Tips For Maintaining Your Nerf Guns

Nerf guns and blasters are fairly durable. Nerf guns are designed with a younger demographic in mind, having durable plastic pieces that can withstand a significant amount of vigorous play outside.

Needless to say, Nerf guns and blasters are fairly robust. Nerf guns are designed with a younger audience in mind and are composed of durable plastic components meant to withstand some rough play outside.

But just like any toy, Nerf guns aren’t infallible and weren’t designed to last a lifetime.

Nerf guns, like any toy, aren’t unbreakable and weren’t designed to last forever.

Nerf guns require minimal maintenance. However, to keep your loadout in good condition and make the most of your money, here are some Nerf gun maintenance suggestions.

Spring guns

Avoid dry fire as much as possible: This is fairly common knowledge, but dry firing is when you shoot your blaster without a dart inside.

Dry shooting, especially if you’ve modified your Nerf gun with a stronger spring setup, causes the plunger head to strike the barrel post, chipping and breaking it over time.

However, dry firing stresses your spring and wears your blaster, so it is best to avoid it altogether.

Do not keep your blaster primed in storage: If you keep your clip loaded, the spring decreases with time.

After all, if you aren’t going to shoot it soon, why compress the spring and cause stress when it isn’t necessary?

Pump/Air Guns

Clean and inspect: Every half year or after a large conflict, look for damage.

Place your pistol underwater to determine if there are any leaks. Patch the holes and repair them as needed.

Clean your pump guns with cloths and Q-tips to eliminate dust and filth.

Keep it well-lubricated: Lubricate the working parts of both spring and pump guns every few months or after each significant fight.

There is significant disagreement about the appropriate lubrication for Nerf guns, but in general, lithium or silicone-based greases tend to be safe to use with plastics and rubber. (They can be bought at most hardware stores.)

Vaseline or pure petroleum jelly may or may not react chemically, depending on the ingredients in your gun.

Avoid using WD-40 because it can eventually ruin your blaster’s O-ring, as well as edible ingredients like vegetable oil or KY Jelly, which promote bacteria growth.

Custom Painted Guns

Make sure your blaster is coated in a clear sealer or varnish: This not only keeps your Nerf gun looking excellent longer, but it is especially vital if you detail with acrylic paint.

Touch up any dings or scratches while maintaining the protective coating.

Avoid rubbing the pistol against rough surfaces: This includes putting it down firmly on surfaces like floors and tables.

Do not leave it in the sun: While your blaster’s paint job is unlikely to melt, the sun will bleach the colour, giving it a worn appearance.

Finally, do not use solvents on your custom-painted Nerf gun. This is especially true for liquids that are designed to remove paint, such as nail polish remover and paint thinner.

How do you maintain your Nerf guns? Tell us in the comments below!