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Get Professional Pedicure at Home Instead of Going To Fancy Salons

10 steps to get you a high-quality pedicure at home with a listed few products.
  • 10 steps to get you a high-quality pedicure at home with a listed few products.

  • This routine will give you long lasting finishing with extra soft skin

  • Soaking feet in warm water gives a feeling of spa. Do the essential steps to prep your feet for pedicure

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Hands and feet cleanliness is something we all should do from time to time. We don’t have to squander on these salon pedicures when you can take care of them on your own. Besides this, spending so much on makeup leave us neglecting this hygiene routine for our hands and feet. In fact, we try to go on with a single pedicure and manicure for months. But do you know that you can save up your expenses by following simple 10 steps that guarantees a professional and satisfied pedicure.

The owner of a famous salon gave us some tips that could help us to have a DIY fancy pedicure at home with few products which costs a lot less than at salon. Plus, it is saving you steps and discouraging your lazy minds.

Step 1: Remove the coatings on nails with nail polish remover

The first and foremost step is to clean the nails from any other coatings or even if you don’t have it, clean it still ad it could disinfect some germs too.

Step 2: Get your feet in warm water.

Fill the tub or basin with warm water with any cleanser like body wash, soaps or shampoo just to remove dirt from the foot. The warm water make your skin soft and relaxed like you are in a spa. Soak your feet for 15 min. Meanwhile you could put some aloe Vera on face to create a vibe.

Step 3: Remove the hard sole (dead skin) with a foot filer.

After poaching your feet, use a foot filer to scale out the dead from feet. The hard areas are the sole, skin of ball of big toe and near the malleolus. Rub against the skin to remove the dead skin.

Step 4: Shape up the nails.

Use a nail clipper to shape up the nails and even them with nail filers. According to a professional, people make mistake in clipping the cuticles too which has no basic concern with pedicure. In fact, these cuticles help to protect the nail from getting infection and here we are cutting them out.

Step 5: Apply cuticle oil.

The main purpose of the cuticle oil is to keep the skin moisturized and soft. Apply the oil into the base of nail and gently massage it to absorb.

Step 6: Apply the moisturizer.

This is one of the concepts of pedicure i.e. to keep the skin soft and moisturized. A point to remember is that always use unscented moisturizer. The synthetic ones make the nails crack.

Step 7: Dress up the toes for the show.

Use the toe separators to make sure that nail paints don’t smudge into each other.

Step 8: Apply the base coat first.

The professionals say that base coat avoid the direct contact of nail polish to the nail and it sits on for a longer time.

Step 9: Women! Paint the walls, Men! stop here.

The moment of truce has arrived for women. Apply 2 coats of nail polish and wait for it to dry after application.

The pedicure for men is same as above neglecting the base coat and nail paints.

Step 10: Top it with a cherry.

Finish the process by applying a topcoat which gives a continuous shine and freshness to your polish. The nail polishes remain intact for 12 hours but dipping the nails in cold water make it live a bit longer.

Now you get a salon quality pedicure and the effects are real.

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TOP most Classy Wedding Dresses on Instagram!

wedding dresses(

Sit back and order the most GORGEOUS wedding dresses through Instagram.

  • Hayley Paige and Lamiik Bridal House holds one of the best soft pastels choices giving you different versions of a perfect elegant dress.

  • Fusing indian heritage style with modern flair is Sabyasachi Mukherjee who has perfect detailings in his bridal work.

  • Alena Fursova is your girl of custom made wedding dresses while Galia Lahav assures you’re the prefect Sparkling Queen.

Going to the boutique to shop for your dresses is so old school these days. Therefore, taking full advantage of present technology and social media, the fashion designers have taken their business and retail stores online. With Instagram being one of the top online social platform for connecting to the world, it has become the old and young designer’s hub for reaching their audience and interacting with them. Here is my list of the top most stunning wedding designer dresses I’ve come across.

