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Review Of The Nerf Desolator (2024) – Does It Lives Up to Expectation?

The Nerf Desolator

I’m back with another Nerf blaster review, looking at the impressive Nerf Desolator. This semi-auto flywheel blaster packs a punch with its high capacity and customizable attachments.

Let’s dive in and see what makes the Desolator a must-have addition to any Nerf arsenal!

What Is The Nerf Desolator?

The Nerf Desolator was released by Hasbro in 2017. It’s a clip system, semi-automatic flywheel blaster that can hold up to 30 Elite darts.

It has two tactical rails to customize it with scopes and other attachments. The jam door gives easy access if darts get stuck. And you can store extra clips in the stock.

In terms of performance, the Desolator fires darts up to 90 feet per second with an accuracy of up to 75 feet. The flywheel motor gives fast-firing action with a 30-dart slam fire capacity.

The Desolator has received great reviews for its customization, reliability, and high capacity. The price is higher, but you get what you pay for.

3 Reasons You Need The Nerf Desolator

If you want to dominate your next Nerf battle, the Desolator is the blaster you need. With its incredible customizability, high capacity, and accuracy, it will give you a strategic edge.

Reason #1: “Pimp My Blaster” Customization

One of the best things about the Nerf Desolator is how customizable it is. The two tactical rails let you attach scopes, grips, lasers, and more.

I added a recon grip, which gives greater control when rapid firing. The pop-up scope improves my accuracy at a distance. And the stock holds an extra clip for quick reloads.

With all these modifications, my Desolator looks and handles like a customized beast!

Reason #2: Slam That Jam Door

The jam door is a handy feature on the Desolator. Located on the side, you can quickly open it if darts get stuck in the flywheels.

I’ve noticed that cheaper Nerf guns often get jammed easily. But the Desolator rarely has issues, even after heavy use.

Being able to clear jams without fully disassembling the blaster is a huge plus. The quick access jam door makes playing uninterrupted a breeze!

Reason #3: Rapid Fire Flywheel

The flywheel motor gives the Desolator fast firing speed with good accuracy. I can empty a full 30-dart clip in seconds on full auto.

While accuracy decreases slightly at max speed, it’s still reliable up to 75 feet. The flywheels rev up fast and rarely jam, even with stressful slam fire.

The smooth flywheel action lets me rapid-fire darts precisely. Combined with the high ammo capacity, I can paint targets with foam!

Final Thoughts

To sum up, the Nerf Desolator is an impressive blaster that dominates with its:

  • Customization – Tactical rails for scopes, grips, and more
  • Jam Door – Easy access to clear stuck darts
  • Flywheel Motor – Fast firing and good accuracy

It’s a bit pricey but worth it if you want a highly customizable beast of a blaster. I’d recommend the Desolator to Nerf fans looking to annihilate the competition!


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