7 Best Home Laser Tag Guns and Sets (2024 Buyers Guide)

Best Home Laser Tag Guns and Sets (2024)

Home laser tag has become quite popular in recent years, and for good reason. This live-action game provides enjoyable entertainment for both children and adults. However, home laser tag also has social and strategic elements that stimulate the mind.

If you are considering purchasing home laser tag equipment, know that many sets are available with varying levels of quality and sophistication.

After carefully testing and reviewing the most popular options, I have compiled a list of what I consider to be the seven best laser tag gun sets on the market today. As laser tag enthusiasts, we have extensive experience evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of these products.

Top 7 Laser Tag Sets (2024)

Now, let’s examine my top seven home laser tag guns in greater depth.

1. Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set

One popular option for home laser tag sets available online is a set of four blasters in different colours. These laser tag guns offer great features without requiring a significant investment, allowing for enjoyable home entertainment.

Players can select from various team settings, allowing them to compete individually or in teams. Additionally, the blasters can be utilized as weapons, such as pistols, shotguns, machine guns, or rocket blasters.

Different weapon types have varying ammunition levels and firing rates, necessitating strategic decision-making when choosing a weapon style. Inflicting more damage on your opponent results in increased ammunition consumption.

This version is also available as a two-player set in various colours. Additionally, multiple sets of these home laser tag guns can be purchased, allowing all blasters to be used in the same battle.


This particular set offers great features without being overly complicated, making it suitable for young and older children. The balance between features, quality, and price is excellent.

A Note About This Laser Tag Set:

When browsing online for home laser tag guns, you’ll probably notice that many of these sets look very similar. Rest assured, this is not a coincidence.

This home laser tag set was once marketed as the Call of Life laser tag set and was one of the most successful home laser tag sets ever sold. And because these laser tag guns were so successful, many other manufacturers have produced similar models. Some have different colours, and some have vested, but the laser tag guns are similar.

In our list of best home laser tag guns, we recommend the Kidzlane version, which appears to be the most reliable.

2. ArmoGear 4-Player Laser Tag Set With Vests

ArmoGear offers a home laser tag set similar to the Kidzlane set and includes target vests.

The blasters themselves are targets. The vests are not entirely necessary, but they are a bonus. It doesn’t quite make sense, but that’s okay. It would make more sense if the targets were either the blasters or the vests, but not both.

Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set

As previously stated, the features of the ArmoGear set are comparable to those of the Kidzlane laser tag set. This allows you to select from various team settings and utilize different blaster-type settings.

Additionally, the ArmoGear set provides additional features like invisibility mode, voice-guided directions, and a night vision flashlight.


Some people wear vests, whereas others do not. I prefer playing laser tag at home without vests, but youngsters adore them. Finally, the vests are optional, so you can choose whether to get a laser tag kit with or without target vests.

However, this ArmoGear set is fantastic and has excellent features and quality. Check out my ArmoGear Laser Tag review.

3. Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag Set

This laser tag set is the second on the list to include vests and is very similar to the ArmoGear product, with nearly identical team and blaster settings.

One of the advantages of the Squad Hero laser tag set is that the blasters can be easily recharged, eliminating the need for expensive battery purchases.

Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag Set

Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX 2-Player SetThis set also includes a charging station that enables simultaneous charging of all blasters. According to the manufacturer, you can play eight games per charge, which is reasonable.

The vests and blasters have LCD screens displaying life, ammo, and battery life information. Lives and team data are automatically synchronized.

This home laser tag set is considered one of the most advanced on this list, and its lack of need for batteries is seen as quite revolutionary and appealing.


If you want a 4-player laser tag set with vests, the ArmoGear and the Squad Hero models will suffice. They have fairly similar characteristics and effects, with the main distinction being that the Squad Hero set may be recharged. However, as previously stated, ArmoGear is also available as a rechargeable set.

