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5 Best Nerf Ultra Series Guns In 2024 (Guide)

Nerf Ultra Series Guns
Nerf Ultra Series Guns

Reviews 5 of the best Nerf Ultra guns, plus a complete guide to the Ultra series and the custom-designed Ultra dart.

Nerf Ultra Series Explained

Nerf Ultra is a line of blasters introduced in 2019. These blasters fire a new aerodynamic dart called the Ultra dart.

While the Ultra Series hasn’t been a massive hit yet, it does have some cool blasters worth checking out.

In this article, I’ll explain what makes the Ultra Series unique and review the 5 best Ultra blasters

Top 5 Nerf Ultra Blasters:

Blaster Price
1 Nerf Ultra Select PRICE
2 Nerf Ultra Five PRICE
3 Nerf Ultra Speed PRICE
4 Nerf Ultra Pharaoh PRICE
5 Nerf Ultra Four PRICE

About The Nerf Ultra Series

The Nerf Ultra series, marketed as ULTRA, was launched in late 2019. The Ultra One blaster was the first in this new line.

The idea behind Ultra was to offer blasters with better performance and advanced features. All Ultra blasters fire a newly designed dart called the Ultra dart.

While Ultra blasters resemble previous Nerf lines like Elite and Mega, the custom Ultra dart sets them apart.

The Ultra Dart

The Ultra dart is thicker than Elite darts but thinner than Mega darts. It’s also shorter than both.

Ultra Dart

Does the Ultra Dart make a vast difference? Kind of, but not as much as expected when it was released. Ultra blasters tend to shoot farther than Elite ones, but firing accuracy isn’t impressive.

AccuStrike Ultra Dart

In 2021, Nerf introduced the AccuStrike Ultra Dart as a more accurate version of the original 2019 Ultra Dart.

The AccuStrike has a flat dart head and a different color scheme, but it’s the same size as the regular Ultra dart.

AccuStrike Ultra Dart
AccuStrike Ultra Dart

While the AccuStrike Ultra dart improved accuracy somewhat, many still feel the Ultra series hasn’t fully met expectations.

However, that doesn’t mean the entire Ultra line is a disappointment. There are some great Ultra blasters worth considering.

To learn more about the various Nerf dart types, check out my article listing every Nerf dart ever made.

Now, let’s discuss the 5 best Nerf Ultra blasters in my opinion.

Top 5 Nerf Ultra Blasters

1. Nerf Ultra Select

Nerf Ultra Select
Nerf Ultra Select

The 2021 Nerf Ultra Select is a superb, fully automatic flywheel blaster that uses magazines. The Ultra Select comes with 10 regular Ultra darts and 10 AccuStrike Ultra darts, designed to be more accurate.

Even though it’s full-auto, the small 10-dart magazine capacity is a bit of a downside.

For example, the Rival Nemesis and Rival Prometheus have way bigger magazines. But the Select comes with two magazines and sets of darts; you can easily switch between them while firing.

The firing speed and distance with the Ultra Select are pretty good but not outstanding compared to Rival Blasters.

Nerf Ultra Select
Year: 2021
Mechanism: Flywheel system
Capacity: 20 darts

2. Nerf Ultra Five

I talked about the Nerf Ultra One earlier, and you might wonder why it didn’t make the list. That model was a huge disappointment and not the best way to introduce the new Ultra series to Nerf players.

Nerf Ultra Five
Nerf Ultra Five

On the other hand, the Nerf Ultra Five is an awesome blaster that easily secures the top spot among my favorites. This spring-powered pistol has an internal magazine that can hold up to four darts, making it a compact yet powerful option for any Nerf battle.

While the Five alone won’t guarantee you’ll win every Nerf war, its cool and eye-catching design, super smooth priming mechanism, and impressive performance make it a must-have blaster for your collection. The combination of fabulous looks and great functionality is hard to beat.

Nerf Ultra Five
Year: 2020
Mechanism: Direct plunger
Capacity: 4 darts
More info: Nerf Ultra Five review

3. Nerf Ultra Speed

The Nerf Ultra Speed is one of the wackiest-looking Nerf blasters out there, but it’s comfortable to hold (except for that tiny rev trigger, which is a bummer). It has two 12-dart clips that won’t work with other Ultra blasters.

Nerf Ultra Speed

They call this “Speed” because of its insane firing rate. It can spit out a mind-blowing seven darts per second, and that’s not just an exaggerated claim – it’s the real deal!

As you probably figured out, the Ultra Speed is a fully automatic, flywheel-powered beast that needs 6 C-batteries to run.

While the firing speed is its most significant selling point, the overall performance is still pretty solid. Just keep in mind that, like most Ultra blasters, pinpoint accuracy isn’t exactly its forte.

Nerf Ultra Speed
Year: 2022
Mechanism: Flywheel system
Capacity: 12 darts

4. Nerf Ultra Pharaoh

The Nerf Ultra Pharaoh is an awesome sniper-style blaster that quickly earned a top spot on my list of the best Nerf sniper rifles out there.

Released in 2020, the Ultra Pharaoh is a bolt-action, single-shot blaster that uses magazines.

But the coolest part? It looks and feels like an accurate sniper rifle, which is why I love this blaster.

Overall, the Pharaoh is comfortable to hold and use, with a super smooth and solid priming and firing mechanism that feels great.

And while it might not outshoot every other Nerf sniper rifle, the Pharaoh still delivers a pretty impressive performance regarding firing distance and speed.

Nerf Ultra Pharaoh
Year: 2020
Mechanism: Direct plunger
Capacity: 10 darts
More info: Nerf Ultra Pharaoh review

5. Nerf Ultra Four

Nerf Ultra Four

The last blaster on my list is the Nerf Ultra Four, a simple pistol-style blaster that can only fire one dart at a time.

Yep, the Four is the most basic blaster on this list, but for what it is, it’s a really fun addition to any Nerf collection.

The Four comes with four Ultra darts – one loads into the barrel at the front, and you can store two extras in the small compartment at the bottom of the blaster. Super handy!

Since it’s spring-powered, you’ll need to pull back on the long priming handle at the back to get it ready to fire. Give it a good pull, and you’re ready to launch that dart!

Nerf Ultra Four
Year: 2020
Mechanism: Direct plunger
Capacity: 1 dart

Final Thoughts

Alright, there you have it – my top 5 favorite Nerf Ultra blasters! I hope this list has helped give you a better idea of what this series offers, even though it doesn’t always get the best reputation from Nerf fans.

I can see why the Ultra series has been a bit of a letdown for some people. But that doesn’t mean we should ignore all the blasters in this line.

There are still a few cool ones worth adding to your collection, especially the five awesome ones I covered here.

So what do you think?

Do you agree with my picks, or did I miss the mark on some of them? Let me know in the comments if you love or hate the Ultra series, too! I’m always eager to hear different opinions and thoughts.


Best Nerf Ultra Series Guns


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