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Nerf N-Strike Mega Megalodon Review (2024)

Review of the Nerf N-Strike Mega Megalodon

Key Takeaways

– 💡 The Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor is a sidearm blaster released in 2016, offering a sleek design and improved features.
– 💥 It’s a single-fire blaster with the option for slam or rapid firing, featuring a 6-dart rotating drum and a firing range of up to 90 feet (27 meters).
– 🚀 The Disruptor’s design is lightweight and modern, making it comfortable to hold, with ergonomic features such as a chunky trigger handle.
– 🔄 It utilizes a slide-action primer with a color-coded indicator, making it easy to prime and fire.
– 🔧 The Disruptor’s cylinder design allows for quick and exposed reloading, making it efficient for gameplay.
– 🔥 It offers a slam-fire mode for quick successive shots, making it effective in close encounters.
– 💲 The Disruptor is an affordable upgrade to the Strongarm blaster, offering similar performance with some design improvements.
– 🌟 Overall, it’s a solid, reliable sidearm blaster with a cool sci-fi aesthetic suitable for Nerf enthusiasts.

Nerf N-Strike Mega Megalodon Review 2024

The Nerf Megalodon is a blaster in the N-Strike Mega series that is known for its intimidating appearance and high-capacity 20-round rotating drum, making it a popular choice for fun.

In this review, we will explore the performance of the Megalodon Nerf gun to determine if it lives up to its impressive appearance.

What Is the Nerf Mega Megalodon?

The 2019 Megalodon blaster, named after an extinct shark, is a relatively new addition to the Mega series. It shares a similar appearance to the Mega Mastodon but does not require batteries like the Nerf gun.

The Mega range of blasters was introduced in 2013 as a sub-series of Nerf N-Strike. The Mega series was designed to have an improved firing range, reaching 100 feet, compared to their Elite counterparts.

The blasters in the Mega series use the Mega Dart type, which are red-colored darts that are significantly larger than regular Nerf darts.

The Megalodon is a powerful blaster that showcases the Mega series effectively. It includes 20 Mega Darts, a detachable cylinder drum, and instructions.

Please refer to my article on the best Nerf Mega guns to discover the most popular blasters in that series.

Top 3 Features of the Nerf Megalodon

This is my review of the Nerf Megalodon.

1. High Capacity Cylinder Drum

Features of the Nerf Megalodon

The Megalodon blaster features an oversized rotating cylinder drum at the front, which may appear large but is not excessively heavy. Overall, the blaster is well-balanced.

The blaster has a capacity of 20 Mega darts and can also accommodate AccuStrike darts for improved accuracy. The drum rotates while firing, allowing for continuous shooting without frequent reloading.

The cylinder is packaged separately, and once attached to the blaster, it is not designed to be removed. It is not a detachable unit that can be reused on other Nerf blasters.

2. Prime Like a Boss

Prime Like a Boss-nerf-n-strike-mega-megalodon

The Megalodon has a large, boomerang-shaped priming handle at the top of the blaster, which is one of its characteristic attributes.

The priming handle is unique and uncommon, but you will quickly become accustomed to it.

The blaster and priming handle have a bulky appearance, but the priming mechanism operates smoothly, which adds to the enjoyment of firing the Megalodon.

One thing to note is that while the priming mechanism of the Megalodon is smooth, it may not be the most ergonomic blaster ever made.

It is not surprising, considering the shape of the blaster, but it is still something to note.

3. Single-Fire and Slam Fire

The Megalodon offers the option to use both single-fire and slam-fire modes. Pull the primer handle once to engage in single-fire mode, and then pull the trigger.

The slam-fire feature allows the user to fire all 20 Mega darts at once by continuously holding down the trigger while priming instead of using the trigger for each shot.

Both firing modes are easy to execute and provide a lot of enjoyment. This makes the Megalodon worth purchasing – it performs its function effectively and is enjoyable.

In terms of performance, the Megalodon is a powerful machine. However, compared to other blasters in the Mega series, it falls slightly short in firing range and velocity.

