Nerf Rival Roundhouse XX-1500 Review (2024)

Review Of The Nerf Rival Roundhouse XX-1500

The Roundhouse, a pistol-style blaster in the popular Nerf Rival series, was released in March 2020. As a fan of the series, I have high expectations whenever I review another Rival blaster.

In this review, I will provide an overview of the Roundhouse’s top features and share my unbiased personal opinion.

What Is the Nerf Rival Roundhouse?

The Nerf Roundhouse was released in March 2020 as part of the Rival series. It is a slide-action, single-fire pistol-style blaster with a capacity of 15 rounds.

The firearm is more significant than usual, making it difficult to classify as a pistol. It has five built-in magazines and a rotating turret that allows for loading rounds into small tube magazines.

The Roundhouse blaster, like other Rival blasters, uses High-Impact Rounds as its ammo, which is exclusive to this type of Nerf blaster.

If you want to compare, the Roundhouse has elements that resemble both the Rival Artemis and the Rival Kronos.

Let’s determine whether it is equally good.

3 Reasons to Buy the Nerf Roundhouse in 2024

Here is my opinion on the Nerf Rival Roundhouse.

1. Awesome Magazine

Reasons to Buy the Nerf Roundhouse

One unique feature of the Roundhouse is its magazine capacity, which can hold up to 15 rounds.

The magazine is composed of five smaller integrated mini magazines shaped like tubes, each containing three high-impact rounds. While it may seem complex, it is highly effective.

Loading the five magazines is a simple process. Just pull the black magazine door forward to access the five tubes. Then, load three rounds in each tube, and you’re ready to proceed.

The Roundhouse blaster’s unique magazine system, resembling a carousel, enhances its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

It should be noted that a large magazine is not necessary. The Roundhouse can be used as a single-shot pistol by loading one round into the chamber at the top.

2. Excellent Performance

Nerf Rival Roundhouse

As anticipated, the Roundhouse demonstrates exceptional performance. This is not unexpected, as the purpose of the Rival series is to offer blasters that have more excellent range and power compared to others.

The Rival Roundhouse is a spring-powered pistol with a smooth priming mechanism. However, the Kronos, a true pistol-type blaster, is slightly easier to prime and fire due to its essential magazine.

The drawback of having a complicated high-capacity magazine with five tubes is that something has to give. However, this shouldn’t discourage you, as the Roundhouse is still a very smooth blaster that performs well.

Nerf is known for being accurate in its claims about performance, and the Roundhouse lives up to the advertised velocity of 90 feet per second.

3. Compact Design

The Roundhouse appears to be quite large for a pistol, but let’s set that aside and focus on the capabilities of this blaster.

The Roundhouse Nerf blaster has a capacity of 15 high-impact rounds and offers excellent performance. Few Nerf blasters are as compact as the Roundhouse while maintaining the same level of performance.

In my opinion, the Roundhouse is a valuable addition to your collection of Nerf blasters.

How Does It Compare To Other Nerf Blasters?

Here is a comparison table of the Nerf rival Roundhouse xx-1500 and other popular Nerf blasters.

Blaster Ammo Capacity Firing Mechanism Range Special Features
Nerf Rival Roundhouse XX-1500 15 rounds Slide-action Up to 90 fps Rotating Carousel magazine, High-Impact Rounds
Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII-500 5 rounds Slide-action Up to 90 fps Compact pistol-style, easy to prime
Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K 100 rounds Fully-automatic Up to 100 fps High capacity hopper, fast semi-auto firing
Nerf Elite Disruptor 6 darts Hammer-action Up to 90 fps Slam fire for rapid-firing
Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike 10 darts Bolt-action Up to 90 fps Modular accessories, missile launcher


Nerf Rival Roundhouse XX-1500: Who It’s Best For

The Rival Roundhouse XX-1500 makes an excellent addition for:

  1. Nerf battlers are looking for plenty of firepower from a spring-powered pistol. The high ammo capacity is a significant plus.
  2. Fans of the Nerf Rival series who want another hard-hitting blaster. It fits right in with the high-impact lineup.
  3. Those looking for something with more punch than the standard Elite line but not full-auto like the Nemesis.
  4. Cosplayers and prop builders who want an impressive-looking sidearm blaster.
  5. Collectors are seeking to round out their Rival arsenal with another unique entry.

Nerf Rival Roundhouse XX-1500 Accessories

There are a variety of accessories available to enhance the Rival Roundhouse XX-1500:

  • Extra magazines/clips – Allows quick reloading in battle.
  • Tactical rails – For attaching scopes, grips, lights, etc.
  • Custom decals/skins – Provides unique cosmetic customization.
  • Sling strap – Useful for carrying the blaster over your shoulder.
  • Speedloader – Quickly refills the carousel magazine.
  • Holster – Carry the Roundhouse securely on a belt or vest.
  • Extended barrel – Increases firing accuracy and range.
  • Stock – Adds stability for better aiming down sights.

