feet per second, which is in line with expectations for a solid Nerf sniper rifle like the Pharaoh.

The large scope on the blaster serves a limited purpose as it can be used for aiming, but it does not provide any magnification of the target.

Additionally, the scope on the Nerf Ultra Pharaoh is quite bulky and cannot be adjusted or removed, which raises concerns about its integration.

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Final Thoughts: Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Blaster

Is there a possibility for Nerf to make the Ultra series of blasters successful? The issue with Ultra is that the blasters have not lived up to the performance expectations as advertised.

The Nerf Ultra Pharaoh is a blaster that has strong durability, performs effectively as a sniper rifle, and has visually appealing aesthetics (although opinions may vary).

The advertised firing range of 120 feet (36 meters) is not very realistic, which is a concern with the Ultra series. The blasters are somewhat overhyped and may have been received better if they were not.

However, the Ultra Pharaoh is a good choice if you are looking for a new Nerf sniper rifle.

Review: Nerf Ultra Pharaoh
Summary: The Nerf Ultra Pharaoh is a well-designed toy gun modeled after a sniper rifle. It has a magazine that holds 10 foam darts. The Pharaoh is a bolt-action toy gun that provides an experience similar to using a real sniper rifle. It has good firing power for a toy gun.
Author: Thomas Dunnett
Rating: 4.4 (out of 5)

FAQs about Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Blaster

What is the Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Blaster?

The Nerf Ultra Pharaoh is a new bolt-action toy blaster modeled after a sniper rifle. It has a sleek design with detailing that gives it an Egyptian-inspired look. The Pharaoh blaster is part of the Nerf Ultra series, which features darts that can fly further than standard Nerf darts.

How many darts can the Pharaoh hold?

The Pharaoh blaster has a 10-dart rotating magazine. This provides plenty of ammo capacity for nerf battles. The magazines are also easy to reload on the fly.

What kind of darts does it fire?

It fires the new Nerf Ultra darts, which have a sleek design and aerodynamic shape that allows for better flight distance of up to 120 feet. The foam darts are also compatible with other Ultra blasters and magazines.

How far can the darts shoot?

Nerf advertises a firing distance of up to 120 feet for the Ultra darts. This makes the Pharaoh one of the farthest shooting Nerf blasters available. The long-distance firing, coupled with the sniper-style design, makes this blaster ideal for targeting opponents from across the nerf battlefield.

Does it have any special features?

One of the coolest features of the Pharaoh is the bolt-action priming. This gives it an authentic sniper rifle feel. The bolt handle smoothly pulls back and chambers the next foam dart for firing. The blaster also includes a detachable scope to help take aim at far off targets.

How fast can it fire darts?

The firing rate is dependent on how fast you can prime the bolt action. It does not have a motorized firing mechanism. So the rate of fire is determined by the shooter’s manual priming speed, unlike automatic nerf blasters.

How big and heavy is the Pharaoh blaster?

It measures 35.5 inches long and weighs 1.25 pounds. The Pharaoh is sized for kids ages 8 and up. It’s large enough to be used comfortably by adults too. The blaster is lightweight considering its longer barrel and magazine.

Does it require batteries?

No, the Pharaoh does not require batteries! It is spring powered, so no batteries are needed for the firing action. The bolt handle is manually primed to chamber each dart.

Is the Pharaoh easy to use for kids?

The Pharaoh is designed with an easy bolt-action priming method that kids 8 years and older should be able to handle well. The magazines are also quick and simple for reloading. Of course, adult supervision is still recommended for younger kids.

What is the price of the Nerf Ultra Pharaoh?

The Nerf Ultra Pharaoh blaster retails for $49.99. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a long-range, sniper-style toy blaster that provides a fun and authentic experience.


Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Blaster