Now let’s see how all these features translate into real-world performance…

Performance and Shooting Experience

Based on my in-depth testing, here’s an overview of the Megalodon’s capabilities:

  • Power: High. The Megalodon fires Mega darts at a high 75+ FPS velocity thanks to its sturdy priming mechanism and spring power. It packs a punch you’ll feel even through layers of clothing or padding.
  • Accuracy: Moderate to long range. Mega darts are reasonably accurate out to 60+ feet when used carefully. Beyond that, accuracy suffers from the natural instability of foam darts. Up close, it’s easy to hit human-sized targets.
  • Range: 90-100+ feet angled. I achieved 100+ feet range during angled test shots. Firing flat, expect 60-80 feet. That’s very good for a stock Nerf blaster with no modifications. The Mega darts maintain velocity better over distance compared to Elites.
  • Rate of Fire: Low. Due to the manual priming, the Megalodon has a slow rate of fire in single-shot mode. Slam fire is faster but harder to control. This blaster is built for power over speed.
  • Clip Size: Excellent. The 20-dart drum is large enough for most Nerf battles. Reloading on the fly is fast since you don’t have to pop in a new magazine. Just rotate and fill the drum.
  • Noise: Moderate to loud. The firing noise levels are similar to other spring-powered Nerf blasters. The whistling darts add to the intimidation factor.

The Megalodon achieves well-balanced power, range, and accuracy thanks to the Mega darts. While not the fastest-firing blaster, it excels at hitting targets decisively from medium to long distances. Up close, it can overwhelm opponents with the slam fire mode.

Next, let’s discuss the critical factors of design, ergonomics, and ease of use.

Design, Ergonomics, and Handling

  1. The Megalodon has an imposing profile, but how does it feel to wield it in battle?
  2. In terms of design, the Megalodon pulls off an aggressive, shark-inspired aesthetic that looks like no other Nerf blaster. The gaping maw of the drum magazine, sharp angles, and crimson accents give it a sinister appearance.
  3. The handle, trigger, and priming grip are all reasonably comfortable on the ergonomics front. The smooth handle fits nicely in the hand. The trigger and priming motions don’t require excessive force.
  4. However, the Megalodon’s large drum magazine makes it somewhat front-heavy. You need to support the weight up front to avoid sagging. This can tire your arms out during lengthy battles.
  5. The blaster is also quite long and bulky overall. With weight, maneuvering, and handling in tight spaces is challenging. Don’t expect the same agility as with a compact pistol-type blaster.
  6. Priming and firing require some practice to master. The priming stroke is smooth but long. Children with smaller hands may find it challenging at first.
  7. Once you get the motions down, the Megalodon achieves a satisfyingly solid feel with each shot. From the heavy priming clunk to the powerful dart impact downrange, everything conveys authority.
  8. Finally, the jam door provides quick access if darts ever get stuck. Just be gentle, as the drum magazine’s internals are complex.
  9. The Megalodon prioritizes power and intimidation factors over ergonomics. It’s a beast in function and form. Just be ready to wrangle the sizeable heft.

Nerf N-Strike Mega Megalodon Value for Money

With an MSRP of $50, the Megalodon hits a moderate price point for a higher-end Nerf blaster. You can often find it discounted closer to $40 at major retailers.

For that price, you get a great set of features:

  • High-capacity 20-dart drum
  • Slam fire for rapid domination
  • Improved range and accuracy from Mega darts
  • Intimidating looks and performance

Considering all that, the Megalodon provides outstanding value for money. It’s a lot of blaster for the price.

The drum magazine alone is a big plus, saving you money buying separate 18-dart clips. And you won’t outgrow the Megalodon anytime soon, thanks to the versatile firing modes and Mega dart performance.

The Adventure Force Commandfire or Dominator offers budget-minded buyers similar large-capacity drums for under $20. But they can’t match the complete Nexus Pro package.

How Does It Compare to Other Nerf Blasters?

The Megalodon occupies a fun niche within the Nerf lineup. Here’s how it stacks up to some other Nerf blaster types:

The Megalodon goes head-to-head with these other Nerf Mega series blasters:

  1. Nerf Mega Mastodon – Also fires mega darts. It has more ammo capacity with 24 shots but a lower 60-foot range. Rotating barrel and slam fire, too. Cheaper at around $50.
  2. Nerf Mega CycloneShock – Smaller 6-shot revolver pistol. No slam fire. Just a 50-foot range but ultra-portable. It costs around $15.
  3. Nerf Mega Magnus – Single-shot brilliant AR mega dart blaster. Slam fire capable. Seventy feet range. Usually just $25.
  4. Nerf Mega TwinShock – Small double-barrel pistol with ten dart rotating barrels. Max firing distance of 65 feet. Runs under $30.

The Megalodon has greater power and range than the alternatives, justifying the higher price tag. It offers a good balance of intimidating looks, firing performance, ammo capacity, and features.