Nerf Rival Roundhouse XX-1500 Customization Ideas

With some customization, you can make the Rival Roundhouse XX-1500 your own:

  1. Paint job – Add custom colors, designs, detailing, etc.
  2. LED lights – For cool illuminated effects.
  3. Custom 3D printed parts – Grips, stocks, accessories, etc.
  4. Integrated laser sight – Improves aiming capabilities.
  5. Upgraded springs – Increase power and firing velocity.
  6. Rival rechargeable battery pack – Motorized firing.
  7. Reinforced components – Metal bolts, screws, etc. for durability.
  8. Ammo hopper – Allows gravity feeding of rounds from a hopper.
  9. Extended magazines – Increase ammo capacity beyond 15 rounds.

Nerf Rival Roundhouse XX-1500: Modification Potential

The Rival Roundhouse has great mod potential for the following enhancements:

  • Spring upgrades to increase power. The plunger tube design allows for heavier springs.
  • AR removal for increased velocity and less dart wear.
  • Lubricating components like trigger catch and priming handle for smooth action.
  • Reinforcing the slam fire mechanism for faster consecutive firing.
  • Integration of a Rival battery pack for select-fire capabilities.
  • Custom paint jobs, either by painting the blaster or using hydro dip film.
  • Opening up the shell for internal access to motors, wiring, battery compartment, etc.
  • Fabricating a new priming handle or grip for ergonomics and aesthetics.
  • Creating an expanded ammo hopper to hold extra High Impact Rounds.
  • Adding an expanded plunger tube for maximizing spring compression.

Final Thoughts

I have a favorable opinion about the Nerf Rival Roundhouse and all the blasters in the Rival series.

I cannot definitively say that the Roundhouse blaster is superior to the Artemis or the Kronos. This may be because the Roundhouse exhibits characteristics of both blasters, resulting in a somewhat unclear identity.

However, the Roundhouse is a successful Rival blaster that is worth purchasing.

FAQs about Nerf Rival Roundhouse XX-1500

What are the main features of the Nerf Rival Roundhouse XX-1500?

The Roundhouse is a single-fire, pistol-style blaster with a slide-action priming mechanism. It has a large 15-round capacity using an integrated rotating carousel magazine with 5 mini tube magazines. It fires Nerf Rival High-Impact rounds at 90 fps.

What kind of ammo does the Roundhouse use?

The Roundhouse uses the proprietary High-Impact Rounds that are designed for Nerf Rival blasters. These rounds are lightweight foam balls wrapped in a soft outer material.

How many rounds does the Roundhouse hold?

The Roundhouse has an impressive capacity of 15 rounds stored in the rotating carousel magazine. Each of the 5 mini tube mags in the carousel holds 3 rounds.

How is the Roundhouse magazine loaded?

To load the magazine, you pull the black magazine door forward to access the five tube magazines. You can then load up to 3 rounds in each of the 5 tubes.

How is the Roundhouse primed and fired?

The Roundhouse uses a slide-action priming mechanism. Pull the slide back to prime it and push it forward to fire. The trigger also needs to be pressed to fire each shot.

How powerful is the Roundhouse compared to other Rival blasters?

The Roundhouse fires at 90 fps, which is on par with other Rival spring-powered blasters. It provides good power and range compared to Nerf’s standard Elite line.

What are the pros of the Roundhouse XX-1500?

Pros include the large 15-round capacity, slide-action priming, overall good performance and power, and the rotating carousel magazine design.

What are the cons of the Nerf Rival Roundhouse XX-1500?

Cons are the large size compared to a typical pistol blaster, and the carousel magazine can be tricky to load quickly.

Would you recommend the Roundhouse for Nerf battles?

Yes, I would recommend the Roundhouse. The capacity, power, and excellent design make it a great option for Nerf battles and wars.

How many rounds does the Rival Roundhouse magazine hold?

It has a 15-round capacity with 5 inner rotary tubes holding 3 rounds each.

What is the effective firing range of the Roundhouse?

Around 65-85 feet flat and up to 100 feet at an arched angle.

Does the Roundhouse XX-1500 need batteries?

No, it is spring-powered out of the box; no batteries are required.

What age is the Nerf Rival series recommended for?

Rival blasters are recommended for ages 14+ by the manufacturer.

Can you modify the Rival Roundhouse to use short darts?

Yes, it can be modded and adapted to fire short darts in addition to rounds.

How do the High Impact Rounds compare to Rival Edge rounds?

High-impact rounds have higher fps and tend to be more accurate.

Does the Rival Roundhouse jam frequently?

When properly lubricated, it has low jam rates compared to earlier Rival designs.

Is the Rival Roundhouse good for cosplay?

Yes, it has an impressive look and acts as a great prop blaster.

What batteries can power the Rival Roundhouse?

It works with both alkaline and lithium Rival rechargeable battery packs.


Nerf Rival Roundhouse

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