4. Vatos 4-Player Laser Tag Set

Vatos 4-Player Laser Tag Set

One notable feature of the Vatos 4-player laser tag set is the distinct appearance of its four guns, which sets it apart from other online models. Given the saturation of the home laser tag market, innovation can significantly enhance the appeal of a product.

The Blasters function similarly to other models available in the market, featuring four firing modes, multiplayer capabilities, voice and sound effects, and target vests.

The four firing modes include rocket, machine gun, shotgun, and pistol, with different ammunition levels per mode. The infrared emission is safe and can reach 100 feet in ideal conditions.

If you require a laser tag set that is both durable and budget-friendly, the Vatos 4-player set may be worth considering due to its unique gun design.


Vatos is a toy manufacturer known for its reliable products, including this 4-player laser tag set. While the guns may not offer any additional value compared to other products, I appreciate the design of the blasters.

5. Laser X Revolution Laser Tag System

The Laser X Revolution Laser Tag System differs from other laser tag guns as the blasters are equipped with tiny target vests connected by a cable. This feature is not uncomfortable, but it should be noted.

The vests are lightweight, and the cable is not obstructive. Using tiny vests as targets makes it logical to aim at the vest instead of the enemy’s blaster. Ultimately, the decision to choose home laser tag guns with or without vests is a personal one.

Laser X Revolution Laser Tag System
Laser X Revolution Laser Tag System

The Laser X blasters have light and sound effects, including a voice-over that provides live feedback on players’ status. Some may find it cool, while others may find it annoying. The light effects are impressive, allowing for gameplay in the dark.

Laser X has been manufacturing home laser tag products for several years, and their newest model is the Laser X Revolution. This updated version of their previous Laser X system includes four blasters capable of hitting targets up to 300 feet away.


Laser X Revolution is a model that stands out in the competitive home laser tag industry, and I like how they’re trying to differentiate themselves. This set works well and feels reasonably robust, and you can quickly get used to the extra vest and cable. However, if I had to choose a home laser tag set with vests, I would pick the ArmoGear or Squad Hero model.

The Laser X Revolution is a notable model in the home laser tag industry, as they strive to set themselves apart. The set functions effectively and has a sturdy build, and it is easy to adapt to the additional vest and cable.

However, if I had to select a home laser tag set with vests, I would opt for the ArmoGear or Squad Hero model.

6. Nerf Laser Ops Pro

The Nerf Laser Ops Pro home laser tag set is a recent release from Nerf that aims to revitalize the idea of smartphone laser tag. Although I have reservations about laser tag with smartphones, the Laser Ops Pro by Nerf proves to be a commendable home laser tag set.

However, it is essential to note that smartphones are unnecessary to play a home laser tag battle with these blasters. The smartphone laser tag functionality is an additional feature, but the blasters are fully functional.

Nerf Laser Ops Pro

Nerf released the Laser Ops Pro home laser tag set in the middle of 2018, which is the successor to the Nerf Lazer Tag series and includes the famous Phoenix LTX laser tag blaster.

The Laser Ops Pro series by Nerf includes two blasters: the AlphaPoint, a smaller pistol-style blaster, and the DeltaBurst, a sniper rifle-type blaster. These blasters can be purchased individually or as sets, but the crucial point is that all blasters are compatible.

This set includes two AlphaPoint blasters and rubber armbands for holding smartphones. The laser beams are emitted from the front barrel and are infrared, making them invisible and safe to use.

The target receiver is located above the barrel and registers hits. This feature eliminates the need to wear vests when playing laser tag with Nerf Laser Ops Pro.

Using the blasters is simple. Press the power button to activate the device. Choose between the purple, red, or green teams. Purple is free for all; shoot anyone. Red or green means you can only shoot different colored players.

What About Smartphones?

As previously stated, the use of them is not necessary but optional. However, it is pretty impressive. Initially, you must download the free app, which can be found on the App Store and Google Play.

