ArmoGear Laser Tag Set Review: Is It Worth the Hype?

ArmoGear Laser Tag, also known as ArmoGear Laser Battle, is a home laser tag set designed for two or four players. It includes wireless infrared blasters and tiny vests with targets. Customers can upgrade to a set with LED functionality or purchase accessories to enhance their laser tag experience.

In this review, I will provide an overview of the critical features and share my thoughts on the product.

The ArmoGear Laser Tag set is available for purchase on Amazon.

What Is ArmoGear Laser Tag?

ArmoGear Laser Tag is a laser tag set that includes laser tag guns and vests owned by US-based toy company NessToy.

The blasters have a variety of features and include special light and sound effects. The vests are optional, allowing players to participate in laser tag without wearing them, as the guns have target sensors.

The guns online are similar to other products. They have a similar design and set of features. Some come with vests, others don’t. Some have LED functionality, others don’t.

ArmoGear Laser Tag is also offered as a set with digital LED score display vests and rechargeable batteries.

Regarding target vests, I have a personal preference against using vests in laser tag. However, I must admit that the ArmoGear vests are visually appealing and comfortable. Additionally, it is generally observed that children enjoy playing with vests.

5 Reasons to Buy ArmoGear

Now, let’s examine some of the notable features of the ArmoGear Laser Tag.

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Weapon Modes With Sound Effects

One notable feature of this laser tag set is the ability to use the guns in various weapon modes.

  • Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • Machine gun
  • Rocket

Each weapon mode is associated with specific ammunition levels and a maximum number of shots that can be fired simultaneously.

The damage inflicted on opponents through life stealing varies in each setting. The damage increases with a heavier weapon mode, but the availability of ammunition decreases.

Choosing the appropriate weapon mode requires strategic consideration. The weapon mode can be adjusted multiple times during gameplay, but reloading is necessary after each adjustment.

One positive aspect is that the sound effects include a voice-over informing you about the weapon mode being used, the remaining ammunition, and other relevant information.

While some sound effects with laser tag products can be annoying, the sound effects with ArmoGear are considered cool and add value.

Multi-Player Capability

ArmoGear offers the option to play with four distinct teams, each assigned a unique color.

Multi-Player Capability

Additionally, it is possible to incorporate more ArmoGear laser tag guns into a battle, with the assurance that all guns will function compatibly. This implies that if eight players participate, one can acquire eight blasters, allowing everyone to participate.

To choose the team you will play with, press the button on the side of the blaster above the weapon mode button until your desired team is selected.

Invisibility Mode and Night Vision Flashlight

In addition to the wireless vests, ArmoGear offers two unique features that set them apart from other brands and home laser tag sets. Both the invisibility mode and night vision flashlight are valuable additions.

Invisibility mode is a feature that turns off the lights on your gun and vest. This allows you to hide your location. When activated, you stay invisible for 15 seconds. However, you immediately light up again if you get hit by the enemy.

The night vision flashlight is a practical tool for navigating in dark environments. It generates a light stream from the front of the blaster, which aids in better visibility.

Upgrade to LED Set

The ArmoGear Laser Tag Set is a technologically advanced home laser tag set with LED vests and rechargeable batteries.

The blasters have similar features to the standard set; however, the vests have a digital score display feature.

One advantage of this upgrade set is that the blasters come with built-in rechargeable batteries. Additionally, a charging station is provided for conveniently charging the batteries.

Add Accessories

ArmoGear offers a range of accessories that can enhance the laser tag experience and may interest buyers.

The spider bug target is an exciting accessory that can be used for solo play and target practice. The target can move around, adding an element of fun to the experience.

Additional accessories that can be selected include inflatable barrels to create a laser tag battlefield and a carrying case for safely storing the guns and vests.

Who Is It For?

The ArmoGear Set hits the sweet spot between younger kids just discovering laser tag and hardcore players wanting top-tier equipment:

  • Great for pre-teens and teens for backyard battles
  • Enough tactical gameplay for veteran laser tag fans
  • Highly giftable for birthdays and holidays
  • Fun for families, parties, and friendly tourneys
  • Budget-friendly entry point into laser tag as a hobby

Both beginners and experienced players will find something to love with the ArmoGear set.

Expanding the System Later

A top benefit of the ArmoGear line is that it’s based on an open, highly expandable platform over time. You can integrate additional components down the road:

  • Add more Phoenix LTX blasters for team games
  • Extra vests to include more human players
  • Additional weapon modules like rocket launchers
  • Proximity mine toys that interact with the vests
  • Larger team base stations for Capture the Flag

Buy the starter set now, then build up your customized battle arena. The possibilities are endless.

Final Thoughts

ArmoGear offers a home laser-tag set with exciting features and special sound effects suitable for kids and adults. The guns are user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, while the vests provide comfort.

As mentioned, the vests may not be necessary for me, but I can understand how others, particularly children, would appreciate wearing ArmoGear vests during laser tag battles.

The upgraded version with LED score vests and rechargeable batteries offers significant value at a reasonable price.

FAQs About Armogear Laser Tag

What are the pros and cons of the ArmoGear Laser Tag?

ArmoGear Laser Tag has several benefits, including cool sound effects, multi-player capability, invisibility mode, and a night vision flashlight. However, some downsides are that the vests may not be necessary for all players and lack some customization compared to higher-end laser tag equipment.

How many players can use ArmoGear Laser Tag at once?

ArmoGear Laser Tag can support up to 4 players simultaneously with the ability to add more blasters and vests. Players can choose unique color-coded teams and compete in multi-player battles.

Is ArmoGear suitable for kids?

Yes, ArmoGear Laser Tag is an excellent option for kids. The accessible design and exciting modes like invisibility make laser tag fun for children. The set is also giftable for birthdays and holidays.

Can adults enjoy ArmoGear, too?

While great for kids, ArmoGear provides enough strategic gameplay for teens and adults. The features allow for tactical battles that veteran laser tag fans will enjoy.

What is the range of the ArmoGear blasters?

The blasters have an effective range of around 130 feet outdoors. This provides sufficient space for running around and hiding during backyard battles.

How long does the battery last?

Battery life is approximately 3-5 hours of playtime, depending on usage. The upgraded LED set includes rechargeable batteries and a charging station for convenience.

Can you expand the ArmoGear set over time?

Yes, the open and expandable nature of ArmoGear makes it easy to add components like additional blasters, vests, and accessories. You can customize your setup.

Where can I buy ArmoGear Laser Tag guns and gear?

ArmoGear products are available on Amazon. You can start with a base set and upgrade or expand on the same site over time.

Is there a warranty for ArmoGear Laser Tag equipment?

ArmoGear’s blasters and vests come with a 1-year limited warranty. This covers defects and offers replacement parts if needed.

How does ArmoGear compare to other laser tag brands?

ArmoGear hits a nice spot between low-end kid’s sets and high-end systems. It provides better gameplay than cheap toy sets without the cost of pro tournament gear.


ArmoGear Laser Tag Set Review

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