6 Best 3D Printed Nerf Guns to Buy in 2024

6 Best 3D Printed Nerf Guns to Buy in 2024

Taking Your Nerf Battles to the Next Level with 3D Printed Blasters.

Firing a 3D-printed Nerf blaster for the first time might make you feel like you just reunited with a long-lost buddy.

Okay, maybe you won’t get as emotional as me, but it’s time to step up your Nerf war game and see how it’s evolving. The blasters you’re about to learn about are the best around, and I’ll explain why.

Here are the main features that define most 3D Printed Nerf Guns:

  • Made using high-quality 3D printed and metal parts
  • Designed for better performance and realism
  • Lots of customization options for colors and parts
  • More accurate and up to 3-4 times as powerful as a standard Nerf gun
  • Shoot half-length darts or multiple foam ammo types
  • Can buy pre-assembled and tested, or build yourself from a kit

Get your safety goggles ready and focus because it’s time to find your new favorite toy blaster.

What is the Best 3D Printed Nerf Gun?

The best 3D-printed Nerf blaster is the Caliburn by Captain Slug. It’s one of the biggest, strongest, and most customizable available. The Caliburn can shoot both full and half-length darts, with velocity options up to 280+ feet per second.

Here is the text rewritten in a table format:

Blaster Key Features Where to Buy

Popular Choice

– Shoots Full and Half Length darts
– Up To 300 FPS Power Options
– Custom Parts and Colors
– Great Size for Custom Sniper Build
Read Review
Buy at Out of Darts
Buy at Frontline Foam

Top Choice

– Extremely Accurate
– Up to 240+ FPS Power Options
– Custom Parts and Colors
– Immaculate Craftmanship
Read Review
Buy at Out of Darts
Spring Thunder

Most Unique

– Shell Ejecting Shotgun Blaster
– Up to 120 FPS
– Custom Parts and Colors
– Shoots Many Types of Nerf Ammo
Read Review

There are a ton of other great options, and sure to be perfect for you!

Here Are 6 of the Best 3D Printed Nerf Guns in 2024

Click on the name, or keep scrolling to see these blasters and get more detailed info!

1. Best Choice Caliburn
2. Runner Up Lynx
3. Shell Ejecting Shotgun Spring Thunder
4. Caliburn Variant Talon Claw
5. Lever Action Rifle SLAB
6. Pistol Zinc 2.0

Note: Even though these are called Nerf blasters, it’s because they shoot foam darts. The companies that make or sell them are not connected with Hasbro/Nerf brands.

1. Caliburn V4 by Captain Slug (Top Choice)

Caliburn V4 by Captain Slug

The Caliburn by Captain Slug is the original and probably the most popular 3D-printed blaster. Now on version 4, it’s been improved for more durability.

It’s made to use full-length darts but also comes with an easy add-on part to make it work with half-lengths too.

Once called the most powerful Nerf gun, it’s hard to say now since blasters are so customizable. But this one can be customized to reach up to 300 FPS!

If that seems too spicy, you can always pick a weaker spring. Performance varies based on the parts used, but there are plenty of options to choose from.

Ammo and magazines are sold separately, but it works with N-Strike mags. However, Elite darts aren’t good for high speeds, so I’d stick to half-lengths.

If this is confusing, no worries! See the buyer’s guide below for helpful info on springs, parts, and ammo choices.

For building your own with options, the Caliburn is very popular and great for newbies in custom Nerf.

Like most on this list, you’ll have to buy mags and ammo separately. A bummer, but lets you pay only for what you want.

Who Should Buy The Caliburn?

The Caliburn is the biggest here and could be great for a big custom Nerf sniper build.

Picatinny rails on top would be nice for a sweet airsoft scope.

It looks awesome and very intimidating. If there’s a Nerf final boss, this is what he’d use.

Get it built and tested, or a DIY build kit.