The app has both single-player and multi-player battles. In multi-player mode, you can choose between single-device and all-device options. All-device means that not everyone needs a smartphone to play. Single-device means one blaster uses a smartphone + app, and the other blasters sync to that smartphone via Bluetooth.


The Nerf Laser Ops Pro 2-player set is highly satisfactory. The blasters function effectively and do not have any noticeable flaws. Even if you’re not interested in a smartphone laser tag set, the Nerf Laser Ops Pro blasters are still worth considering. It is a great set. Have a look at my review of Nerf Laser Ops Pro.

7. Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX 2-Player Set

Nerf released the Laser Ops Pro series in 2018, the successor to the Lazer Tag series. That series’s flagship laser tag gun was the Phoenix LTX Tagger, released in 2008.

The Phoenix LTX, a home laser tag gun by Nerf, is still available today despite the release of its successor, the Laser Ops Pro. This suggests that the Phoenix LTX was, and continues to be, highly regarded as one of the best laser tag guns for home use.

The 2-player laser tag set includes two Phoenix LTX taggers that register hits using vibrations, illumination, and sounds. They can be used indoors and outdoors, with a specific setting for outdoor use that affects the firing range.

Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX 2-Player Set

The ammo indicator notifies you when your ammunition is running low. You can activate the power core release button when you deplete your ammo. This action leaves you temporarily vulnerable, encouraging you to aim accurately at your enemies rather than shooting indiscriminately.

The blasters have a strength setting that determines the number of times a player can be tagged before being eliminated. This setting ranges from 10 to 25 and cannot be adjusted during play. The strength gauge provides information on the remaining lives before elimination.


I’ve always liked the Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX and am delighted they’re still available. They are distinct blasters in an industry that has become overcrowded with home laser tag guns that are all similar. Check out my Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX review.

Home Laser Tag Buying Guide

When given a choice between children using social media all day or playing home laser tag battles, the decision is clear to me.

When considering purchasing a home laser tag set, it is essential to consider a few factors. Let us review some of these criteria for buying.

1. Vests or No Vests?

Regarding home laser tag sets, the choice between playing with or without vests and using guns as the target is a personal preference. Ultimately, it depends on what makes you feel the most comfortable.

In professional laser tag arenas, comfortable vests with superior targets and tag counting are typically provided, whereas cheaper home laser tag sets may not always offer the same value. However, wearing vests is a favorite among kids as it enhances the overall experience.

One drawback of playing laser tag without vests is the need to aim at the guns instead of the body, which may be counter-intuitive. However, this is manageable as most home laser tag guns have a generous sensor.

2. Number of Blasters

Some home laser tag sets include two blasters, while others come with four. Many of these sets can be combined, allowing for battles with up to eight players if you purchase four 2-player sets of the same brand. It is recommended to confirm this before making a purchase.

Some blasters also offer a solo-play mode, which can benefit individual training. This is a factor to remember when choosing a new home laser tag set.

3. Sound Effects

Some blasters are excessive using sound effects, which can be overwhelming when played for hours on end in a house. While kids enjoy it, the repetitive sounds can become tiresome.

Home Laser Tag Buying Guide
Home Laser Tag Buying Guide

Watching a YouTube video before purchasing is recommended to understand the volume and potential annoyance of the blasters you are interested in. Please note that the sounds cannot usually be turned off.

4. Shooting Modes

Home laser tag guns that offer different shooting modes and similar settings can provide added variety to laser tag battles, keeping players engaged and promoting a more strategic approach during battles.

Many blasters now can switch between shooting modes, such as pistol, shotgun, and rocket launcher. Each shooting mode will have varying point values, which is a beneficial factor when selecting a laser tag set.

5. Ease of Use

Some blasters are designed with unnecessary complexity, while others are simple and easy to use, depending on the age group they are intended for. Younger children generally do not require sophisticated laser tag guns.


Best Home Laser Tag Guns and Sets
Best Home Laser Tag Guns and Sets

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