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50 Nerf War Slogans & Sayings

Nerf War Slogans & Sayings

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Whether it’s a yearly Nerf fight with your neighbors or a team-building game at work, nothing is more fun than a friendly competition with foam darts.

Need ideas for your team? Check out our Nerf war slogans & sayings below.

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50 Nerf War Sayings & Slogans

Here are 50 popular Nerf War Sayings & Slogans.

1. A little trigger-happy.
2. All guns blazing.
3. All is fair in love and Nerf war.

Nerf War Slogans & Sayings4. Blast from the past.

Blast from the past.
5. Don’t jump the gun.
6. Everywhere is our battlefield.
7. Fear the foam.
8. Friendly foam fire.
9. Got firepower?
10. Have you seen my darts?
11. Hit me with your best shot.
12. It’s all fun and games until someone takes a dart to the eye.
13. It’s Nerf or never.

Nerf War Sayings & Slogans_GeniesMag
14. Keep calm and shoot your Nerf gun.
15. Let’s have a Nerf war they said…
16. My inner child is screaming.
17. Non-expanding recreational foam experts.
18. Nothing but Nerf.
19. Oh, shoot.
20. Ready to strike.
21. Stick to your guns.
22. Trying to be a hotshot?
23. Wait until you feel 30mph.
24. Welcome to the gun show.
25. We’re calling the shots.
26. We take our Nerf war seriously.
27. Foam for thought.
28. Dart diplomacy.
29. Blaster banter.
30. Trigger talk.
31. Foam frenzy.
32. Dart discourse.
33. Blaster bravado.
34. Trigger taunts.
35. Foam folly.
36. Dart diatribe.
37. Blaster blitz.
38. Trigger tirades.
39. Foam fortunes.
40. Dart debates.
41. Blaster brouhaha.
42. Trigger turmoil.
43. Foam faux pas.
44. Dart derision.
45. Blaster ballyhoo.
46. Trigger tomfoolery.
47. Foam fracas.
48. Dart disputes.
49. Blaster balderdash.
50. Trigger trickery.


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