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PM Khan Warmly Greet by American President

guest of honour

After becoming the prime minister this is the first trip of PM Imran khan to US. It was a three days trip in which number of things have to be done like community meeting, discussion with president Trump, about NAP and the financial aid. PM Imran khan will appear as a guest of honor in white house on Monday.

It’s a community meeting of two figures turned crowd animating, patriot lawmakers. Khan rose to control by railing against his nation’s corrupt political elites. He directions the help of a stimulated and obsessive base that accepts he will make Pakistan extraordinary once more. On Sunday, Khan showed up at a rally before a great many cheering American-Pakistani’s at a pressed Capital One Field in Washington, vowing to handle join and reclaim the country. Where he interact the overseas Pakistani’s. He mention that he wasn’t expecting of huge number of Pakistani’s-Americans will come there. In his speech he enlightened the Pakistani’s-Americans about the benefits of meritocracy.  This event just gave a lot of fame as people start searching more about it. Thus a new trend on twitter became #PMIKJalsaINUSA.

Here are some of the reasons, ways and historical backgrounds of countries, that are major reason this  #PMIKJalsaINUSA meeting was held:

Pakistan and US relations

On the lightest note, it has been says that both the countries didn’t have pleasant relationships, due to some reasons they are spoiled. Both countries started to acrid relation under Obama administration. There have been little goodwill in congress and leading policy circles. American critics are irritated with the Pakistan domineering military long engagement.  Because it may remained them unable to fully server those ties. So sue to Pakistan domineering military also affect the relationships of US and Pakistan.

Pakistan Aid Budgetary

Trump declared slices in help to Pakistan, incensed over the huge sum officially distributed by the US, all while fear based oppressor plan Osama container Loaded lived in a furtively

PM Khan salvo

Khan terminated back his very own online salvo, assaulting Trump for making Pakistan “a scapegoat” and disregarding the “failures” of almost two decades of U.S. what’s more, NATO-sponsored military tasks in neighboring Afghanistan. Pakistani investigators point to an absence of American thankfulness for the large number of normal Pakistanis executed by fear based oppression, U.S. automaton strikes and a ridiculous counterinsurgency against activist gatherings inside the nation.

Apprehend of Religio-Political Leader:

Pakistan proved faithfulness by arresting Hafez Saeed, a terrorist, who was indulge in terrorist attack of Mumbai.  But Trump and other Indian officials do not have believe of apprehend of Hafez Saeed. This is may because many time he got arrested but soon he escaped.

US and Afghanistan:

A U.S.- drove procedure to representative harmony with the Taliban — and at last enable Trump to unwind the U.S. military nearness there — has recorded forward sporadically.

“The deeper problem is that the U.S. has no real leverage in Afghanistan. Khan knows this, and so does the Taliban,”  wrote by Bloomberg columnist Eli Lake.

The US needs Pakistan:

Undoubtedly US needs Pakistan, if Pakistan help in bringing Taliban to the table. Khan sent a delegation that include army chief general Qamar Javed Bajwa and head of intelligence agency.

US Leverages over Pakistan

Away from Afghanistan, Trump has plenty of leverages also.

1)The IMF recently approved a $6 billion loan to cash-impoverished Pakistan. And it also apply some austerity measures after campaigning to create an Islamic welfare state. Pakistan is also irritating from its financial blacklisting, FATF grey list, by a major international agency last year. FATF Pakistan can seek recourse from the Trump administration.

2)As we’ve seen that in 2018, due to some reasons Pakistan remained in FATF grey list. And the threat of being FATF grey listed now reveals with some extent.

guest of honour

Profit by Pakistan Today

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Trump Administration Trade Policy, Push China to Retaliate

trump administration trade policy
  • Chinese government blamed Trump for disregarding their June agreement.

  • President Xi Jinping to recover negotiate terms at closure an overpriced battle.

  • The government-drove formation of global competitors in different technologies.

According to new trump administration trade policy, US will force 10% tariff on worth $300 billion of China’s products.

The trade war proceeds because China has taken steps to fight back if President Donald Trump’s arranged levy hike proceed.

Jump To

Trump Shocked the Market

Trump’s declaration amazed financial specialists after White House, he said as Beijing guaranteed to purchase more farm products. It derived as their most recent trade talks finished in Shanghai without indication of an arrangement.

This news sent to United States stock market into an inversion, leaping before trading finished for a day. The subsequent cycle of trade discussions between the United states. also, China are planned for September. That subsequent tariffs could be stretched out to the US purchases from China.

Chinese blame Trump

Chinese government blamed Trump for disregarding their June agreement, which may hurt 13th five year plan china, with President Xi Jinping to recover negotiate terms at closure an overpriced battle about Beijing’s exchange surplus and ambition technology.

Hua Chuying said that, China will take essential some measures for defense.

The Trump government stresses American’s industrial leadership may be undermined by 13th five year plan china, for the government-drove formation of global competitors in different technologies. Japan and Europe reverberation U.S. objections that 13th five year plan china disregard Beijing market opening responsibilities.

trump administration trade policy


Taxes and Duties Increase

Washington prior forced 25% taxes on $250B on Chinese items. Beijing retaliates back by increasing import obligations on $110 billion of United States merchandise.