  • Ammo Type: Both full and half-length
  • Ammo Capacity: Many options
  • Velocity: 140-300 FPS (customizable)
  • Powered: Spring (multiple options)

Reasons To Buy:

  • Custom parts and colors
  • Works with two dart lengths
  • Custom power options
  • Great for mods

Good To Know:

  • $150-$250+ price range
  • Mags and darts separate
  • Basic maintenance needed
  • Less mobility

2. Lynx by Orion Blasters (Runner Up)

Lynx by Orion Blasters

If you want a guaranteed awesome 3D-printed blaster, check out the Lynx.

The Lynx has a bullpup design with the magazine feeding into the stock of the gun. Maintenance is easy since you can access the insides for upgrades fast.

It has slam fire! Hold the trigger and keep pumping to quickly empty the mag while keeping good performance. But remember, bigger springs need more strength to prime so long slam firing gets tough.

This blaster is strong, but you can pick spring options for your preferred power. You can expect 200+ FPS with the standard 8KG OOD Lynx spring, or go even higher with a 17.5!

A special 3D-printed mag release is included that lets you drop the mag from the back or behind the grip.

There are also several grip and barrel options, plus over 20 color choices to make it exactly how you want.

Who Should Buy The Lynx?

The Lynx is great for newbies in custom Nerf. It has a crisp construction and is easy to open up for spring or barrel swaps.

It’s mid-size and the bullpup design allows a longer barrel without a super long blaster. It’s accurate, mobile, and has competitive power choices.

Get it fully assembled or built from a DIY kit for less.


  • Ammo Type: Half-length darts
  • Ammo Capacity: 10-18+
  • Velocity: Custom (120-240+ FPS)
  • Powered: Spring (6+ options)

Reasons to Buy:

  • Great Bullpup design
  • Custom color options
  • Custom power options
  • Very accurate
  • Has slam fire

Things to know:

  • $160-$225 price range
  • Ammo and mags separate
  • Basic maintenance needed

3. Spring Thunder by Shellington (Best 3D Printed Nerf Shotgun)

Spring Thunder by Shellington

For shotgun fans, the ultimate 3D-printed pick is the shell-ejecting Spring Thunder. This blaster holds 4 shells and 1 in the chamber.

The coolest part is you can use different shell types to shoot various Nerf ammo.

Shell options let you have tactical ammo combinations like Rival, Elite, and Mega darts. Most shells fit 1 dart but some let you fire multiple at once.

You load darts in the shell and use it like a real shotgun. The satisfying shell-eject system kicks out a shell after firing and pumping.

The included spring launches standard Elites near 120 feet per second, and other ammo around 70-80 FPS.

Starting with the basic version above, add the custom attachments you want. Optional top rails and stock plus muzzle choices.

You can pick attachment colors and style your shell colors too.

Who Should Buy The Spring Thunder?

If you like Nerf shotguns, the Spring Thunder is the best. It’s a tactical choice to spice up Nerf wars.

While needing caution, lower FPS makes it usable indoors.

It’s ideal if you want an entertaining firing experience and don’t mind slower reloading.


  • Ammo Type: Multiple options
  • Ammo Capacity: 4 shells in tube, 1 chambered
  • Velocity: Up to 120 FPS
  • Range: Accurate to 100 feet
  • Powered: Spring (K26)

Reasons to Buy:

  • Satisfying shell-eject system
  • Custom color options
  • Shoots multiple ammo types

Things to Know:

  • $210-$250+ price range
  • Slower loading
  • Basic maintenance needed

4. SLAB by Sillybutts (Best Lever Action)

SLAB by Sillybutts (Best Lever Action)

Silly’s Lever Action Blaster, or SLAB, is a cool-looking lever action 3D-printed Nerf gun.

Its main feature is the lever priming handle that moves the whole mag forward.

The SLAB has 4 spring options for 100 to 180 FPS dart speeds. This gives great build options for indoor and outdoor use.

It works with straight Talon mags normally 10-18 darts. SLAM fireworks but is wonky and doesn’t increase speed.

It has a nice iron sight, but I think most will hip-fire for more lever speed.

Design primary, secondary, accent, and muzzle colors with 20+ choices.

It includes the Trivictus Mega XL Silly SCAR from Out of Darts on the barrel.