Nerf N-Strike Mega Megalodon: Who It’s Best For

The Megalodon is the ideal Nerf blaster for:

  • Serious Nerf enthusiasts and collectors
  • Players looking for maximum dart-firing power
  • Those who play in large outdoor areas
  • Fans of the AccuStrike dart series
  • Gamers who want an imposing cosmetic design
  • Players not concerned with budget limitations

It may be overkill for casual indoor Nerf battles or budget-minded buyers. But for backyard dart duels, the Megalodon brings a serious wow factor.

Nerf N-Strike Mega Megalodon Accessories

To enhance performance and customize your Megalodon, consider these optional accessories:

  1. Spare mega darts – Stock up so you never run out of ammo
  2. Extra magazines – Quickly reload into additional mega mags
  3. Tactical scope – Improves firing accuracy at a distance
  4. Barrel extension – Lengthens the muzzle for bonus power
  5. Stock extender – Provides another length adjustment option
  6. Bi-pod – Offers increased stability for distance shots
  7. Grips – Give more holding options for comfort and control
  8. Ammo bandolier – Looks cool while carrying tons of backup darts
  9. Holster – Lets you sling the blaster at your side when moving
  10. Dart quiver – Quickly stores and dispenses spare darts

Nerf N-Strike Mega Megalodon Customization Ideas

The Megalodon’s tactical rails make it easy to modify and trick out. To take it to the next level, try these customizations:

  • Paint it in bright shark colors like blue, gray, or yellow
  • Add decals and stickers for your unique design
  • Attach coordinating accessories like a stock and barrel in the same color
  • Use PVC pipes and duct tape to craft an extended mega dart holder
  • Paint or tape off sections for a camo or two-tone look
  • Integrate additional tactical rails using PVC pipes and epoxy
  • Attach a Nerf shield on the underside Picatinny rail
  • Use spray foam insulation to craft faux armor plating
  • Equip a multi-dart bandolier across the stock for even more ammo capacity

Next, let’s discuss modding potential…

Nerf N-Strike Mega Megalodon: Modification Potential

The Megalodon has excellent modification potential for Nerf tinkerers:

  • Swapping in a more substantial main spring allows spring upgrades for more power. Just make sure to reinforce the catch spring and catch plate for the added force. Most modded Megalodons can hit 100 FPS.
  • You can pad the plunger tube for a better air seal and improved performance. Adding o-rings also helps.
  • Given the complex shell and surfaces, there are many options for paint jobs and cosmetic mods. The shark theme lends itself well to creative paint schemes.
  • Integration with the Megalodon’s front drum magazine is widespread, grafting it onto blasters like the Retaliator for even more ammo capacity.
  • Flywheel mods are complicated since the Megalodon is spring-powered. You could integrate a flywheel cage at the front, but it requires extensive shell cutting.

The Megalodon is very mod-friendly for all levels of Nerfers. Simple mods like spring upgrades yield noticeable FPS boosts. Advanced modders can tap into the potential of the unique drum magazine.

FAQs About Nerf N-Strike Mega Megalodon

Here are answers to some common questions about the Nerf Megalodon:

Does the Megalodon drum magazine detach from the blaster?

No, the drum magazine is fixed and not detachable. This helps keep the overall blaster lightweight. The tradeoff is you can’t swap it with other blasters.

Can you fire regular Elite darts from the Megalodon?

A: No, the Megalodon is designed for much larger Mega darts. Elite darts are too small and won’t work correctly or safely. Stick to official Nerf Mega or AccuStrike darts.

How do you fix dart jams in the Megalodon?

First, remove any stuck darts by pulling them out through the jam door. Avoid forcing anything. If issues persist, contact Nerf customer support for troubleshooting help.

What colors does the Megalodon come in?

Currently, Nerf offers just one color scheme: red and black with silver accents. But you can always customize the blaster yourself with custom paint jobs.

Does the Megalodon need batteries?

Nope! The Megalodon is entirely spring-powered. No batteries or charging are required. It’s just manual priming power.

What age is the Megalodon suitable for?

Nerf rates it for ages eight and up. But younger children around six can still enjoy it with supervision. The prime may be complex for smaller hands.

Are there any attachments or upgrades sold separately?

Nerf doesn’t offer any official accessories, especially for the Megalodon. But all standard N-Strike tactical rails and attachments will work, like scopes, grips, lights, etc.

Final Thoughts

The Megalodon is a suitable choice if you’re searching for a Nerf blaster that offers extra excitement and enjoyment. Its impressive design alone can intimidate opponents in Nerf battles.

However, the Megalodon is visually pleasing and a well-designed and sophisticated Nerf gun that offers impressive performance. This makes it a valuable addition to any collection of Nerf blasters.



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