China’s imported merchandise from U.S. worth $160 billion a year ago. Yet, controllers have stretched out reciprocal measures to incorporate delaying traditions freedom for American organizations and putting-off the issuing permit in protection and different fields.


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‘My Job is to Keep You Alive’: Indian PM Modi with Bear Grylls on an Adventurous Trip

my job
  • Shot of beautiful mountains at Uttarakhand’s.

  • PM Modi’s adventure to increase awareness.

  • PM Modi shaping an unarranged spear and rowing a boat.

PM Narendra Modi, 14th prime minister of India, proclaimed on internet to test his courage. He with world most popular survival instructor Bear Grylls, will be complete their journey together. Bear Grylls has also been on the latter’s show ‘Man vs. Wile’, on Discovery channel. He help him to survive as he said that my job is to keep you alive.

During his survival training, 45 seconds clip shared via Discovery channel, in order to promote their channel. Due to air on august 12, on Discovery channel they describe this adventurous trip as “frank and freewheeling journey”. They secure a huge attention as it was broadcast in 180 countries.

In this clip, PM holds wilderness setting, shaping an un-arranged spear and rowing a boat.

When PM Modi was staring at his self-made weapon, he said that he will keep this weapon with him for Grylls. Then Grylls replied that PM Modi is important personality in India my job is to keep him alive.

Shot of beautiful mountains at Uttarakhand’s, a forested wildlife reservation in northern India’s Uttarakhand State, having most beautiful mountains in the world, shows the PM Modi’s good effort to increase awareness of environmental causes and animal conservation. Grylls also had been hosted former president of United States, Barak Obama. He exhibit his great feelings with PM Modi, but no stranger more than previously hosted personality, Barak Obama, in his show.

Daily Express

Social media reviews:

On twitter many of the users were was showing there greetings to PM Modi’s Participation. They call him a coolest personality in the world.

But critics also said PM Modi is busy in his television appearance and didn’t care about the countries problems. As unemployment-rate has more worth instead of it.

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Pakistani PM and Trump’s Center of Discussion is Kabul

Pakistani PM
  • “We’ve been there for 19 years and we’ve acted as policemen, not soldiers. Again, if we wanted to be soldiers, we could end it in one week, 10 days.” Trump said.

  • “We hope that in the coming days we will be able to urge the US-Taliban peace to speak with the Afghan government,” Khan said.

  • “I don’t think Pakistan respected the United States; I don’t think Pakistan respected its presidents. And I don’t blame them because they were dealing with the wrong presidents.” Trump said.

Recently, President Donald Trump made negotiations with the Taliban to end the war in Afghanistan and he calls that US-made “a lot of progress” by talking on this topic in a meeting with Pakistani PM, Imran Khan.

Afghanistan in negotiations, when Imran Khan, Pakistani PM, visits White House to meet Donald J. Trump, US President. The matter of war in Afghanistan is about close which has been going on since the last 18 years in Afghanistan, and according to Trump, “US has acted as policemen, not soldiers”. Furthermore, he suggested that they could end this matter using its barbaric military strength but the output leaves 10 million dead people on the side. Trump said he doesn’t want to go for that option.

“We’ve been there for 19 years and we’ve acted as policemen, not soldiers. Again, if we wanted to be soldiers, we could end it in one week, 10 days.” Trump said.

“We’re like policemen. We’re not fighting a war. If we wanted to fight a war in Afghanistan and win it, I could win it in a week. I just don’t want to kill 10 million people. Does that make sense to you? I don’t want to kill 10 million people,” Trump said.

As an alternative, Trump boasted Pakistan’s position is the helping hand in progress in the US-Taliban peace talks in recent weeks and said he believes Pakistan “is going to assist us out to extricate ourselves” from the war in Afghanistan.

“I don’t think Pakistan respected the United States; I don’t think Pakistan respected its presidents. And I don’t blame them because they were dealing with the wrong presidents.”, Trump said.

Pakistani PM, consider himself now is “the closest we have been to a peace deal between US – Afghanistan.

“We hope that in the coming days we will be able to urge the US-Taliban peace to speak with the Afghan government,” Khan said.

President Trump is using diplomatic strategy to step out its forces from Afghanistan. “We will consider changing that suspension on certain items if Pakistan meets our security concerns both in Afghanistan and about some of the externally focused groups. As of now, there is no change.” the official said on Friday.

Pakistan has usually denied it was the architect of the Taliban. It was one among best three countries to recognize them after they took energy in Afghanistan in 1996 and the ultimate to interrupt diplomatic strategy while US-led forces ousted the movement after the September 11 attacks in 2001.

“Stabilizing Afghanistan is Pakistan’s only real trump card in its dealings with the US”, Sherry Rehman argued, Pakistan’s ambassador to the US between 2011 and 2013.

In their meeting, they have also discussed the Kashmir dispute that has been a conflict between Pak-Ind since 70 – years, over which the US calls mediator to resolve the Kashmir dispute. President Trump mentioned that “he was making the offer after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi requested that he “mediate or arbitrate” in the 70-year-old territory dispute between the two nations.”

“If I can help, I would love to be a mediator,” Mr. Trump said on Monday.

“If I can do anything on that let me know.”

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