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7 Tricks to Win a Laser Tag Game

Tricks to Win a Laser Tag Game

Laser tag is an exciting live-action gaming experience that tests your stealth, speed, and strategy. Whether you’re playing at a commercial arena or setting up an epic battle in your backyard, laser tag offers an adrenaline-filled opportunity to outwit and outmaneuver your opponents.

This article will provide 7 key tricks to help you dominate your next laser tag match. Follow these tips to sneak, sprint, and shoot your way to victory. Let’s suit up and get ready to own the laser tag arena!

Choose the Right Weapon

Your laser tag gun is your primary tool, so picking the right one is key. Most arenas have a selection of weapons that differ in size, accuracy, range, and rate of fire. Consider the following factors when choosing your laser tag gun:

  • Size and weight: A lighter, more compact gun will allow faster movement and reaction time. However, larger weapons often have better stability and accuracy at long range.
  • Range and accuracy: Test out various guns to find one with a comfortable balance of distance and precision. Some have tighter shot groupings, while others spray beams more widely.
  • Rate of fire: Faster isn’t always better! Guns with slower rates of fire often do more damage per hit. Consider your playing style – spray and pray or take careful aim.
  • Special features: Some laser tag guns have recoil, scopes, or other realistic touches. They are fun extras, but it’s unnecessary to win. Focus on the core performance metrics above.

Ultimately, choose a laser tag gun that feels intuitive and matches your strengths as a player. Whether that’s speed, stealth, or sniper-style play, your weapon should support your strategy. Don’t be afraid to try different options until you find your perfect fit!

Wear the Right Gear

You can’t enter a laser tag match unprepared and expect to win. Having the proper gear and clothing enhances your gameplay and sets you up for success:

Comfortable Clothes

  • Avoid restrictive outfits – choose loose, breathable clothing that allows free movement.
  • Wear closed-toe athletic shoes for running and dodging
  • Don’t wear anything that could catch on equipment or trip you up

Protective Accessories

  • Use a headband or hat to keep sweat from your eyes
  • Knee/elbow pads protect during slides and dives
  • Gloves provide grip and save hands from floor burns

Tactical Additions

  • Camo/dark clothes help you sneak and blend into shadows
  • Knee pads allow you to quickly drop into a shooting position
  • bandana around your neck can aid breathing when running hard

Get into the laser tag mindset by gearing up properly. You’ll feel like a true soldier ready for the arena!

Master the Art of Stealth

Stealth is one of the most valuable skills in laser tag. Your ability to move undetected and evade opponents will determine your survival and score. Use these sneaky tips to become a master of stealth:

  • Stick to the outskirts – Avoid high traffic areas in the center of the arena.
  • Use cover – Dart between barriers and only cross open spaces when needed.
  • Walk softly – Step lightly and avoid noisy surfaces. Take off clunky shoes if possible.
  • Change levels – Crouch or crawl to stay hidden and vary your height.
  • Look before moving – Peek around corners before crossing openings or doorways.
  • Use shadows – Keep to dim areas and move when opponents are looking away.
  • Mask your sounds – Coordinate movement with ambient noise.

With practice, you can traverse the entire arena like a stealthy ninja, avoiding detection and sneaking up on enemies. Mastering stealth gives you a major edge!

Use Cover to Your Advantage

Having physical cover between you and opponents is critical for both avoiding shots and sneaking up for the attack. Use cover strategically:

  1. Stay near cover in case you need to dodge incoming fire. Never leave yourself exposed.
  2. Identify the best spots during lulls in the action. Note areas with good sight lines from behind barriers.
  3. Coordinate with teammates to position for crossfire while remaining covered.
  4. Use props like walls, barrels, and stacked crates to block shots. The low cover hides you when crouching.
  5. Change positions frequently so you don’t become a predictable target.
  6. Fire from protection by leaning out partially from behind a barrier. Don’t overexpose yourself!

Mastering the use of cover will make you incredibly hard to hit. You’ll also have the advantage of contained sight lines for picking off your opponents!

Work as a Team

While individual skill is important, laser tag often comes down to effective teamwork. Work with allies using these tips:

  • Communicate locations, enemy sightings, and strategy using brief but clear language.
  • Coordinate movements to advance together, provide crossfire, and avoid friendly fire.
  • Cover each other by concentrating fire so teammates can move between cover.
  • Distract enemies by firing from one direction while an ally flanks from the side.
  • Watch each other’s backs and call out approaching opponents your teammates might not see.
  • Revive downed players by providing cover fire and helping them to their feet.

A cohesive team utilizing each member’s strengths is far more effective than individuals acting alone. Teamwork is often the difference between laser tag victory and defeat!

Keep Moving

The most successful laser tag players are constantly on the move. Keeping mobile provides huge advantages:

  • You’re a harder target for opponents to track, acquire, and hit
  • Momentum allows you to traverse the arena and evade attacks quickly
  • You can approach from different angles and catch enemies by surprise

Use these tips to stay in near-constant motion:

  • Don’t linger in one area for more than 30 seconds or so during action
  • Use terrain for cover while advancing from point to point
  • Circle the arena perimeter to flank and avoid being cornered
  • Change speeds – move slowly when aiming, sprint from cover to cover
  • Stay low – crouch or crawl to improve stability while moving

Remaining an elusive, dynamic target will keep your opponents guessing wrong. You’ll also be able to outmaneuver them to capture objectives and rack up hits!

Practice, Practice, Practice

All the gear and strategy in the world can’t replace dedicated practice. You need to build laser tag skills and instincts through repetition. Try these practice tips:

  1. Drill repeatedly on core skills like snap shooting, dodging, and weapon handling
  2. Take different positions during drills to build versatility
  3. Focus on weaknesses in your game and do targeted training to improve
  4. Practice against better players – this pressure keeps your skills sharp
  5. Analyze and change habits that aren’t working; don’t just keep repeating them
  6. Be consistent – regular practice over time ingrains muscle memory and skills
  7. Have fun! Maintaining motivation ensures you’ll keep improving.

Don’t expect to dominate without diligent training over time. Skilled laser tag players have put in the hours necessary to hone their abilities. Now get out there, put in your practice, and take your game to the next level!


Using the right gear, moving tactically, enhancing your shooting ability, and cooperating with teammates make winning laser tag matches much more achievable.

Don’t let the next arena victory go to your opponents – get out there and use these tricks to up your game. Hone your skills relentlessly until you can execute these tips automatically.

You’ll quickly gain the upper hand (and bragging rights). Now, get ready to fully immerse yourself in the laser tag experience and unleash your inner champion. It’s time to get out there, gear up, and win!

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With the right mindset and consistent practice, you’ll be annihilating the competition at your local laser tag arena in no time. Get out there, be stealthy, stay mobile, and take your game to the next level with these laser tag pro tips!


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