How to Win Your First Nerf Battle

How to Win Your First Nerf Battle: 9 Pro Tips for Beginner Strategy

Nerf battles have evolved since you were a kid. Follow these 9 pro tips to win your first Nerf battle. Have you ever wanted to...
Best Nerf Pistols

7 Best Nerf Pistols (2023 Buyers Guide)

Key Takeaways 1. Many iconic Nerf pistol models exist 💪 2. Great for first-time buyers and backup use 🎯 3. Features like slam fire allow rapid-firing 4. Dart...
Nerf Rival Curve Shot Helix XXI-2000

Nerf Rival Curve Shot Helix XXI-2000 Review: Battle Ready or Not?

Key Takeaways The Helix XXI-2000 delivers solid 70 FPS performance despite no batteries or motors The signature curve shot effect puts unique spins on...
Best Nerf N-Strike Modulus Guns

5 Best Nerf N-Strike Modulus Guns (2023 Buyers Guide)

The Nerf N-Strike Modulus series provides a wide range of highly customizable blasters. You can modify each one in various ways without any major...
Best Nerf Rival Guns

9 Best Nerf Rival Guns (2023 Buyer’s Guide)

It's no secret that I deeply admire the Nerf Rival series. My enthusiasm is evident in several reviews of Rival guns already featured on...
How Do Nerf Blasters Work

Back to Basics with Nerf MicroShots (5 Best Nerf Micro Shots Guns)

Do you recall the Nerf Jolt EX-1, a pistol-style Nerf blaster from the past that shoots one dart at a time? If you liked the...
History of Nerf

The History of Nerf (Who Invented the First Nerf Gun?)

A guide to the history of Nerf, one of the biggest toy brands. Find out who invented the first Nerf gun and what the...

7 Best Nerf Fortnite Guns (2023 Buyers Guide)

Reviews of 7 of the best Nerf Fortnite guns, plus a guide explaining the ins and outs of this unique range of blasters. The Nerf...
Nerf Fortnite SMG-E Not Working

Nerf Fortnite SMG-E Not Working: Troubleshooting and Mod Guide

The Nerf Fortnite SMG-E blaster is a popular dart gun modeled after the video game weapon. However, some users have reported issues with the...

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