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Hayley Paige’s Soft Pastels:

Hayley Paige’s dresses are one of the hardest to pick from especially from her bridal collection. Her collection and fabrics will assure a ‘princessy’ bridal look on you on your special day. She mixes a variety of soft pinks and whites which reflects her girly-girl choice of bridal looks for her clients. If you love delicacy with a mixture of elegance, this is the designer for you!

wedding dresses


Lamiik Bridal House:

Moving on to another top stunning pages, I have Lamiik Bridal House which is run by the Indonesian designer ‘Biyan Wanaatmadja’. His wedding dresses are even rented out to make sure his clients never go unsatisfied from his side. The online boutique has excellent fabrics and a variety of rose petals and delicate whites assuring a romantic, sophisticated and a classy bridal look on you.

Cutomized Wedding Dresses by Alena Fursova:

Another designer on the top list is the Russian born, Alena Fursova who is known for reflecting a mashup of different cultures and defining the people through her art in her wedding dresses. Thankfully her dresses are CUSTOM made hence you can customize one up according to your measurements making sure they perfectly fit for you! She is one of the designers who keeps a thorough check on the feedback of the client to keep them satisfied! If you’re one with the measurement phobia, she is the one for you!

Indian Fusion by Sabyasachi Mukherjee:

Coming from the Asian-Indian culture is Sabyasachi Mukherjee, who was ranked the top young designer at the Femina British Council in 2001. His wedding dresses reflect the fusion of his rich Indian heritage with the modern flair! The dresses hold distinctive fabrics with excellent detailing of embroideries and according to what he believes that the dresses are an extension of one’s intellect.

wedding dresses


Sparkly Queen, Galia Lahav:

One of the luxury designers with Sparkly and Jewels on her wedding collection is Galia Lahav who has been into business for decades. Her elegant dresses hold a sense simplicity with GLAM giving you a SPARKLE of unique jewels on your special day. Lahav is definitely one of the top boutique choices if you’re a big fan of Jewels and Glitter glam!

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Why Your Makeup Fades Away And How To Fix It!

  • It’s not exactly easy to keep your makeup fresh all day, but it isn’t impossible either.

  • The most important tricks to achieving a flawless face are related to foundation and its proper setting which includes primer, translucent powder and setting spray.

  • An adequate skincare routine is mandatory to achieve the most perfect finishes as the makeup will just not stay put if its foundation is shaky and your skin is not correctly prepped up.

So you’re all glammed up for the night, the makeup looks flawless and you’re feeling confident. The evening brings about small talk, gossips, buffets, and dancing. Phew! What a night! You decide to take a small the restroom break to gather yourself amidst the evening. You take a glance at yourself in the mirror and uh oh! What’s this! Why does your face makeup suddenly look so dull?!
I’m sure there’s many out there who have faced the age-old menace of faded makeup after a couple of hours of wear. Luckily we have some great tips and tricks from some of the best makeup artists out there. Just follow these tricks and keep your makeup fresh all day!

ALWAYS use Primer!

There are no words enough o stress over this point. It’s ABSOLUTELY crucial! It’s a sticky base for your foundation to adhere to. It not only locks in your skin’s moisture but also evens out the surface so that the makeup application is smooth and flawless. And as it stops your makeup from sliding off of your skin, it also helps keep the products on longer and in the original freshness, you would want it to.


A Mist of Freshness

Setting sprays are something that all of our makeup artists have sworn by! They’re easy to apply; just spritz some on your face at the end of the makeup routine and voila! Your makeup is locked in. It usually contains PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone) which tightens your skin and stops the makeup from melting or smearing off of your face.

Translucent powder for everyone

One of the key tricks that people often miss is the use of translucent powder to set foundation. It can be used for all types of skin and is versatile for all skin tones as well. It sets your makeup by keeping the foundation locked in and fresh even with a light layer of application with a fluffy brush all over the face.