It also has a Picatinny rail and front and rear sling mounts.

Who Should Buy The SLAB?

The SLAB is for those who like lever action over extreme power.

It’s best under 200 FPS but can be upgraded for more.

Get it assembled and tested, or save it with a DIY kit.


  • Ammo: Half-Length Darts
  • Capacity: 10-18+
  • Velocity: 100-180+ FPS options
  • Power: Spring (4 choices)

Reasons to Buy:

  • Satisfying lever prime
  • Quality design
  • Custom colors
  • High-quality parts

Things to Know:

  • $185-$250 price range
  • Mags and darts separate
  • Basic maintenance needed

5. Talon Claw 4 by Captain Slug (Caliburn Variant)

The Talon Claw v4 by Captain Slug could be higher on the list since it’s like a smaller Caliburn. The main difference is it’s more compact and only shoots half-length darts.

It can get similar power to the Caliburn with 110 – 280+ FPS options from the sellers below.

Like the Caliburn, it’s very moddable with easy barrel, spring, and stock swaps. It comes with a removable foregrip. Upgrade options cost extra as usual.

Without a stock add-on, the Talon Claw can feel short, but that can also be the appeal. Stock options exist, and it still ends up a bit shorter than the Caliburn with most.

Who Should Buy The Talon Claw v4?

The Talon Claw is for those considering the Caliburn but want something more compact.

There aren’t many other differences. I’ll note there are also other common Caliburn versions.

You can get version 4 assembled and tested, or pick up a DIY kit to save money.


  • Ammo: Half-length darts
  • Capacity: 10-18+
  • Velocity: 200 – 280+ FPS options
  • Power: Spring (4+ options)

Reasons to Buy:

  • Compact Caliburn version
  • Custom color options
  • Great for mods

Things to Know:

  • $150 – $250+ price range
  • Mags and darts separate
  • Basic maintenance needed

6. Zinc 2.0 by 118 Design (Best 3D Printed Nerf Pistol)

A great 3D-printed Nerf pistol option is the Zinc 2.0. It’s a realistic springer with cool mag ejection for fun reloads.

The Zinc 2.0 includes two 5-dart half-length printed mags, but the darts are separate. 7-dart extended mags are also available if you want more shots.

This pistol comes with two springs for 130 and 175 FPS speeds.

It has a realistic dart stop that won’t let you prime if the mag is empty, so you know when to reload like a real pistol.

Under the barrel is a Picatinny-style rail that could work with a laser or flashlight add-on.

The best ammo for the Zinc is Worker Gen3+ darts that have to be added at purchase.

Inserting the mag can make an annoying plastic sound at first, but gets better over time.

Who Should Buy The Zinc 2.0?

Mobility, concealment, gangster firing; you know pistol benefits.

If you want a fancier pistol over a rifle, the Zinc 2.0 won’t disappoint. It also makes an awesome secondary to other big guns here.

Get the Zinc 2.0 assembled and tested or as a cheaper DIY kit.


  • Ammo: Half-length darts
  • Capacity: 5-7 dart mags
  • Velocity: 130-175 FPS options
  • Power: Spring (2 included)

Reasons to Buy:

  • Custom color options
  • Includes 2 mags
  • Quick mag ejection
  • Two springs included

Things to know:

  • $120-$150 price range
  • Darts sold separately
  • Basic maintenance needed

3D Printed Nerf Blaster Buyers Guide

Before diving into the world of 3D-printed Nerf fun, it’s wise to do some homework and seek advice. This ensures you pick a product that truly matches your preferences.

Begin by selecting a style that resonates with you, then explore the tailor-made features and enhancements offered by various vendors.

Below are several key points to consider that will enhance your purchasing knowledge.

Safety First

3D-printed dart launchers are not suitable for individuals younger than 14. Wearing eye protection and adhering to additional safety measures is crucial.

The concern isn’t just about the force but also the strength needed to prepare the launcher. Heavier springs mean more force is needed. Playing outside is best, but you can also play inside with lighter springs.

Always check the seller’s website for specific safety instructions and product guidelines. Remember, 3D-printed items shouldn’t be left in very hot places.

