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Nerf Ultra Select Review (2024)

Nerf Ultra Select Review

Review of the Nerf Ultra Select

An unbiased Review of the Nerf Ultra Select, the latest addition to the Ultra series, a motorized blaster with a rotating barrel that fires four darts in quick succession.

The Nerf Ultra Select is a game-changer in the world of Nerf blasters! It’s the newest and most advanced addition to the Ultra series, boasting cutting-edge features that will leave you in awe.

If you’ve been following my reviews, you know I have a love-hate relationship with the Ultra series. While some blasters have impressed me, others have exceeded my expectations.

But the Ultra Select?

It’s a different story altogether. Prepare to be blown away as I take you on a journey through the top features of this remarkable blaster. By the end of this review, you’ll be itching to add it to your arsenal.

You can grab the Nerf Ultra Select on Amazon and experience the thrill.

What Is the Nerf Ultra Select?

The Ultra series was launched in 2019 with the promise of superior performance and cutting-edge features. Ultra blasters use specially designed Ultra darts to enhance the overall blasting experience.

While some previous Ultra blasters didn’t quite live up to the hype, the Ultra Select is a game-changer. It’s a motorized blaster with a rotating barrel that can fire four darts rapidly, giving you a significant advantage in any Nerf battle.

Get ready to experience the ultimate thrill as I guide you through the top features of the Nerf Ultra Select.

Top Features of the Ultra Select

Here’s why the Nerf Ultra Select is a must-have for any Nerf enthusiast:

1. Sleek and Futuristic Design

The Ultra Select boasts a sleek and futuristic design that will make you feel like a true Nerf warrior. The color scheme, with its vibrant hues of blue and white, is eye-catching and sure to turn heads.

But it’s not just about looks; the ergonomic grip and lightweight construction make it easy to handle, even during intense battles. You’ll be able to move swiftly and strike with precision.

2. Rapid-Fire Action

Prepare to unleash a flurry of darts with the Ultra Select’s rapid-fire action. With a rotating barrel that holds four darts, you can fire them in quick succession, giving you a distinct advantage over your opponents.

Imagine their faces as you bombard them with a relentless barrage of foam projectiles. It’s a sight to behold and an experience you won’t soon forget.

3. Unmatched Accuracy and Range

Thanks to the advanced technology behind the Ultra darts and the precision engineering of the Ultra Select, you can expect unmatched accuracy and range. Your darts will soar with pinpoint precision, quickly hitting their targets.

No more wasted shots or frustrated sighs – the Ultra Select ensures that every dart counts, making you a true marksman on the Nerf battlefield.

4. Easy Reloading System

In the heat of battle, every second counts. That’s why the Ultra Select features an easy reloading system that allows you to replenish your ammo and return it quickly.

Pop open the barrel, load your darts, and you’re ready. No more fumbling or wasting precious time – the Ultra Select keeps you in the game and prepared for victory.


Nerf Ultra Select
Year: 2021
Mechanism: Flywheel system
Capacity: 20 darts

Some 5-Star Customer Reviews On Amazon For The Nerf Ultra Select Motorized Blaster:

“The Ultimate Nerf Blaster! My kids were absolutely thrilled when they opened this on their birthday. The motorized rapid-fire function is awesome and really gives you an edge in Nerf battles. The darts fly straight and far. Easy to reload too. Highly recommend for serious Nerf fans!” (Paul B.)

“Next Level Nerfing! This blaster takes things to a whole new level. The rotating barrel and rapid-fire is so much fun. Great distance and accuracy with the Ultra darts too. My 10-year-old son loves it and it’s become his new favorite. Awesome addition to our Nerf arsenal!”

“Blaster of the Future! The Ultra Select looks and feels like a blaster from the future. The design is sleek and futuristic. Performance is outstanding – rapid fire, long range, very accurate. My nephews had an absolute blast during our last Nerf war. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase.”

“Superior to Other Nerf Blasters! After going through many different Nerf blasters over the years, the Ultra Select is easily the best we’ve used. The rotating barrel and rapid fire is a game changer. The kids can really unload on each other now! Solidly built too. You get premium quality.”

“Dominates the Competition! I got this for my son’s 11th birthday and it completely dominates all his other Nerf blasters. The rapid fire, distance, and accuracy can’t be beaten. He loves the cool design too. Lots of fun and backed by Nerf’s great quality standards. A must-have for Nerf wars!”


The Nerf Ultra Select is a true masterpiece, combining cutting-edge technology, impressive performance, and a design that will leave you in awe.

Whether you’re a seasoned Nerf veteran or a newcomer to the foam-flinging fun world, this blaster will surely exceed your expectations.

With its rapid-fire action, unmatched accuracy, and easy reloading system, the Ultra Select gives you a decisive advantage in any Nerf battle.

Prepare to dominate the battlefield and emerge victorious, all while experiencing the thrill and excitement that only the Ultra Select can provide.

Don’t miss out on this game-changing blaster – add the Nerf Ultra Select to your collection today and unleash your inner Nerf warrior!

Review: Nerf Ultra Select
Summary: The Nerf Ultra Select is the latest and most advanced addition to the Ultra series, featuring a motorized blaster with a rotating barrel that can rapidly fire four darts. It boasts an impressive design, unmatched accuracy and range, and an easy reloading system, making it a must-have for any Nerf enthusiast.
Author: Dave Solomon
Rating: 4.7 (out of 5)



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