The Correct Foundation Shade AND FORMULA

All makeup artists have given their consensus that if you don’t choose your foundation according to your skin type, it’s bound to fall apart.
If your skin is oily and you opt for a dewy foundation, it’s going to slide right off after a while due to skin oils. And if you’re a dry skin gal, a matte foundation will just worsen the dry patches on your skin. It’s important to achieve the correct balance between the skin’s natural moisture and the finish of the foundation you want to use.

There’s waterproof makeup too?!

Not many are aware of the availability of waterproof makeup formulas. But then again not everyone is suffering from hot and humid weather conditions. So one of the best tricks is to bust out the waterproof formulas if your day is going to be sweaty! Trust me, its worth it.


Skincare is necessary

Every skin type will have its own appropriate skincare as there are no definitive rules as to what techniques and products suit your skin. A mandatory addition to your routine is that of exfoliation that removes all of the dead cells. Different types of masks can be used which include clay, charcoal or mud masks. There are now special charcoal masks to clean your skin from any impurities. Charcoal masks for blackhead removal are also available. The other most important thing is hydration; even for the oily skin types. Do not confuse skin oil with hydration as hydration is necessary for everyone as its what the dermatologist says and also what makeup artists recommend. In case of doubt, you should consult your dermatologist for the appropriate suggestions and products for your skin type and conditions.

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Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, Enlightening Diverse Women’s Fashion as Guest Edit

women's fashion
  • Meghan, now the first person as guest edit of magazine September edition.

  • She was seemingly much busy with a meeting of President of the United States, Donald Trump, during his visit in June.

  • Criticism by Jan Moir who is a Daily mail communist, concluded, on the reason of Meghan mostly supporting herself, as she was unimpressed with the assortment of women who are chosen.

In London, Meghan Markle, who is now being the Duchess of Sussex, asked a question.  As  she married the British prince Harry. How much she is honest about the women’s fashion if she is feminist? And would she appear with small roles to be the first British woke princess, as what people say about her?  And how much she will be climate activist to meet the requirements of royal family political status, as what they represent.

In answer, new British vogue answered that Meghan, now the first person to guest edit the magazine September edition, which considers being the bible of important year. She would work for diverse women’s fashion and controversial issues.

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Meghan had decided to decline the request to appear herself on the cover page. In this situation, Edward Enninful, a British vogue editor said that she is feeling that, by doing this it would be considered to other people that it may be self-possession. Instead, she wanted to focus on such women which she admires the most.

Jacinda Ardern:

Here are some of the other personalities who have both political identities and have cover features as-well. Like Greta Thungberg a  climate activist. Jacinda Ardern who is the prime minister of New Zealand, Salma Hayek who speaks about the women’s rights and Laverne Cox who is a transgender activist.

In an interview by Meghan, Prince Harry and Michelle Obama talks to Jan Goodall who is a primatologist.

Enninful pays attention to Meghan. He was writing about Meghan charity work, an editor’s note. He said that she has bears all symbols of an activist. And she is addressing the modernizing manners slowly, through which she approached her small roles.

He wrote that we will see her selection from the September issue, now she is also willing to move more complex areas. Anyhow they are concerned with controversial issues female empowerment, race, mental health campaigner or privilege.

Some on British media also said:

In the Sun newspaper, it said that Meghan was widely known for leftie views. On a very critical note, he said that Meghan was found to guest edit the magazine, but she was seemingly much busy with a meeting of President of United States, Donald Trump, during his visit in June. As she also gave birth to Archie in May.

women's fashion

Source: Variety

Another criticism was by Jan Moir, who is a Daily mail communist, concluded, on the reason of Meghan mostly supporting herself, as she was unimpressed with the selection of women who are chosen.

Although in the Royal family some senior women also have worked in the magazine before. Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, also appeared in 2016 on the cover. Moreover princess of wales, who is the princes of Wales, also appeared magazine many times.

Meghan statement :

In a statement, Meghan said that she has been working on that project for seven months ago. To direct its focus on causes and values that people are making to impact the world this time. She read the breaking barriers of diverse Women’s fashion issues. She continued by saying that she hopes people will be inspired as what she does. And by using the forces to change people will find in those pages.

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