The Power of the Launch (FPS)

Standard Nerf toys typically launch darts at around 70 feet per second, and you can notice it. Other brands, like Adventure Force, might reach speeds between 110-150 feet per second.

The 3D-printed models discussed here go even further, hitting speeds over 275 feet per second with various part combinations. While the added force is great for distance and precision, these toys are not recommended for children.

Having a variety of springs for your launcher is wise so you can adapt to different play settings and styles. For more details on springs, please refer to the following section.

The speeds noted here are approximations and may vary based on the parts and materials used.

About Springs

A major perk of owning a bespoke Nerf toy is the ability to adjust its power by changing springs. Typically, one spring is included with your purchase, but you can buy extras for about $5 to $7.

Keep in mind, that not all springs are interchangeable or work perfectly with every launcher. You’ll need to do some research when looking to enhance your launcher’s springs beyond what’s available from the seller.

K31 788 K25 K26

Ammunition Considerations

When your launcher fires darts at high speeds, the darts can take quite a beating. Common Nerf darts and the ones from less expensive brands tend to break down and don’t perform well.

You might be able to use standard Nerf elite darts or even modify them to a shorter size for these blasters. But honestly, they’re not the best pick because they can’t handle the high velocity.

If you have some Adventure Force half-length darts, they’ll work for now. But for your next purchase, you might want to check out Worker Darts.

Generally, if you use Worker darts and their magazines, you’ll find they match up well. The worker is known for making powerful blasters, and their darts are built to endure high speed and force.

For long-lasting use and high-speed performance, the Worker Short Gen3+ Darts is an excellent selection.

Magazine Compatibility

The magazine-fed launchers mentioned here are all set to use with the straight Worker Talon magazines. If you’re into angled magazines, they can fit on certain models with the help of an angled magazine adapter.

Worker Magazine Compatibility Chart

 Talon 10-Round Straight  Talon 15 Round Straight Curved 18 Round
Talon Claw

Finding Deals Online

You can find these items on Amazon, though they tend to be pricier compared to the sellers mentioned earlier.

Out of Darts offers a Tachi 29-round Short Dart magazine that fits well with some suggested tweaks.

Assembly Kits: A Smart Choice

Opting for an assembly kit is smart because it’s more budget-friendly and teaches you the ins and outs of your blaster’s construction. Think of 3D-printed Nerf blasters as a grown-up’s version of building blocks – it’s really fun to experiment with different components.

These blasters don’t need as much upkeep as a real gun, but it’s still a good idea to clean and oil them regularly. Understanding how to disassemble them properly ensures maintenance is both safe and straightforward.

Make sure your kit comes with all the necessary parts. Usually, you won’t get magazines and darts included.

However, if you’re new to this world, you might want to start with a blaster that’s already been put together by experts.

Pricing & Shipping

Better quality often means a higher price tag. These custom-made Nerf guns require time for printing and assembly since they’re tailored to your specifications. Expect to pay more than twice what you would for top-tier, off-the-shelf Nerf guns – but they’re worth it.

Many sellers offer the guns listed, so shop around for the best deal. Prices are similar, but some might offer more color choices or accessories.

Watch for any notes from sellers about potential delays or expected delivery times during checkout.

Can You Print Your Own 3D Nerf Guns?

Sure, you can print your own Nerf gun components and accessories if you have a 3D printer, the materials, and access to STL files.

While STL files are readily available, remember that you’ll still need to buy a hardware kit to put your blaster together.

Wrapping Up

The custom Nerf blaster community is rapidly expanding, and it’s clear why. The focus here has been on “quality” and “options,” and for good reason.

Investing a little more in customized blasters that deliver superior quality and performance is a wise choice. They offer the ability to modify appearance, comfort, and functionality quickly to suit your taste or game.

Standard Nerf guns are fun, but custom ones raise the bar with better accuracy, power, and inspiring designs.

Next time you’re shopping for a Nerf gun, why not step away from the usual and choose a 3D-printed blaster?

Enjoy your Nerf adventures!

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